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For all the way Connie has behaved is awful, I actually love the way they’ve done this storyline. Because so often, something bad happens to a child and then their parent(s) get so overwhelmed by grief, anger, fear, so caught up in trying to get justice or revenge or some kind of resolution, they forget to check in on what the child actually needs. The way they behave can be terrible, and often the kid ends up worse off- as Grace did today- but it doesn’t necessarily make the parent bad. Connie isn’t acting purely out of spite or hatred towards Elle- she’s acting this way because horror at nearly losing her daughter and then seeing her suffer so much has completely fucked with her perspective. She’s been hell-bent on dragging Elle- on making someone, anyone, pay for what happened- because she feels helpless, and scared, and that’s the only thing she knows how to do in response. 

In short, it’s realistic. Because parents don’t always know how to respond to bad things, they don’t always know how to cope, and sometimes the way they try to cope is catastrophically bad- even for the child they’re trying so hard to protect in the first place. To the child, to any outsiders, “just ask you kid what they need” seems frustratingly obvious but it isn’t always obvious to the parent.

(I am still annoyed that our two strong, powerful ladies got pitted against each other instead of being allowed to be allies, though!)
The Violence Hidden In Silence Chapter 2, a casualty fanfic | FanFiction
It had always been in Ethan's knowledge that Jacob has always had a short fuse. But lately, it had been getting worse. Jacob's anger spirals out of control...

Next chapter’s up, it’s super long, though, oops :^)

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Hey I don’t know how many will see this as shoelace fandom and BBC casualty tags are being spammed to hell but maybe we all start adding shoelace family as a tag so we can still find each other? I’m guessing it may be a tumblr wide problem and they can hopefully clear it up but in the meantime reblog please? 😍 x