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Bottom 4 times bc in Purgatory they're trying to hide in a small space from a Leviathan. Cas tries to give himself up to save Dean but Dean pulls Cas by his coat and pulls/drags him down in their hiding spot on top of him. Intimate moments follow.

Oh yeah!!!!!! I like it!!!!

Then a kiss. Then a make out. Then sex!!

And…. leviathan?? what’s a leviathan?????

castielitolindo  asked:

My husband always made fun of me for loving the Dean/Cas relationship until I got him watching the show, now he ships it on his own. I don't even egg it on, he points things out I hadn't even noticed in past episodes.

Your husband is awesome, as much awesome as the girls’ boyfriends, any other guy sharing their thoughts here and my dad. They all prove the “shippers” are not only horny girls with sex in mind.

It’s amazing and it should be more noticeable for the writer’s team and SPN production in general.

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