aus10powers  asked:

I NEED YOUR HELP!!! okay so its time to clean out my closet (which is filled with crap i dont even wear anymore) but im broke half the time. any cheap stores for a poor college student?? thank you! ps. free worldwide shipping is preferred xxx

I’m also a broke student, but I’m constantly hunting for cute clothes online that come with free shipping on all orders, no minimum. Plus, my number one secret is my online earnings with this website; I made over $150 last month to use for my shopaholic habits! Anyways, I’ve come up with these stores so far, let me know if you find others :)

Garage (girls) // Forever21 (girls) // Aldo (guys) // Roots (guys)

They have tons of clothes for all seasons, including shoes! Here’s a quick list of links to the essentials:

For men, you can check out these:

♡ ♡ ♡ Good luck ♡ ♡ ♡