cat : hair

Jumin: (breathing heavily)

Seven: (breathing in unison with Jumin)

Yoosung: (breathing normally)

Zen: (not breathing)

Jaehee: (flashbacks of the war appearing in her head)

MC: (performs CPR on Zen to save his life)

Jaehee: (faints from seeing her and Zen)

MC: (performs CPR on Jaehee out of love and affection)


“Stop messing my hair. STOP.”

Video by Алексей Семенов


Nothing to see here, just a perfectly regular inconspicuous man with absolutely no criminal history and his completely normal cats

doodling JoJo before bed has been good practice so far my friends


“Chat Noir! You got my messages?”
“Of course! And I can’t wait to hear more, My Ladytective~”