2014, A Year that Was Part 2

April: It was a tough month and a lot of things happened that I wish they didn’t. I somehow feel this half finished plate of food represents it all in some form. My relationship came crashing to an end, two friends died, and I still pressed on. Photographically, though I think that was it for the year. After this I didn’t really shoot that much outside of big happenings and travels. Going back through it all now there’s some great photos in the first half the year from my relationship that I think will make a great photo series, which is something I still struggle with, creating a concise story or overarching plot when grouping photos together. Something to work on this year.

May: They say April showers bring may flowers. I suppose that holds true for this month. While I was not that active, the few shoots that I did do came out very much to my liking. This one for example, I felt captured the sense that parts of the High Line can be like a terrarium, it’s own little ecosystem isolated from the rest of the city bustling on below it. I was a bit braver I feel as well, photographing more people at events and looking for new angles I had never thought about before. Pushing my limits so to speak.

June: June will always be the month of the chrome Lamborghini with the vanity plate that said “WINNING”. There was a small car show in my home town which I was asked to photography (the only thing I really did that month) and just when we thought the event was coming to a close, this thing pulls up. The driver and passenger were equally ridiculous. I also found it ridiculous that I didn’t shoot anything that month.

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2014, A Year that Was Part 1

Could I say 2014 was an average year? I mean, I took a lot of wonderful trips, got out of a relationship I’m still coming to terms with, continued my fantastic job, and kept taking photos. Some where better than others but that’s how things go. You try, you see how you like it, and you adapt.

January: I technically started out 2014 while I was on vacation in New Zealand, Rotorua technically, I went down the watch the fireworks on the lake front. I think this shot from the following week was my favorite. I feel like it really captures the whole sense of traveling, especially in such an exotic place. You want to see as much as you can so a lot of it just flies by sometimes.  That’s one thing I always worry about when I’ve traveling and taking photos, I don’t want to get stuck being the tourist photographer, I still want to put my artistic spin on scenes, but again, lots to see, so little time.

February: Now that I was back in NY in the full force of the polar vortex that was winter, I decided a trip to the local Planting Fields was in order. They have a beautiful greenhouse I could roam around in all day taking photos. The warmth of life in here was a great reprieve from the cold. Having visited this place multiple times, I find it a good exercise to stretch my viewpoint and find new angles and way to approach a shot. I also try to aim for that dreamy, almost film like feel to the photographer whenever i go here. This usually involves some futzing with the aperture. 

March: Somewhere along the way I thought it would be a clever idea to start photographing these parties that one of my favorite men’s brand likes to put on from time to time. I do love the opportunity, but it was, and possibly still is, still rocky to begin with as I learned how to play the low lighting situations and find an atmospheric composition, show the detail I was trying to capture. It’s a lot harder than it looks. One photographer I follow, superdanger-us (Alex Maier) has a great eye for contrast between light and shadow that I’m learning from.

Part 2 to come.

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