castles n shit

“This is the oldest poster we have hanging up,” murmured the General, “So cheesy.”

“But you love it.”

The old soldier smiles. “I do.”

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Hey, could you tell me a bit more about ARK? All I really know is that it seems to be a generic survival game but you can breed dinosaurs (that's all I really got from the steam page) and if it's possible to run some kind of dinosaur ranch.

ARK is p much a generic survival game save for the fact that you can tame, ride, and breed fantasy dinosaurs, pterosaurs, prehistoric mammals, other fantasy critters, and anything else that modders can think of.

It has a really awesome building system and it’s on of the biggest draws imo, you can build epic castles n shit. I like building stables and shelters for my critters to keep them out of the rain :3

There are official and unofficial servers as well as singleplayer. The official ones suck but I used to play a ton on various unofficial ones because they have can have custom settings, mods, active admins that host games with prizes (like racing, arenas, fashion shows, best builds, all kinds of shit), admins that won’t tolerate bullying (racism, sexism, homophobia, all that stuff) so it’s a better environment, rules to keep the game fair (you can only raid someone so often, no completely wiping their base, no killin passive tamed creatures) it’s just a better experience than the official ones. Rn I host my own server and just play with my brother since my internet has sucked (I use satellite, no one else will cater to our forest home). It’s still fun though! Recently they’ve been really expanding and fixing the singleplayer experience.

The game releases August 8th and they plan on adding even MORE content along with DLC to be added in the future (there’s one expansion pack currently that adds a desert map and critters that I love, you don’t need to buy it to have the critters tho since the developers are awesome). Right now it features:
• over 100 unique tamable critters, they aren’t just re skinned versions of the same model but actually unique with different special abilities
• lots and lots of items to build with that you can paint to make them pretty!
• lots of armor and weapons and shit that you can also paint and make them pretty! You can paint your critters too
• breed-able critters to get special colors, you can have a neon red wolf! or a watermelon tyrannosaur! the special colors also give them stat boosts. You breed for stats as well. I love breeding.
• tons of different maps and WIP procedural ones. Modders give you endless options!!
• really just the modding community is the heart of the game, and the awesome developers support modders and give them money to mod!! I think they do something like $4000 a month for select modders
• pvp and pve, so if you want to raid other people and steal their critters you can do pvp but if you wanna relax you can do pve and not worry about other players! There are also roleplaying unofficial servers which can be a lot of fun too
• you can have tribes with alliances
• you can tell your critters to do different things like “go here” “follow me” “attack this” or switch them to passive so they don’t hurt anything
• there are flying critters like big birds and griffins
• stuff to do under the sea! there are sea caves and treasure you can find. you can build on a critters back and have a submarine!
• you can also build on some land critters backs like these big horse rhinos called paracers, or brontosaurus, these really big critters called titanosaurs
• it’s just really fun and addicting
• I recommend it to everyone
• it is pretty hard on your PC and you need a beefy one, but August 8th when they officially release it should be optimized and you won’t need as beefy of a pc
• ark has helped me through some serious depression bouts. I like it a lot and have played it since it came out

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🎡: @ seven of your fave mutuals that you’d love to go to a fair with

@crispyspider @angels-ascent @argent-sz @lovelybug1071 @hydrias @celesteelaes @ask-nido-royalty LITERALLY EVERYONE IN THE GROUP CHAT I LOVE YOU… IM SORRY I COULD ONLY TAG 7 I WANT TO TAKE ALL OF YOU

🎢: what’s the best ride you’ve ever been on?

nemesis!! a work of art….. makes great use of its terrain to create intensity without having to be tall or fast and doesn’t make you feel sick. i love

🎠: if you had to describe your aesthetic, what would you describe it as?

THIS IS HARD bc i love like nature stuff and forests and fog and earthy tones and grey but also old buildings like castles n shit.. just. old stuff untouched by people for a long time, generally

🗼: what’s one thing you’ve learned to take as a warning sign in any type of relationship?

i’m not great at this as you may know lmao.. i guess someone not taking your problems seriously. people who don’t respect your feelings don’t deserve your time.

⛲️: what’s your ideal dream date?

i’m pretty terrible in public and have trouble forming words so honestly just a quiet night in would be nice.. if we did go out somewhere i’d love to go to a castle or a nature reserve or a theme park or a museum or just anything i like. the mere thought that someone wants to take me on a date is enough

⛰: if you could go on a road trip with just one of your faves who would it be?

road trip with spyro? pretty lit, pun possibly intended

🏰: to you, what’s the most magical place on earth?

no specific place just.. a quaint forest early in the morning with fog and wildlife and nobody else around, just the sounds of nature. i know i talk about this a lot but i’ve been to places like it once or twice and it makes me the happiest person in the world. something like this

🏯: if you could move to any country of your choice, which would it be?

i don’t know.. i have a lot of friends and family in the US so i guess there? although it’s not the best place to live.. i just wanna live with my friends