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what happens if the new ciel decides to take revenge on sebastian's cat? maybe we'll finally get to see him cry for real! lol

While Sebastian was wasting his time out in the rain, real!Ciel was single-handedly killing all of his cats. In that case, LOL, yeah Sebastian will probably break down sobbing and totally zone out.

A pawsitive surprise | closed with teaganhawkeward


Sebastian was pacing the room nervously. Afluffy brown tail, that had really no place growing from the end of his tailbone, wswished back and forth, expressing his iner turmoil even more. During their last battle with a bunch of Tevinter slavers, Sebastian had ended up, bgetting the entire content of a smuggled crate full of unknown potions dunked on him. While Anders’ first inspection revealed no damage caused by the substance, it was suggested that Sebastian stayed overnight at Hawke’s estate, in case a belated effect would cause trouble later.

Nothing happened that night and when Sebastian woke the next morning, feeling not unwell at all, he had thought he was off the hook… until he had looked into the mirror. His newly grown fluffy ears, flicked back and pressed tight against his skull, Sebastian nearly jumped, when he heard Teagan knock at his room.

D-dinna come in! I’m not- I’m not yet…. Oh Maker!”

With a defeated sigh, the brother dropped to the ground, sitting right were he stood. There was no point in hiding this from Teagan now, was it? How ever embarassing it was.

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Prompt: “We’re neighbors who don’t really talk but your cat might have gotten my cat pregnant?? We must raise this little kitty family together” AU (credit:

Warnings: Cat fam

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