casually focuses on this part

Okay but I do have to say that I liked how they casually ignored the white/cis/girl part of my post and focused on the skinny part like -

Your blog isn’t awesome and revolutionary if it prioritises people that society already deems to be conventionally attractive.

Non-white folks get so much shit for our POC features, our thick lips/wide noses/skin shade/natural hair texture, stuff that without disproportionate effort we cannot change, why doesn’t your #bodyposi blog uplift us?

Trans people are constantly demonised for having the “wrong body” for our gender (or lack of) and simultaneously shamed by cis #bodyposi folks for not loving our bodies the way they are (the irony), why doesn’t your #bodyposi blog uplift us?

Why do you only showcase girls on your blog? Do men not need body positivity?

Honestly if you run a bodyposi blog and only showcase certain bodies, I need you to think long and hard about why you are only showcasing certain body types and how you can go about changing that

The skinny part aspect is also an issue - but not the only issue. Your disgusting anti-fat rhetoric doesn’t save you from racism, sexism, and transphobia.