casual friday

Commission - Out of Sick Days

Dex has a lot of big friends. And sometimes, when you have big friends, you wake up big too - whether by misinterpreted wish, destructive auras gone awry, storms that cause you to surge upwards, power-ups from Dex’s video game days that have become accidentally reactivated, general glitches in reality, or any other excuse needed for macro art.

Ordinarily when this happens, they’d burn a sick day. It’s a good excuse to lounge round the house, or cuddle up with someone big or many someones small.

But now they’ve ran out of sick days. And they’ve only got one outfit this size, which is hardly appropriate office attire (though they might just get away with it on Casual Friday).

Another commission by @goattrain! This one marks something of a personal milestone - when I created Dex, I still worried about showing off liking silly size things on any SFW accounts. And this is the first time I’ve got anything of Dex a different size, rather than normal size with a big/small friend.

This is the second of three commissions I got shortly before being placed on garden leave (two from goattrain, one from a different artist), so these three will be my last ones for a while.