I’ve waited two years to see this message and even that time span seemed too damn long. My best friend had to wait much longer than that, but seeing this today made me so happy- to the point where I cried, yes. Knowing that he doesn’t have to feel bad or ashamed of how he was born and for who he loves makes me so incredibly happy because he deserves it. Because love is love. And parents should love their children no matter what. this is a big step. It’s progress. Its acceptance. It’s what the world needs

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10 through 25 :)

I’ve never been to Disneyland so I have to say Disney World.

My favorite ride is Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

My favorite park is Magic Kingdom

My favorite land is Tomorrowland

My favorite Disney snack is cupcakes

My favorite Disney restaurant is 50’s Prime Time Cafe

My favorite attraction is Monsters Inc Laugh Floor and my favorite show is Finding Nemo the Musical.

My favorite underrated spot in the parks is Innoventions.

The 3 locations I would want to stay overnight at are Laugh Floor, Great Movie Ride, and Turtle Talk with Crush.

My favorite characters to interact with are Tiana, Merida, Tigger, and Rapunzel.

I wish I had Peter Pan’s handwriting.

My favorite face character memory is when I came to the parks when I was like 5. I was OBSESSED with Beauty and the Beast. I always had Belle and Beast action figures. We saw the show at Studios and after the show we saw Belle and the Beast. I ran away from my parents. The Beast lifted me up and Belle gave me a lipstick kiss on the cheek. (I used that story when they asked why I wanted to do the DCP) (Here’s a picture of the kiss that I edited)

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A character I have been scared of approaching is the Queen of Hearts.

Characters the parks should permanently have are Meg, Louis Max, Dr. Facillier, Chip n Dale (in rescue rangers costumes), and Carl 

My favorite Disney hotels are Polynesian, Yacht and Beach Club, and Grand Floridian. I also like Coronado Springs too.

A typical day involves me going to multiple parks, going on my favorite attractions, and eating at a nice Disney restaurant.