Little did I know the first time I laid my eyes on you that I was looking at the rest of my life.
If I were to go back in time and warn myself, I’d laugh it off as a cruel joke.
How could the stutter of a person, me be somehow lucky enough to be allowed to love someone like you.
Someone who’s steps are the roses to my garden of happiness
Someone who’s voice is the calm to any storm that might rage in my head
Someone who’s eyes I could look into for an eternity and feel infinite
Someone who’s mind is as addicting as the most illicit of drugs, and just as fun.
Someone like you.
I’ve never been so disillusioned to think that you aren’t perfection. You are. I’ve thought so since the first time I heard your laugh and known so since seeing you get so excited about Ikea. And snow. And babies. And bowling. And a whole lot of other things if we are being honest.
But thats exactly why I love you. I love you because the world is an exciting place when spent with you; and God knows that you make me feel unstoppable.
With you, my days are no longer numbered and my greatest depths are crossed with the distance of my voice to your ears.
With you the 6:00am sun is just a gift to see your face sooner, and the train a chance to think about you.
And think about you I always do.
So I promise to be the best I can be for you. I promise to kill those scary bugs, I promise to midnight dance with you, I promise to hold you when life is just a bit too hard. I promise to close the caps all the way, and I promise to never let a day go by in which I don’t tell you just how much I love you.

I love you like plants the sun, the ocean the moon, and the birds the sky. I love you, and I always will.

—  Casual Vacant #Wedding Vows I Never Spoke

PART I of “The Casuals”

Okay but, today I was thinking ‘How about some casual Shiro?’ to get a rest from working on the Kuro-week submissions.

Like he went from “Your son will be back home at 8 o’clock, Sir.” to “He calls me daddy, too.” with just a change of clothes.

Will try and draw a matching bad boy Keith to this. ♥ …guess it will get sheithy then. xD

Imagine your OTP just got together and are going on their first date. They’re getting ready to head out, and Person A is really giddy and excited about finally being in a romantic relationship with Person B after having had feelings for them for a long time. They’re bouncing all over the place, talking about how much fun the two of them are gonna have together. For OT3s, imagine that Person A just recently entered a relationship with B and C, and they’re celebrating by taking A out on a date of their choice.