@amrwantonblog said: Based on how fed up you seem with M*les and K*rry will you still watch RW*BY or any other RT content in the future?

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@amrwantonblog I still enjoy stuff like AH, FH, and other RT-related endeavors.

I’m just sick and tired of defending those two in particular, and hoping for their improvement, trying to reign back the “aggressiveness” and “pushiness” of my critiques on many occasions, only for my identity as a black woman (and the history and culture associated with it) to be used and exploited as their stale punchlines, or cheap, badly executed plot points.

And then to be preached at by a white man who contributes to that content about why racial slurs “only hurt because you let them” is laughable and infuriating

(And on top of that, the situation that happened with regards to Shane’s letter, and the treatment of Sheena, too much is adding up for the wrong reasons.)

BUT ANYWAY, to answer your question: I won’t be watching Volume 4. I don’t have much reason to, with how Volume 3 ended. (I’m sure my friends will keep me updated on what they think is relevant to me)

Team RW*BY is split up, and knowing how bad the pacing of the series already is, I have no idea how in the world the writing would reunite those characters in a reasonable span of time.

And even with teasing going to Mistral at the end of last season, I don’t trust that the writers will do anything worthwhile with my other favorite team of characters who are FROM there to contribute to the story. Because they haven’t for 3 years (with the exception of Sun) So what’s the point? I’ve already decided that Volume 4 is a waste of my time and energy.

The writing still suffers problems when it comes to: meaningful world building that isn’t redundant, interpersonal interactions between characters, terribly executed subplots, and bad pacing- and I feel like a lot of that is associated with their lack of perspective and issues with prioritizing their writing.

MAYBE I will continue to try and watch Chibi, because it was kind of my “last resort” for enjoying RW*BY, but knowing how I am, I probably will get tired of that too, because of the very fact that they write it.

I’m tired that what used to be a source of joy isn’t for me any more. I’m trying to move on with my life.