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On set of Murder on the Orient Express

Let Laurent be masculine

Okay but I think people are forgetting that Laurent isn’t a feminine man by any means…he’s actually kind of fuckin manly. He’s built like the statue of David, described to have broad shoulders, a cut body and not to mention the strength to whirl around a 500lb+ horse while cutting down soldiers with one arm.

Damen used to chase after gladiators for crying out loud. You know he’s gotta admire Laurent’s body for how sporty and strong it is. He’s not like this…slight, soft-bellied boy I tend to see around the fandom. The super long hair, the soft body, always making him bottom (did we forget he nearly topped Damen if not for some rude premature climaxing)…

idk I feel like Laurent is being feminized into very boring, stereotypical role where there always has to be “a girl” of the relationship. And I feel like with all the different ways Pacat described him she was very careful about trying to avoid this very thing! Laurent may be a prettyboy but that doesn’t mean he isn’t masculine af too. I just don’t want his awesome character to fall into the same void that nearly every other ‘bottom designated’ gay man gets in any given fandom. 



Hahaha…. so this is what the Riverdale girls are up to on set… Lili and Camila reenacting Jughead’s phone call to mom is hilarious xD and kinda ironic cos Lili actually comes from Ohio (Cleveland) and her wanting to come back to Toledo is such a koinkidink hehe… and then Camila recording Lili and Marisol throwing what seems like a banana peel?? and trying to land it in the wastebin but failed lol. Plus Cole the spectator watching them throw…. and great to hear that the Pussycats are headed to SDCC this year too on July 22nd! Their enthusiasm is adorable. Oh and the boys roasting each other on their snses.. Riverdale cast are love.