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Hi. I'm having some concerns about my main character. I have the vision of making her darker skinned but I don't want to upset anyone over the representation. I'm worried that since I am white as a vampire people will criticizes against the character. I have read many reviewers of books and it's a big worry, a reason I can't move forward with my boom.

This is a good question, and not one I am qualified to answer for you, but I will link you to some very good articles written by people of color that may point you in the right direction. 

Some general tips I can give you are:

  • “darker skinned” will not be enough to build a character off of, and if you are going to write a POC, make sure you know their heritage and culture and research thoroughly what it is like to to grow up and live in whatever country (whether it be the US or not) that they live in and how they will be treated because of their skin color, heritage culture, etc, in that society. You will have to do extensive research on institutionalized racism, white privilege, and intersectionality with sexualities, gender, and other parts of a person’s identity. You cannot simply describe their skin color and think you are done with it. 
  • Be open and receptive and listen. If you are going to write what you don’t know, you better make sure you are ready to actually learn and do more than the bare minimum. You don’t have to be a bad and evil person to be racist; many racists ideas and attitudes are so ingrained our society, we don’t realize that we are perpetuating them, and don’t realize their affect. Be open to discussing privilege, own what you don’t know, and always strive to learn more and correct your behavior. Being good intentioned doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes, and it is a constant learning process, so don’t let your good intentions or white guilt stop you from learning. Don’t go into this research process with your defenses up. 

Here are some articles to take a look at:

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oh, i just realized! since turians hate the cold so much, they're the only species who gets thermal armor, right? (think back to me1. that armor was only available for turians, if i'm not mistaken.)

You are correct, thermal armor is only for Turians! Although I would hope that all armor in mass effect would have some kind of temperature control seeing as we’re always getting thrown on different planets. Maybe the rest of us just grit out teeth and deal with it. Jeeze turians, grow thicker skin. :p

Garrus kinda looks like an angry blanket burrito cat with his thermal armor btw. Cracks me up.