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It was lovely having my brother involved because I got to hang out with him in South Africa for a while. When you grow up and you become adults and you start having kids and all that stuff, you don’t get to see as much of each other as you’d like. So it was really cool hanging with him for like three months and getting to see loads of him. (x)

Guys Oscar Isaac is expecting his first child I am so happy for him and Elvira I bet he is going to be a AMAZING Father 💕💕

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Fan talking about Jensen as “Oscar material“

When we first saw you in Supernatural we thought “Oh well, he’s really handsome.”

But then we found out that there was more than that, that you have so much more to offer. We think that a good actor can take you to a different place and is able not to only make you forget that you are watching an actor but who also makes you care about the journey of a character. And that you really make people who watch you care about you and your characters and not just because you have a pretty face.

You handle both, tragedy and comedy, with equal ability and your face and eyes speak a thousand words, even when you are saying nothing at all. So, when Supernatural will end, don’t think about it as a conclusion but as a stepping stone which will lead you towards a bright future, because you are Oscar material.


HQ Video of the Supernatural Cast performing “Free Fallin” joined on stage by @LoudenSwain1 and @dicksp8jr at #AHBL8 2017

I will fight anyone for the critical role cast and the VM characters

Marisha and Matt were clearly tired from a long week.  Matt helped Marisha out with the wild shape because she was stressed and panicking.  D&D isn’t about competition, it’s about collaboration and having fun–this was HER moment and he wanted her to enjoy it.  I’d do the same thing as a DM.

EVERYONE made mistakes, and that sucks, but it’s the game.  They made it out.  Vax will get a resurrection ritual and hopefully be back soon.  The whole cast was AWESOME and wonderful.

and lest we forget, this is their personal game for their personal enjoyment that they decided to stream FOR US.  So how about instead of digging on every character and strategy choice, you go roll up your own character and see how it goes.

oh ffs

Obviously the greatest portion of my love regarding Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries goes to Miss Fisher herself and the kickass lady who plays her (Essie Davis). She is smart and brave and sassy and intelligent and absolutely prepared to kick the patriarchy in the ass while also looking incredibly stunning, particularly her dresses and hats (I covet her wardrobe like whoa). Honestly even if everything else in this series were subpar, I would still watch it just for her. Both the character and the actress have charisma stats that are off the flippin charts.


It’s bad enough that he is laconic and sassy and intelligent and awkward and much kinder than he seems to be. Please also consider:

  • His actor (Nathan Page) single-handedly redeems the fedora by rocking it hardcore
  • He actually uses the grammatically correct phrase LIE LOW vs. lay low

How the hell did you and your companions manage not to slip around on the ice when closing the rifts on the frozen river? Because all I can picture is Solas trying to cast this really awesome spell but slipping and falling on his ass or Cassandra trying to shield bash a demon but it jumps out of the way and she just…keeps going.