Ok so ya girl was thinking about Alucard recently, as you do, and it occurred to me…

Why wasn’t he wearing a shirt in his coffin? Like, it’s clear he HAS one, bc he puts it on after the fight, but why didn’t he wear it before putting himself into eternal sleep? Was he preparing for a fight and didn’t want to ruin it? Was it hot in there? Is he just that Dramatic™ that there was absolutely no choice but to wear only a pants so in the event of his awakening people would see his sick scar and toned body???

I need answers

Super Legit Hector Theories

I made an Isaac theorey post, how could I not make a Hector one??

I love Hector (maybe even more than Isaac, because he’s me, also he also has like 5 dragons in my game, I basically turned Curse of Darkness into my ‘run around and scream while my dragons carry me the entire way’ game, so I’m not gonna lie), I need to gush about him, too!

Now onto my theories:

-Hector will pet a cat

-Hector will cry over a dog

-I’m gonna cry over Hector


-He will hit the ground with his hammer and raise A LOT of baddies from the dead, it’s gonna be awesome

-He will not smile ever this whole season because his life SUUUUCKS QAQ

- I can’t beleive he’s canon, Konami only cared about revisiting him and Isaac with stupid slot machines, he wasn’t even in Harmony of Despair. I AM SO HAPPY THAT THE ANIMATION CREW CARES ABOUT HIM LOOK AT HIM. LOOK AT ME. HOLD ME IM GONNA BAWL MY EYEBALLS OUT WITH PURE JOY QAQ

Inktober 2018 Day 16: Alucard (Castlevania)

“Please. This isn’t a bar fight. Have some class.”

Okay, okay, Simon Belmont getting in the new Smash Bros is totally awesome… but who else is hype for season 2 of that Castlevania anime? I’m gonna be totally honest, I haven’t played any Castlevania games before (not because I don’t want to, I just… never got around to it), but watching that anime really made me want to! I like Alucard, but his name is just so stupid. Really? Dracula backwards? Catch me naming my hypothetical kid Yelah.


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Super Smash Bros. X Castlevania

Hey guys!
Here are the colors as promised!
Anyway the latest smash direct was awesome, revealing both Simon and Richter Belmont
crossing paths with a terrified Luigi in the hallways of Castlevania.
I couldn’t help but laugh at poor Luigi’s predicament.
With that said I hope you guys like this piece!

Luigi is a © and Tm from Nintendo.
Castlevania and all its characters are a © and Tm from Konami.