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The Eyes Have It

Michael Caine said in his book, Acting in Film, that when it comes to film acting (vs. theatre) it’s All In The Eyes.    You cannot lie to the camera.   If an actor feels an emotion internally, it will register in his eyes.   If not, your eyes will betray you.   It’s a sure sign of an excellent actor, one that can disappear so much into a character, it shows in the eyes.

Excuse me – did you mean Tom Hardy?

because I feel a case could be made…

I see no lies

So much emoting

oh, hi there. 

Excuse me…

I believe I’ve made my point… any arguments? 

I rest my case.

This has been a Tom Hardy you got that look appreciation post.

Still breathing?



Comic by @atomi-cat


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Gabriel Reyes - Me

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There’s something off about Tails…

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Cat's body language when speaking about Kara

We all know Cat doesn’t often act upon emotions or express her feelings, so it’s quite easy to isolate and analyze the moments where she does.

We had some scenes where Cat was speaking of the two persons she loves the most, her sons. In all of them, Calista goes with the same acting choice, looking up and around while expressing her deeper feelings and her vulnerability.

So we can say this how Cat acts when she is letting her guard down and speaking fondly about the people she really cares about.

And then, this is Cat every time she was emotional and/or very positive about Kara…

So it’s canon, expressed in Calista’s acting (and Calista is not a freshman actress) that Cat cares about Kara as much as she cares about her sons.
Kara is family to Cat.


Comic: @atomi-cat   (Link to the comic)


Hotel - TobyFox

I do not own any of the rights to the copyrighted material used in this video, except for the use of my voice!