cat and cactus

ABC’s Of Me

I was tagged by the wonderful - @huffleheck

Age - 16

Biggest fears - Isolation, Rejection and being ignored

Current time - 10:10

Last drink you had - Water

Every day starts with - Waking up and groaning because it’s a new day

Favorite song - Angels by Robbie Williams

Ghosts? - No

Hair Colour - A mix of Blonde/Red/Brown (Natural)

In love with - Newt Scamander, Alec Lightwood, Matthew Daddario, Eddie                                Redmayne, my cat and baby cactus.

Killed someone - Someone? No. Something? Yes and it was an accident.

Last time you cried - The other day, I went through a sad couple of days again                                       (happens quite a lot)

Middle name - I don’t have one

Number of siblings - One

Own any pets - I have a cat and a baby cactus

Person you last texted/called - My friend

Questions you’re always asked - “What are you studying at University?” “How tall are you?” “You’re only 16?”

Reasons to smile -  Friends, Family, writing

Song last sang - “Part of Your World” The Little Mermaid (It’s a long story)

Time you woke up today - I didn’t ‘wake up’ today I’ve been awake since                                                       yesterday morning

Understanding when it comes to - Everything 

Vacation destination - London or Paris

Worst habit - I crack my knuckles and bite/scratch my hands when nervous

X-rays - I have x-rays for my mouth a few times

Your favorite food - Chicken and Pizza

Zodiac sign - Leo

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