Hyuro is an Artist born in Argentina, who’s living now in Valencia, Spain.

Her next exhibition ( soloshow) will be in Zürich, Switzerland, at Starkart Gallery.

Opening thursday december 8th.

We know ( and love) her painting, murals she made in differents country, but we have now to forget what she has made before. This is what she wrote about her new exhibition :

¨Casual Anomalies¨//

How to face this project:
  1. Take a step out from my old way of working.
  2. Avoid previous ideas before start working.
  3. Believe in the process rather than in final results.
  4. Contemplate new elements into my language.
  5. Dont be close just to the drawings format….be open to knew shapes.
  6. Work more from the unconnscious side rather than the rational one.
  7. Be less narrative and more poetic.
  8. Dont take it like a dogma…its just a text for this flyer!

Looking forward for pictures !