PART I of “The Casuals”

Okay but, today I was thinking ‘How about some casual Shiro?’ to get a rest from working on the Kuro-week submissions.

Like he went from “Your son will be back home at 8 o’clock, Sir.” to “He calls me daddy, too.” with just a change of clothes.

Will try and draw a matching bad boy Keith to this. ♥ …guess it will get sheithy then. xD

Imagine your OTP just got together and are going on their first date. They’re getting ready to head out, and Person A is really giddy and excited about finally being in a romantic relationship with Person B after having had feelings for them for a long time. They’re bouncing all over the place, talking about how much fun the two of them are gonna have together. For OT3s, imagine that Person A just recently entered a relationship with B and C, and they’re celebrating by taking A out on a date of their choice.