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Képzeld el, hogy az idők kezdetén még nem voltak csillagok az égen. Képzeld el, hogy a csillagok nem azok, miknek gondoljuk őket. Képzeld el, hogy a távoli fények nem a messzi nap sugaraiból áradnak, hanem szárnyunkból, midőn csillagokká változunk.
—  Mark Helprin ~ Téli mese

Meet the Castor brothers: Mark Rollins

Mark has changed so much since his first appearance. Mark is different now, because he spend a lot of time away from military base and Virginia’s influence. Castor clones aren’t even treated like people, they’re just objects - just weapons. Even though the Prolethean Ranch wasn’t exactly a healthy environment, Mark was probably first time in his life treated like a real person. With time he started to see other people as individuals (not as a mission), he allowed himself create emotional bond towards Gracie -and he fell in love with her. The way he talked about Sarah with Paul - she’s not indifferent to him anymore. He wants the ‘right thing’ to happen - because he understand what the 'right thing’ is. Nobody taught him to objective principles of 'right and wrong’ when he was a kid. 

Now he knows, there are different options in life, than just be somebody else’s property.

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luvlydoll  asked:

AU where Leda and Castor grew up together

Oh god, so many choices! My head actually began to hurt as head canon after head canon came in. I’ve decided to write these as if the Castor boys were matched up with a Leda sister when they were implanted with in vitro fertilisation, So instead of the boys growing up in the military they’re kinda like each Leda’s fraternal twin. Forgive me for the Sarah/Mark and Rudy/Helena situation. I haven’t quite figured that out yet as I want to keep Sarah and Helena as twins but Mark and Rudy as just brothers but I got too excited not to publish this.

Sarah and Mark

- The earliest memory the two share are of sitting in a room holding each others hand surrounded by women. They don’t know why they were there, only that they were being moved to another place with a kind lady called Mrs S who was going to keep them safe. 

- They spend the first week refusing to talk to anyone. Sticking to themselves and glaring at those who come near them.

- After Felix is introduced they begin to calm down a bit, Sarah enjoying toying with the younger boy, always getting him into trouble whilst Mark follows behind, making sure Felix never gets hurt and righting the wrongs his sister creates. Always giving Sarah an unamused look as he stops Felix from falling head first down the stairs or cleaning up the mess the younger boy creates after Sarah tells him that there are biscuits in the top pot. Sarah only smiles in response before leading Felix off for more trouble.

- The three spend their childhood inseparable, doing everything together and often getting in trouble despite how much Mark tries to prevent it, never being able to resist his brother and sisters pleas. They sped their time bonding over angry music and painting. 

- When he finds Felix crying in his room after being beaten up for wearing make-up he hugs his brother tight before dragging the younger boy into his and Sarah’s shared room, sitting him down and telling Sarah to make them both look stunning. When Mrs S comes back that night she walks in to find all three of her children dancing angrily to punk rock, all wearing dark smudgy eyeliner, mascara and dark lipstick. 

- As they grow older they start to drift apart. Whilst Mark craves attention, loving nothing more than pleasing their step mother and receiving hugs and praise form her and Felix, Sarah starts to become angry at the world, fighting with Mrs S and disappearing for days on end before reappearing disheveled and exhausted. 

- Mark is always the one to find her, wrapping her in his arms before carrying her upstairs and cleaning her up before Mrs S can find out. Making her more presentable than she was when she arrives. 

- When Sarah comes home pregnant Mark is the one to drive her to her appointment and back, holding her hand the whole time whilst Felix distracts Mrs S.

- As Sarah continues to spiral out of control Mark settles down, taking a job at the local music store, earning money whilst being surrounded by the things he loves, living close enough to keep an eye on Felix and lending him money if the younger boy needs it. Often turning a blind eye to his younger brother’s sexual acts and drug usage. He never asks what it is he and Sarah get up to, knowing fully well that it’s not legal but loving them all the same.

- When Sarah returns pregnant again it’s Mark’s flat that she comes to first, turning up on his doorstep crying. They spend the night eating ice cream and watching TV curled up on the sofa. Sarah tells him that she’s going to keep it this time, Mark strokes her hair and replies “Good, I’d be an awesome uncle” making her laugh.

- His flat becomes the safe house of the siblings. With Sarah and felix crashing there whenever they fight with Mrs S. Sarah more so than Felix.

- When Kira arrives he moves in with Mrs S for a while to help Sarah adjust to being a mum and to be the pacifier between the two headstrong women. 

- He takes care of Kira when Sarah goes awol. Bringing the little girl presents and telling her that her mum is helping sort his place out for him and thats why she isn’t here. 

- When Sarah turns up on his doorstep high and ranting that Mrs S is refusing to let her see Kira it breaks his heart to tell her that Siobhan is right. Hating himself to see the betrayal and anger in his sisters eyes.

- He doesn’t see her for almost a year after that.

Helena and Rudy

- They meet when they are 12,  having been found by Tomas and Maggie Chen.

- Initially they are untrusting of each other, knowing that attachments only ever end in pain. It is only after Rudy begins to share his food with her that the two begin to develop a strong bond. Being the human touch that they so desperately crave.

- They begin to fall asleep curled around each other underneath the bed for safety, holding hands when they walk and refusing to leave each others sides. 

- At the age of fourteen they begin to rebel against Tomas after the man becomes more violent towards them when they refuse to kill.

- The first time Helena stands up for Rudy she is ‘sewed silent’ before being locked in a cage without food for two days. Rudy nearly takes down half the camp and has to be sedated trying to find her. When they are finally allowed back together they hold each other as tight as they can, Helena stroking Rudy’s head gently as he cries into her shoulder, distraught that she suffered for him.

- Tomas keeps them together after that, realising that as long as they’re together they are compliant and willing to do the tasks set. 

- They train together, using each other as practise in perfecting their killing techniques. They are forced to not go easy on each other. Biting, scratching, clawing each others skin as they fight first in hand to hand combat and later using weapons. At night when they return to their room they clean each others wounds in silence. 

- Helena is the first one to develop a fascination with eyes. Realising that blinding the target makes it easier to disarm them. Rudy catches on quickly, taking to drawing red crosses over his eyes when he goes in for the kill as an admiration for her killing style. Helena always smiled when she sees him wearing them.

- The pair enjoy “playing rough” with each other. Often greeting each other by pouncing on the other before wrestling them to the ground. They remain tactile into their adult years, saying hello by stroking a line down the others face whilst smiling. 

- They stick together on missions, scouring the country hunting their clones and killing them efficiently. Helena draws pictures of her kills and takes to creating mock up barbies of her victims whilst Rudy observes his prey, taking the item his victim loved most before giving it to Helena. 

- They find a love for sugar, both carrying packet of sugar granules in their pockets and sharing them on hunts. Their weird taste in food develops after having to scrounge around in bins and back alleys to eat, Tomas never giving them money on their trips.

Cosima and Seth

- Cosima was always the strongest one out of the two.

- She was the first one to take her first steps, the first one to start babbling, the first to get into trouble. She took life on head first whilst her brother followed behind with a look of wonder and bewilderment at his curious sister.

- They did everything together, they shared food, played together and would often be found sleeping together on the sofa, Cosima often collapsing out of sheer exhaustion of racing around the place whilst Seth would settle next to his sister whenever she slowed down enough to catch up.

- Wherever Cosima went Seth followed, only ever interested in what his sister loved and cast away anything she didn’t. They were inseparable.

- This continued as they grew up, Cosima falling in love with science and developed a fascination with how things worked. Wanting nothing more than to take everything apart to figure out how it all worked. It drove their parents mad and as such she was frequently told off for destroying everything in the house. Not because their parents were mad at their broken appliances but because they were scared that she would hurt herself. 

- Whenever she was placed on the naughty step their parents would laugh despite themselves as Seth would also plop himself down next to her, wrapping an arm around his distraught sister and glaring at their parents for making her cry. No matter what they tried he would never leave the step until his sister was allowed too.

- This devotion led him to start learning how to put things back together. Whilst Cosima was hell bent on learning how to take things apart, Seth was learning how to put them back together, fixing what his sister would destroy so that he wouldn’t see her cry.

- This meant that by the time they came to choosing their majors Cosima chose evolution development whilst Seth took engineering. Whilst one wanted to cut things open to find out how they ticked the other longed to learn how to put things together to create something new and wonderful. 

- Seth was there for every milestone in Cosima’s life. He was there when she got her nose pierced, when her mother created her dreadlocks for her, and even got a tattoo the same time as her after Cosima was nervous of the needle, proving that it didn’t hurt that much. 

- When she confessed that she thought that she was gay he accompanied her to her first gay bar. Keeping a watchful eye on her as she was chatted up by an extremely attractive woman before driving her home that night. 

- Despite going to different university’s the pair remained close. Meeting up with each other every weekend to hang out, often going out for drinks before having random dance parties at their place, sucking helium whilst getting baked before collapsing in a heap together on the sofa, knowing that nothing could touch them whilst they had each other.

Alison and Miller

- Alison and Miller grew up knowing that they had to be perfect. Their mother, although loved them deeply, was a woman of high standards. Needing the house and her children to look perfect and clean at all times so that the neighbours had nothing to complain and whisper about.

- They were never loud, never boisterous and always greeted guests with controlled enthusiasm. Sharing small looks when the neighbours crooned and gasped at how well behaved and cute they were.

- After everyone had gone they would go into each others rooms and share the secrets they had overheard the adults talking about when they though no one was looking.

- Whenever Alison was upset Miller would sit her down and brush her hair for her, learning how to create intricate braids that were perfect in every way so that she would never have a hair out of place.

- The pair became the model students in high school. Alison the head cheerleader and Miller the star of the football team. When Alison starts dating Jason, Miller takes him aside and threatens to end him if he ever hurts his sister. 

- Miller joins the army after getting excellent grades out of High school, believing that the army’s regimental style and structured environment would mimic that of his home life. Alison cried when she saw him off, wrapping her arms around her brother and making him promise that he’d come back okay. Miller promised before telling her to make sure she got in trouble, after all, only one of them could be the golden child. Connie patted his cheek and told him she’d never been prouder.

- Alison gave him her favourite pink horse from when she was little on a keychain, telling him that he’d always have something to remember her by.

- When he returned home after losing his leg in battle Miller stayed in his room. Refusing to leave his bed so not to face his mother who cried every time she saw him, asking God why he had chosen to destroy her perfect boy. After a week of this Alison crawls underneath his duvet with him, hugging him from behind and whispering that he had better get out of bed and start learning how to walk again because use needed her big brother to walk her down the aisle. 

- Together Miller learns to walk on his prosthetic, giving Alison away to Donnie.

- He later rejoins the army. Instead being placed in more desk work duties instead of in the field much to his annoyance. He visits Alison as much as possible. Enjoying playing with his niece and nephew. 

Okay, so I may have gotten a little carried away with this one…. hope you like them :)