cat : mens suits

Imagine being at home when a knock rings through your house and you see these three men standing there...

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock* the pounding on the door made you jump a little and drop the book you we’re reading. Whoever was there kept pounding, it sounded like they were going to break down the door. You walked toward the door, and opened to three very handsome men. “Leave the door next time. What can I help you with?” You eyed the three men. There has been a series of kidnapping going on in my quiet neighbourhood. All young girls.

               The shortest one cleared his throat, “We’re FBI, and we’re investigating the series of abductions going on here. May we come in?” The three of them showed their badge. You opened the door fully and let them in. Two of them were dressed in nice suits and the other wore a trench coat. They filed into your living room and stood quietly as you got back on to the armchair you were sitting in earlier, “ask away my friends.”

               That’s when your cat jumped up behind the man in a trench coat and startled him. “Lucifer!” You bellowed at the cat, it starred at you and tilted its head. The three men jumped and starting freaking out turning and staring at the cat. The two men in suits turned when they only seen it was your cat, the one in the trench coat on the other hand kept eye contact with your cat. “I’ll interrogate the cat,” he said.