Nothing feels better than actually doing better. Like things may still be a lil shaky, but I genuinely feel and look better. The eye bags are gone, I don’t look bloated, my hair is moisturized, my skin is clear. Learning to set boundaries with people and understanding that being caring and kind isn’t innate in everyone. Keeping the important people close and not letting my anxiety talk me into apologizing to those who don’t deserve it or need one. That feels great. Not beating myself up anymore feels great. And it isn’t temporary progress, I’m actively improving daily. Putting the past in the past, learning that some things and people are mistakes and don’t benefit my greater good.  I can’t continue to be naive and blindly hoping that being “nice” means that shit won’t happen or that people won’t treat me like shit. The true closure is in your ability to keep moving forward. And getting to that point is lit af 

Imagine your OTP in a soulbond AU with identifying words - found on their backs. Person A’s words say, “Sorry.” Person B ’s words say, “Excuse me.” So, the two of them have completely generic words for a generic first meeting.

Bonus: Person A has had many people say “sorry” as their first words to them, but still haven’t gotten a reaction.

Bonus: Person B tends to completely forget about the words since they don’t get to see them a lot and thus completely misses what’s happening when they meet Person A.

How they discover the truth about their bond is up to you.