cat & sam gifs

Sam –back. Dean-left. Castiel-right.

Castiel was getting some information from Angel Radio as the Winchester were waiting beside him, patience when the angel turn to Dean letting his hand caress his cheek.

What did they said Cas?” Sam looked curious at him.

Dean.” The look in Castiel’s eyes were promising everything Dean would want. Shelter in his heart, endless love, understanding, loyal……

Damn it Cas! “Dean frown to him”Personal space…remember?”

Castiel was actually looking at him like he found God .

Dean feeling Sam’s gaze behind them he jumped on Castiel to get him off their group, when the angel vanished.

Sam’s bitchface of ‘really Dean? still of denying?’ was burning his brother’s back.

Shut up Sammy. Let’s go already. I’m hungry.” Dean scoffs with his face all red.