cat and dog take a walk

if you see this post try to do any of these right now
  • drink a glass of water
  • put on chapstick/lip balm
  • clip/file/paint your nails
  • take three deep breaths
  • put on fuzzy/comfortable pants
  • say something outloud that you’ve been thinking
  • look up pictures of dogs or cats (or any animal you like basically)
  • walk around your house
  • go outside (if you can) and look for plants/flowers
  • take pictures of said plants/flowers
  • stretch your arms
  • if you’re sad try to smile as big as you can and take a picture of it
  • cheer up
  • it will be okay
Imagine if other pets were treated the same way as fish

“Ugh not again these animal SJWs telling me to take my dog on a walk…”

“Oh yes, I clean my cat’s litterbox once in six months!!! :))”

“I want a lizard that eats poop so I won’t have to clean my snake’s enclosure.”

“I’ve had hamsters as pets before and they all lived for a week, so I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING!!! >:( ”

“But the pet shop clerk told me that my boa will be fine with a leopard gecko!”

“Hello, I want to buy 5 corn snakes for this 1 gallon terrarium for my 4-year old son.”

“I have this 30cm x 30cm cage sitting at home, I’d like to buy 10 cockatiels to put in it.”

“I had a dog when I was a kid, it lived for about 5 months LOL”

“Well I got my cat for free, so I don’t care if it dies. I’ll just get another one.”

D’you think Sirius ever had James take him for walks but like, as a human and he still acted like a dog? 

“Oh MERLIN it’s that cheeky raccoon from earlier lemme chase him off just a little bit”


*struts past every cat because ha i’m so much taller than all of you*

“James you love me right? Not any of these other dogs? Right? James? James. James tell me i’m pretty!”

Hi, everyone.

I don’t usually ask, but my cat Tripod, who had her leg bitten off by a dog before I adopted her, has been having issues walking. Her limps are getting worse. I don’t really have the money to take her to the vet (or myself to the doctors for antibiotics since I don’t have insurance), but it would help her a lot if she could get checked up at the vet to make sure her leg isn’t infected. 

My paypal is

50 Self Care Ideas
  1. Do some breathing exercises.
  2. Dress in your comfiest clothes.
  3. Go for a drive.
  4. Take a power nap.
  5. Stand up and stretch for a few minutes.
  6. Listen to any happy voicemails you have.
  7. Take a hot bath/shower. Take an extra 5 minutes than usual.
  8. Have a cup of tea, coffee, or hot cocoa.
  9. Cuddle your favorite stuffed toy.
  10. Visit or call a friend.
  11. Make funny faces.
  12. Make a new playlist.
  13. Make a list of movies you want to watch.
  14. Drink a glass of water.
  15. Stick post-its with positive affirmations around your house.
  16. Think of your happiest/funniest memory.
  17. Clean your jewelry and/or moisturize your tattoos.
  18. Watch your favorite childhood movie.
  19. Watch your favorite television show.
  20. Youtube videos of others laughing ridiculously.
  21. Take your dog for a walk.
  22. Go for a walk without your dog.
  23. Play with your cats/other pets.
  24. Clean out your closet. Put out of season clothes in storage.
  25. Learn to cook a new meal.
  26. Light a candle.
  27. Improve your skills at a task you can already do.
  28. Give yourself a massage or have someone else.
  29. Get lost in a book.
  30. Go to the museum.
  31. Declutter your surroundings.
  32. Take an hour (or a full day) just for yourself.
  33. Curl up in a big blanket.
  34. Do a word search, sudoku puzzle, crossword, etc.
  35. Interact with others. If nothing else, ask a cashier how they are.
  36. Fill a notebook with positive quotes/coping skills.
  37. Complete one five-minute chore.
  38. Paint your nails.
  39. Stay away from mood-altering substances.
  40. Write a poem.
  41. Clean out your computer/email/phone/etc.
  42. Color something or draw without thinking.
  43. Send a loving message to someone.
  44. Sing/dance along to an upbeat song.
  45. Step outside and get some fresh air.
  46. Take photographs of/doodle nature.
  47. Dress up and take selfies.
  48. Take a break from your computer and phone.
  49. Find a new hobby.
  50. Fill a box with your favorite things.
Pet headcanons for Lazytown!

- Sportacus has a super active cat that he walks every day and plays fetch with (the cat shown is a japanese bobtail, which are known for being active and dog-like, willing to play fetch and even swim! i figured this breed would be very popular among elves because they can keep up) her name is Epli, which is icelandic for apple!

- Robbie has a really lazy dog that just likes to chill out and take naps, ft “i swear to god he actually watches tv with me” (my personal hc is that Robbie got lonely after sugarpie and goes down to the shelter and falls in love with this pitbull rescue. at first he is worried that the dog will need a lot of walking, but he quickly discovers hes just as lazy as he is!) the staff at the shelter had been calling the dog Cupcake, and Robbie thinks it fits him perfectly!

- Stephanie totally has like, the cutest rat to walk the earth. she loves to play with her and sometimes she tells her about her day. her name is Daisy!

- Ziggy has a hamster that is very sweet and loves to play on her wheel and run around in her ball! one time Ziggy let her out and she got lost but she came back! (this is heavily based on the hamster my brother had, the only nice hamster ive ever met) her name is Lolli!

- Trixie has a rose hair tarantula that she loves to play pranks with. Trixie always makes sure he is safe though, she loves her many-legged friend! his name is Mud!

- Pixel has a ball python that he likes to have sit on his shoulder while he plays video games, but sometimes he goes on adventures behind his computer (i know from personal experience that it is very hard to get a ball python out of a tangle of wires if it doesnt want to leave, and so do Pixel’s dads) his name is Byte!

- Stingy has a guinea pig that he is very protective of, especially after Trixie told him Mud would eat her! it is very important to him that she has a clean place to live so she has a litter box that he changes every day! her name is Goldie, but sometimes he calls her Piggy!

- Bessie has a russian blue/persian mix (it looks like her hair lol) she loves to sit in her lap and lounge around. she is also a very picky eater and is fed ridiculously expensive cat food. her name is Tootsie! 

- Milford has a bichon frise (hes always struck me as the kind of man who would get one of those puffy little dogs) hes relatively laid back but sometimes Tootsie (who is bigger, but not by much) bullies him! his name is Marshmallow!

Cleaned up some sketches of Rein and his pup, Archie! During his free time, he would take her out on walks, but since she’s so spoiled (Rein gave her a tiara to wear omg), she ends up being carried in his arms instead.

Bonrin headcanon #something

If Suguro and Rin were a couple, literally no one would realize it for MONTHS because those two would bicker and banter like cats and dogs in front of other people, when in reality they only “fight” like that because both of their pride prevents them from acting lovey dovey in front of others. But when they’re alone??? You might throw up from the sweetness. It would literally take Yukio walking in on Suguro and Rin making out to realize “they’re actually not sworn enemies holy shit” and then “OH. This explains so much.”

Ok, here we go:

- I also imagine that they take Pumpkin out for walks like a pet dog – and they actually use the leash that the Gems tied Peridot to the fence with in Too Far!

- I imagine that this came about because Peridot and Lapis were trying to figure out what Pumpkin’s “role” would be (like how all the different Gems have a different role in society).  Steven would have explained that she’s like a pet, which would have led Peridot on a Google adventure… eventually ending with them taking Pumpkin for walks like a pet dog.

- I also imagine that Pumpkin has her own little bed (like the sort that you get for cats and dogs) in the barn, for the same reason :)  I imagine Peridot and Lapis are really caring towards Pumpkin – and I like to think that, on colder nights, they get concerned about her and make sure that she’s got a blanket over her whilst she’s sleeping.  

- I imagine that Peridot has tried to introduce Pumpkin to Camp Pining Hearts… which was all fun and games until Pumpkin starting chewing on all of Peridot’s shipping charts :p

- In spite of the fact that they know Pumpkin is closer to a pet than an actual child, I like to think that they still talk to her a lot, and try to teach her how to speak as well. I imagine that Peridot still wants her to say “clod”, much to Lapis’ amusement.

bf zelo moodboard for @zeloinator

random ponyboy headcanons bc im trash
  • He used to think you conditioned your hair before you shampooed bless him
  • he often takes walks when it rains/snows because he loves the chilly air nipping at his body
  • he likes cats more than dogs and actually feeds the stray cats in the neighborhood 
  • he also loves children and often babysits the kids in the neighborhood for not much money
  • he prefers long hair and often refuses to get it cut  
  • one time it got so long he would pull it back in a ponytail, giving him the nick name Ponytail Curtis
  • one year  in high-school ponyboy didn’t go and sign up for classes so he was placed in art class  as an elective but he actually enjoyed it and signed up for it again next semester
  • he’s actually ace/aro
  • he volunteers at the library during the summer
  • he’s that one kid who carries 479332 books on his person but never actually reads them
  • he’s actually very shy and often has Soda or Darry do things for him
  • after a while he stops enjoying track and field but continues to do it because it makes Darry happy
  • his favorite drink is chocolate milk
  • He hates mint gum and prefers watermelon flavor
  • he has really bad anger issues sometimes and has put a few holes in doors/walls
  • when he was younger he used to call Darry “Berry”
  • he can’t tie a cherry stem into a knot in his mouth /but dallas and curly can/
  • when he was 18, he got a really cheesy “stay gold” tattoo
  • this boy has only owned one pair of shoes for the last 3 years
  • and its not even because he’s poor, like darry has asked if he wanted shoes, he just really likes the pair he has
  • he has a bunch of those glow-in-the-dark plastic stars on his walls in his and Soda’s bedroom
  • his favorite nursery rhyme is “It’s raining, It’s pouring”
  • he is actually very comfortable with his body and how it looks
  • he hates doing laundry
  • one time at the state fair he won a big giant teddy bear and he tries to sleep with it all the time
  • he has a stack of unfinished stories that will probably remain unfinished 
  • he’s deathly afraid of thunder
  • he loves chokers and wears them religiously
  • his favorite sport to watch is baseball
  • he loves chinese food
  • he plays the clarinet
  •  and lastly, he loves the gang with his entire heart and goes all out for their birthdays. Cake, balloons, big party, everything.

These were really bad im sorry! But this was my first time making headcanons! I hope you like them!

Modern Newt

Imma gonna write this as if Newt doesn’t have magic cause that’s what I want to do. But magic does exist, my hogwarts letter is just 6 years late. Also, it’s in NYC.

  • Newt always wearing a pair of scuffed and stain high top navy converse. Partly because he loves them and partly because he always seems too busy to buy a new pair. 
  • Newt always deciding that he would rather walk all over the city then take the loud and cluttered subway.
  • Newt being a bestselling author in the muggle world (as well as the wizarding world) but he never really lets the fame go to his head. Although he did buy a huge penthouse overlooking Central Park. 
  • Him having like 2 cats and 2 dogs in his penthouse along with several birds, several fish, and a hamster. They all seem to get along though. 
  • The cats, Robert and William (because they are fancy ass gentleman), like to sleep on Newt’s feet at night. 
  • The dogs, both weird Lab Mixes the Newt adopted, are named Dorthea and Rosa. Newt takes them on walks around Central Park once, sometimes twice, a day. They especially like it when it snows. Newt often has snow fights with them. 
  • Newt’s home is also filled with plants. They are pretty much everywhere. Small ones growing in the window, tall ones next to or on every piece of furniture. 
  • Sometimes when Newt has visitors they won’t be able to find Newt because there are so many tall plants. 
  • Newt can often be found walking around his home with several birds nesting in his hair. They like it because it is very fluffy. Newt doesn’t seem to notice them until they start to poke his scalp looking for food. 
  • Newt waking up early every morning to run out and get tea. 
  • He’s always half scattered with bed hair, a rumpled t-shirt, and skinny jeans. 
  • Him spending the next few hours writing as various animals wander around him. 
  • After all the animals have been cared for Newt goes out on an adventure. Often times he just sits on a bench with a sandwich, a crossword puzzle, and people watches. 
  • Sometimes he will find a hurt animal which he takes home to nurse back to health. 
  • Then he pretty much adopts them because they are too pure and he can’s send them back into the wild. 

good soft fantasy ideas to write one day:

  • artistic witches who bottle the colors from sunrises and sunsets to use their paintings
  • wizards who couldn’t decide on one familiar so they just ended up taking care of a whole adopted family of black cats and three-headed dogs and smol dragons
    • wait. that’s hagrid.
  • dragons who hoard neglected children who need a good home
    • “why couldn’t you hoard normal things like spoons” says the dragon’s exasperated friend who got roped into helping him take the kids on a field trip
  • “and whatever you do, don’t ever walk past the enchanter’s cottage on a new moon” “oh no do they curse people??” “no that’s when they do their very complicated floating bread baking, we try not to disturb them while they’re trying to concentrate”
Watching all of the streams and realizing:

Matt can predict the future

Jay laughs a lot and it’s great

Faust is sassy and can’t just do something simple

Jackson takes like 3 hours to eat an apple (according to Jay)

These four are fucking nerds

The guest they bring on are cool as shit

Jackson will walk his dog and comeback but will forget to put on his headphones

Dogs bark, cats meow, and then everyone laughs

“Please don’t tell people we suck at Overwatch”

Matt is the best old dog

Faust hates your favorite pokemon

Jay is done with everyone’s shit

Jackson likes to draw cursed images

*Rolling intensifies*

Matt crits on command

Jay is good at math

“No, I veto that”

Faust loves his accents

Faust aka “I’m going to make my cat meow in the microphone”

Jojo you say


Matt and his buff characters

“I hate you all”

Old Inney

Space robots

Space douchebags

Normal douchebags

Sitting in a hallway with a microphone and tears

Good stream

If you take in an opossum

If you take in an opossum, always understand they are not a dog or cat. Do not treat them as you would a normal pet. They are also not to be handled roughly as if they’re some dangerous animal, they are not.

#1 To get an opossum from a trap, blow on them. They’ll walk or run away from you, out of the trap and into the pet carrier. Never drag them or put a choke hold on one!!

#2 If you have to set a trap, place the trap on a folded towel, not the ground. Cover the back half of the trap with an old shower curtain in case it rains or even the dew. It also gives them less fear to be able to feel hidden.

#3 Do not scruff them! Their mother does not carry them this way, they do not understand it… to them it means certain death!

#4 If you are holding a tame one who is clinging to you, do not pull it away from you, you risk ripping out its nails! Opossums will hold on to clothing or your hair. Gently open their little hands when you need to put them down or hand them over to someone.

#5 If your home is active, give them a quiet place. Opossums are shy, they do not like a lot of activity, screaming or yelling, or loud music! Turn it down or give them their own room away from it. Do not allow children to “drag” them around.

#6 Do not “correct” or spank them! They have no understanding of this and it’s cruel!

#7 I hope every one knows they do not hang from their tails, they cannot support their weight. Only babies are light enough to do so. Don’t believe the cute photos. It will seriously hurt them.

#8 When you hold them, always hold their tail as well. This will make them feel more secure. If the opossum swings its tail around, it’s desperately trying to hold on to something to feel safe.

#9 Be gentle! Handle them with compassion. You deal with all wildlife, especially opossums, as easy and gentle as you can handle them.

#10 Give them a hiding place. This applies to both babies an adults. A box, a hooded litter pan, blankets etc… They’re shy, in caged captivity or free roaming they need a secure place to hide in all situations.

#11 Do not let people “scratch their necks”, they are not puppies and any grabbing around the neck is where a predator would grab them. (See #3)

#12 No matter the situation, opossums like to be clean. They like their bedding and space clean. In the wild, if allowed, they will choose to be clean rather than dirty. 

Life is very cruel to them in the wild. So show as much compassion and gentle handling as you can.

anonymous asked:

I'm thinking of giving my autistic character a pet (probably a cat). What kind of concerns are there? Would it overall be helpful, or would it be overwhelming? Thanks!


As for pretty much every question concerning autism, the answer is “it depends” - on the person, and also on the animal.

Here are the main issues an autistic person might have with having an animal:

  • The noise. If it’s a cat who meows a lot, or a dog who barks a lot, or a bird, it might be difficult to get to a quiet space when your character is overloaded and needs a break from sensory stimulation.
  • Executive dysfunction can make it hard to take care of yourself, let alone of another living being who completely depends on you. Same for lack of energy/spoons. Having a pet adds tasks which have to be done everyday (feeding it, walking it…), which can be difficult sometimes/ always. If your character has very few spoons left, will they use them to feed themselves or their pet ? This is especially true for animals which need a lot of specialized care, such as “exotic pets” or pets with an illness.

A cat generally needs less care than most other pets, so it might indeed be a good choice for your character. The ideal would be a very quiet cat who doesn’t meow a lot, and if possible, having someone else to take care of it (a roommate/partner/parent…) if your character is ever unable to do so because of lack of spoons/executive dysfunction.

But having a pet can also be very nice, enjoyable and even helpful to an autistic person for a whole variety of reasons. I’ll go with a cat as an example. Here are some of the benefits of having a cat for an autistic person:

  • The regular joy that a cat provides to any owner by being adorable and funny and a cat.
  • So soft!!! Great for texture stimming
  • If it’s a big cat who likes to sit on you, pressure!
  • Purring is such a nice sound
  • Great source of comfort when the world gets too much
  • Having a responsability and another being who depends on you can actually help with executive dysfunction, because that motivation can be stronger than inertia sometimes
  • Purrrrrrr

-Mod Cat

Some types of cats are better for autistic people than others, too. Certain “breeds” have calmer temperaments. More active cats require more attention and energy to care for. An autistic person can often care for a cat without help, depending on what issues they have. 

Assuming the person is able to care for the cat, there are indeed a lot of potential benefits, as Mod Cat said. Cats are also very sensitive animals. If they have a strong bond with their human, they can respond to the human’s needs, being calmer when the human needs to be calmed down, for example, demanding to be played with when the human is depressed and needs motivation to get up and move around. 

My personal example: I live alone, thus far unsuccessful in my attempts to find a successful romantic relationship. I often struggle with depression, and the cat forces me to get up and move. He won’t let me sleep late - he’ll get me up to feed him (when young he tried to do so with claws, but I trained him instead to lie on my chest and purr until I was able to get up). If I’ve been sitting around for too long, he pushes me to play with him. If I’m sad, drained, unable to play, he will instead curl up next to me wherever I am and either purr or fall asleep. When I have meltdowns, he keeps a distance until I’ve calmed down, then curls up with me to help me relax. He sleeps in my bed with me like a teddy bear so I don’t feel lonely. Even when I struggle with self-care, I am always able to care for him - it has a very high priority in my mind and can, as Cat describes, help get me going when I’m having trouble with executive functioning.

Some people also have or train specific “therapy cats” for autistic people. These are cats with a very calm temperament, who are not bothered no matter what the human does, and which are always available for cuddles and purrs when the person needs them


-Mod Aira

What if King Regis was reaaaaly not on with Propmpto (a commoner) being Noct’s friend at the beginning and had the Crownsguard investigate him, and after a month of surveillance they show the King their findings. 

King Regis: *watches a vid of Prompto tripping on his own shoelaces while trying to photograph a bird int he park. Watches photos of Prom being SO HAPPY when Noct buys him a hot dog. Surveillance records of Prom cooing over a stray cat. Falling into a fountain while photographing another bird.* 

King Regis: *to Noct* I allow you to keep this Prompto on the condition that you take care of it, make sure it doesn’t kill itself and walks under a car or off the bridge. Feed it well when you hang out at your flat and, please, make sure it dresses properly when visiting the Palace.

Noct: “…dad, He, not It.”

King Regis: “…that’s what I said." 

<u>A year later:</u>

Noct: "Dad, can I have a pet? The flat is kinda empty when Ignis goes home in the evening.”

King Regis: “…but I already gave you one?”

Noct: What

King Regis: What