Charlie | Open

Charlie awoke, her heart racing as she shot up in bed. A quick glance at the other, lying in a deep sleep, next to her was all it took for her mind to cloud over. She felt hungover, or maybe she was still drunk? She wasn’t too sure of the difference these days. She ran her hand over her face and brought her knees to her chest, a sense of anxiety filling her, already foggy, mind. Did she relapse again? She couldn’t quite remember the events of the evening before.
Charlie carefully climbed out of bed, her slight stumble giving away the toll that the alcohol took on her body. She made her way to the bathroom and promptly threw up into the toilet. She didn’t know why, or how, this had happened again. “I-I was doing so well…” She mumbled to herself, as she clutched her stomach with one hand, the other resting on the floor to keep her upright. She couldn’t help but hope that she was quiet enough to not wake her boyfriend in the next room over.