cat adopts a rat

How many times do I have to explain to people that I dont want to work at chain pet stores just because I love animals? By working with them or giving them any kind of money, I would only be supporting the mills that they get their animals from. These mills dont care much for the health or genetics of the animals they breed. They only breed them to make money. And by giving them money to rescue one, I am allowing them to breed and neglect hundreds more. If you are in the market for a pet, please contact your local shelters, “craiglist” ads, or professional breeders. Adopt don’t shop!

listen i was trying to think about animals / pets diem would have and i can’t stop thinking about diem being in love with rats and rabbits.

okay so i don’t remember if the OWCA ever explicitly explains how they get animals but i have the theory that it’s animals that have been abandoned that, for one reason or another, aren’t likely to be adopted. of course there are a few dogs and cats and rats and frogs, but there’s a LOT of animals there who had been pets that were bought because they were “exotic” then promptly neglected/abused/abandoned because they were “too hard to care for,” and then were taken in by the agency and given to loving host families, which is why animals like gnus and kangaroos and, yes, platypuses, are in the agency and why them being pets isn’t questioned. i wouldn’t be surprised if the agency shelter’s cover is being a rehabilitation center

this theory would also make heinz’ inclusion kind of interesting– yet another abused and abandoned animal

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I recently adopted 4 rats and my cat (formerly my only child) is very jealous of the attention I give them. Can you please tell him I still love him just as much? His name is Prince!

Prince, EAT THE RAT!!

Feral cats being sold for $200 have special skill

Are cats the ultimate weapon in public health?

By Jen Christensen,
CNN Video by Madeleine Stix,CNN

This is the best thing every!  The lives of feral cats being recognized and valued in a solution that benefits everybody.

The city of Chicago has the worst rat problem in the US.  One cat shelter is combining the rat problem with a natural, environmentally safe and poison free solution… feral cats.  And now there’s a waiting list to take feral cats in shelters (that might otherwise have been euthanized) for $200 a piece, and give them the job they were born to do.

Every city should adopt this program, NOW!