Imagine keith having a long training session one night and as he’s heading back to his room everything is dark and quiet, everyone is asleep.

However when he starts walking down the hallway to his room, he hears soft noises that are barely audible.

He decides to find out what it is, only to find it’s coming from Lance’s room. He also figures out the noise is actually Lance crying. Keith doesn’t really know what to do because Lance sees him as a nemesis, so he heads back to his room to sleep.

Later, when he trains late again, Keith hears Lance’s choked sobs again. And the next time. And the next time.

Keith finally realizes that Lance cries himself to sleep every night. Keith desperately wishes he could help Lance, but doesn’t want to make Lance hate him more.

So Keith stops training late.

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so we've very obviously seen killua in casual clothing and gon appeared for a brief moment in the DC arc in casual wear (not that his normal outfit isn't considered as such) and leorio's suit i guess counts as a normal outfit in comparison to some of the weird shit people wear in that universe, anyway what i'm trying to say is, aside from the suit kurapika wears in the current arc, what would his "casual-wear aesthetic" be?

Asking what Kurapika wears casually is a very dangerous thing to ask because

I gotta be honest, dceu twitter has been sort of a sobering mirror to look into and as much as I’d like to say that behavior doesn’t represent me and distance myself from it, I have to acknowledge that I haven’t figured out how to not take the mean-spirited derision that a lot of people have toward the dceu personally. I haven’t really figured out how to pretend like the kind of terrible things that people were saying about me, as someone who loved the film, in the wake of Man of Steel, didn’t stick with me.

I’ve been called a misogynist, a fake fan, a shill, pathetic, a liar, and an idiot- because I like a film that a lot of people didn’t.

I also know that these films don’t really need my defending anymore. Nothing is gonna stop this franchise or successive films, but I’m concerned we have developed a fandom that jumps so quickly to defense (largely out of reflex, I think) that we have trouble distinguishing between constructive criticism and dismissal or sabotage.

That’s not to say that I don’t think the bias isn’t real, (not conspiratory, but geeks have their own systems of bias) or that most people couldn’t take a minute to examine WHY they hate these films so much or WHERE they got the impression that they could be so easily dismissed. I just want to evaluate my little tinge of hurt each time someone takes a shot at these films and consider whether it’s justified or cumulative.

Speaking of Samurai Jack I’m not saying I binge watched all of the current season 5 episodes and I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s episode but yes