do you know what i love to do? tell people who don’t suffer from mental illness the shit they tell me

“i have a headache”
just take a deep breath and it will all go away

“i haven’t been getting any sleep”
it’s because it’s all in your head

“my muscles are sore from working out”
you just want attention, if you ignore it it will be fine

and they look at me like i’m wildin🙄🙄


  • hmmmm…is this monster of the week ripping hearts out….or giving a very aggressive handshake. deadly poor depth perception wait wait kiss curse where people die???? 
  • dean if you gotta be weird with amara then I MEAN…… 
  • finally dean…..u did it….u won rock paper scissors….always believed in u….. 
  • someone should write a fic where instead of it being amara it’s cas and the thing says that it’s obvious or smth 
  • dean is totally manipulated dang even he knows–i do appreciate that sam was like “what did you think i would judge you???”

SO I WON’T LIE the PREVIEW for the next ep got me WAY MORE PUMPED than this whole ep kinda did so??? honestly right now i am in it to win it with casifer

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Off topic but would you call Mikasa a strong female character? I'm sure I'd get hate for even asking this but I'm not really talking about her physical strength (no doubt there she's ripped and can handle herself in that department) but her only will to live is literally eren?? Yes I know, her family trauma, I know how she has attachment issues, but tbh I still don't consider her a female character? Idk man pls answer this it's been bothering me for a while

hombre i was just talking about this with july. my problems with mikasa’s characterization extends to my problems with levi’s characterization. 

I think mikasa is great as a female character in that she doesn’t conform to many stereotyped female characters; she is physically powerful and actually has the muscles to show for it, she is a protector rather than a damsel in distress, she’s a tough female character who is still portrayed as incredibly loving, compassionate and emotional. she’s also portrayed often as maternal. she can be both tough, a fighter, and maternal whereas many “strong female characters” are just tough male stereotypes channeled into a female character. 

she’s motivated by the male protag as opposed to the tired old gig of the male protag using the female sidekicks existence as motivation (how many times do we see male protags having flashbacks of their dead wives as motivation, leonardo dicaprio is the biggest offender in this regard), and she saves his ass multiple times as opposed to the usual “male saves female” shtick that consistently places women in positions of weakness where they can only succeed if they have a dude to save them or hold their hand through it. 

granted mikasa has a moment where she gives up her will to live after finding out eren is “dead” and you could interpret this as a female character existing only to serve a male character and once he’s gone, she gives up. but we gotta remember that about 2.5 seconds later mikasa is like “nah fuck it I aint dying” and picks up her sword again. she was 100% prepared to keep living and fighting without eren. considering this went down less than an hour after she found out eren died, it’s safe to say he is not her only motivation to live. 

she develops as a character through the series. the highlight was after the female titan arc where she learns that sometimes its best to hold back and play shit out carefully and to not act immediately on her emotions or protective instinct towards eren (re: levi telling her not to make that mistake again). after this we see mikasa engaging within the narrative with other characters without eren (the uprising arc). she’s kind of regressed a little as a character in recent chapters in my opinion because she’s barely had any screen time except for the most recent chapter, and when she did get screen time it was a place of silence or side-eyeing eren and his obliviousness regarding her feelings for him. it’s a tired gag and it’s kind of becoming her only gag again. I mean we barely got any insight into her feelings regarding learning she’s potentially related to levi and kenny. i feel like that was kind a huge gloss over for her character development.  

my problems with mikasa’s character are the same as my problems for levi’s character. I can buy into the ackerman magic plot in the context of a bloodline manufactured specifically to protect the monarchy. it might sound farfetched but we’re also in a universe where giant naked humanoids are roaming the earth and eating people. I can buy it. that’s actually interesting to me, I’m a total sucker for like bloodline/tribes borne or indoctrinated with a singular purpose and duty.  

but if you’re going to have two characters like levi and mikasa who are naturally powerful and proficient killers with physical perfection, I feel like in order to make them interesting and to balance out the Perfect Genetic effect you need to make them more human and ensure they’re still relatable as characters. 

like, mikasa is beautiful, shredded, intelligent, strong, and refined. yes she’s got some hubris but its unselfish hubris because she’s always rushing to protect eren or armin or someone she loves. her “impulsiveness” is about saving others, its not inherently selfish. even after jumping in to save armin from bertholdt, it’s not mikasa’s fault that bertholdt blew himself up - she didn’t provoke him; he already told armin he was going to kill them all, he was gonna do that eventually with or without her intervention. it doesn’t exactly portray mikasa in a bad light that she was impulsive in that moment when the end result was saving armin. 

levi is also “beautiful” (drawn that way at least lmao), shredded, intelligent, strong and refined (besides his language at least). yes he’s a clean freak but that in itself is about being pristine, yes he holds his tea cups weirdly and yes he had issues with pride in the ACWNR era. but he doesn’t get drunk, he doesn’t do anything remotely sloppy or undignified and THIS is my frustration with mikasa and levi.

they’re a little TOO perfect as characters. yes they’re angsty, yes they have one or two “quirks”, yes they’ve both had traumatic and complicated pasts. if anything that should have given them more interesting and messy character traits to sink our teeth into. 

the best way I can describe this is that there’s just nothing UNDIGNIFIED or sloppy or messy (both figuratively and literally) about levi and mikasa, and you really need something like that in two characters who are so powerful and superhuman. they need to be humanised even more in order to be more interesting and relatable or they begin to feel like cardboard cut out superheroes, and they do feel that way a lot of the time in the series despite having some good moments of characterization (eg. mikasa internally face palming over eren and historia being buddies, or levi taking a hit to his self-esteem over eren’s “short old midget” remark at rod reiss).  

 I’d want to see more shit in levi and mikasa’s characters that are messy - that are fundamentally human (and not necessarily just in the manga because I know shounen characterization time-constraints, but portrayed in the info we get from the interviews or smart pass app). like maybe levi is a fucking appalling drunk or he cant dance or he chews with his mouth open or his horse has a sneezing problem and always hits him right in the face with a wave of snot and maybe mikasa has a laugh that sounds like a seagull or her scarf got caught on a tree branch once and she got stuck - JUST ANYTHING that shows levi and mikasa are capable of undignified, sloppy, embarrassing human moments instead of just being the Cool, Calm Collected Super Humans with Angst. 

people who are wearing Tao/luhan/kris shirts at exoluxion are probably doing so bcuz they dont have other exo shirts bcuz kpop merch is expensive as fuck and most kpop fans are teenagers and cant afford that shit anyways can u guys stop taking photos of strangers and ridiculing their appearance for notes its disgusting and honestly the reason why i hate the kpop fandom like u guys are mean as fuck for literally no reason its not like exo is gonna see what they’re wearing anyways its dark as fuck