ya lit meme: [9/30] favorite book or series •Castor Chronicles by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl• “Mortals. I envy you. You think you can change things. Stop the universe. Undo what was done long before you came along. You are such beautiful creatures.”


For school, we get these agenda books, where we can write down homework, and get hall passes, and all sort of stuff! One the corner of every page is this, check it out box. I was flipping through the book when I found these in the check it out box and I literally started jumping up and down and screamed to my mom, sister and friends about it!

Currently reading Beautiful Darkness,

i read Beautiful Creatures a while ago from the library and i just got the second Castor Chronicles book a week ago. and i’m loving it way more than the first book so far! the books are really long but they are so good!

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and i heard there is going to be a 3rd book called beautiful chaos! 

has anyone else read them? 


September Book Photo Challenge, Day 7: Character Most Like Me

I actually had a really hard time with this one, which is part of the reason why it’s a day late.

I’m still not entirely sure about this choice, but I chose Ethan Wate. Now, I’m not going to go into specifics here, because this definitely isn’t an exact match by any means. But I chose Ethan because, like him, I live in small southern town where everybody knows everybody and knows their business as well, you always knew who was going to be in your classes because the same people had been there since kindergarten, and new people to arrive were few and far between. But importantly, I understood/understand his need to get out of his small town, to see the world, because there’s most definitely more to it than the half mile stretch of a no stoplight town that I live in.

the cast .2

so i’ve just checked the beautiful creatures website and here are all the cast members . this time with pics.

new: Rachel Brosnahan (Genevieve)


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Jeremy Irons (Macon)

External image

Zoey Deutch (Emily)

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Margo Martindale (Aunt Del)

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Viola Davis (Amma)

External image

Emma Thompson (Mrs. Lincoln/Sarafine)

External image

Jack O’Connell (Ethan)

External image

Alice Englert (Lena)

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Emmy Rossum (Ridley)

External image

Thomas Mann (Link)

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BTW i thing that we will not see the actual Sarafine in the movie since she is played by the same person who plays Mrs.Lincoln,. so since Sarafine kind of inhabits Mrs.Lincoln’s body in the book i guess thats how she’ll make an apperance in the movie aswell. also that means that the part where Sarafine steps out of Mrs.Lincoln will not happen since they only cast one actress for both parts.

i’m happy with all the casting except Jack O'Connell (and maybe Emmy Rossum) i hope he pulles it off and dosnt trash the movie for me,

and im thinking that it would be cooler if they released the movie on the 11th Feb, u know.

also, if anyone knows how old Alice Englert is , pls tell me cause no one knows. come to thing of it she seems internet unknown but a few pictures.

remember these are just the first impressions my opinions are based on , i have no idea how good they are at acting

yhea thats all,


I'm reading Beautiful Darkness rn.
  • Lena. Why did you hop on Mysterious Motorcycle Man’s bike. WHY WOULD YOU RUN FROM ETHAN? He is so adorable.
  • Then Lena ignores him. What?
  • I’M TIRED OF THE “You don’t understand,” CRAP.
  • ohmygosh, DON’T listen to Ridley. I just don’t trust her yet.
  • I like Liv but i feel weird about her for some reason. Like later she is gonna do something bad…
  • When Liv gave Ethan the cotton candy and Lena was getting jealous and wouldn’t let Ethan explain I was getting mad. Like, Lena you just ran away on the back of some dude’s motorcycle, stop.
  • When Aunt Mercy asked Ethan if he asked Lena to get ‘nekkid’ I was laughing so hard. It was just really awkward.

Ok. I must go finish.