Yooo. I’m just gonna casually jump onto that bandwagon and do this thing because while I do want to interact with the muses and muns on my dash, I’m always very aware that this blog plays an OC. It’s quite hard for OCs to interact with other characters casually due to the lack of a pre-established relationship that canon provides tbh lol. And I’m never sure if it’s okay to randomly drop into people’s asks for random IC shit while we’ve still got a thread (or three) going on. SO – 

If we’re mutuals, please like this post if you’re ok with; 

  • me tagging you in stuff that reminds me of you and/or your muse
  • me invading your ask box with random short action/sentence starters 
  • me invading your ask box with potential plot ideas
  • me invading your ask box with memes
  • me invading your ask box

Thanks guys xoxo