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gold and silver ⋅ part 1

medieval + fantasy au (based on game of thrones)

◇ pairing: hoseok | reader
◇ genres: drama, light angst and romance 
◇ word count: 12.308
warnings: future depictions of violence, implied sexual content
author’s note: you can easily read this story without having any game of thrones’ knowledge. I mostly took the main settings of the tv show, but other than that, you can just consider this a medieval au. please enjoy! :)

⇢ chapters: one | two (ending)

You meet Jung Hoseok on a searing afternoon, round sun high in the sky and clouds as bright and golden as the weightless tunic that reaches down your legs.

You try not to show an obvious discontent when you hear the familiar, metallic sound of steel armor coming closer, a sigh getting stuck in your throat as you realize your days of hiding have finally come to an end. The residence of the king, otherwise known as the Red Keep, is large enough to get lost easily if you do not memorize the steps you leave behind, which sounded more exciting than it should have when you first arrived to the city one week ago, completely by yourself and miles away from family and friends.

You rapidly found concealed spots where curious eyes would not burn on your skin, and a particular favorite was located deep inside the Godswood of the castle — greenish, colorful gardens that extended towards the stunning sights of the Blackwater Rush, one of the major rivers of the country.

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I swear to every heaven ever imagined,
if I hear one more dead-eyed hipster
tell me that art is dead, I will personally summon Shakespeare
from the grave so he can tell them every reason
why he wishes he were born in a time where
he could have a damn Gmail account.
The day after I taught my mother
how to send pictures over Iphone she texted
me a blurry image of our cocker spaniel ten times in a row.
Don’t you dare try to tell me that that is not beautiful.
But whatever, go ahead and choose to stay in
your backwards-hoping-all-inclusive club
while the rest of us fall in love over Skype.
Send angry letters to state representatives,
as we record the years first sunrise so
we can remember what beginning feels like when
we are inches away from the trigger.
Lock yourself away in your Antoinette castle
while we eat cake and tweet to the whole universe that we did.
Hashtag you’re a pretentious ass hole.
Van Gogh would have taken 20 selflies a day.
Sylvia Plath would have texted her lovers
nothing but heart eyed emojis when she ran out of words.
Andy Warhol would have had the worlds weirdest Vine account,
and we all would have checked it every morning while we
Snap Chat our coffee orders to the people
we wish were pressed against our lips instead of lattes.
This life is spilling over with 85 year olds
rewatching JFK’s assassination and
7 year olds teaching themselves guitar over Youtube videos.
Never again do I have to be afraid of forgetting
what my fathers voice sounds like.
No longer must we sneak into our families phonebook
to look up an eating disorder hotline for our best friend.
No more must I wonder what people in Australia sound like
or how grasshoppers procreate.
I will gleefully continue to take pictures of tulips
in public parks on my cellphone
and you will continue to scoff and that is okay.
But I hope, I pray, that one day you will realize how blessed
you are to be alive in a moment where you can google search
how to say I love you in 164 different languages.
The Gift

Summary: Daenerys was told she’d never have children, not until the sun rises in the weest and sets in the east, when the seas run dry and the mountains blow in the winds like leaves. So when she realises she has not bled in three months; all she can do is thank the reason why she is with child.

Rating: Explicit


Daenerys hadn’t seen Jon since arriving at Winterfell; more over since he found out his true heritage from his brother Bran and loyal friend Sam. It hadn’t bothered Daenerys that they were both related; for centuries the Targaryens and Valyrians before her inter-married to keep the magic within them strong; to keep the bond with the Dragons alive. But Jon; he’d become distant; not just from her, from everyone as he tried to process this information. If Daenerys was honest with herself; she was slightly angry at Rhaegar for causing all the pain he had. She couldn’t help but feel for both of the woman that fell for him and bore him children.

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Voltron Mini fic

Lance didn’t mean to turn his coms off, he was just so excited to be on a new, none hostile planet that he just forgot.

Allura had debriefed them all about the planet but he was to excited to listen and when she finally let them go he bolted. He ran out of the castle and far into the woods, taking off his helmet to breath the fresh air and hear the sounds of a living, thriving planet.

He only became more ecstatic when it began to rain, real actual rain. He kept running through the woods until he reached a clearing. It wasn’t big but it was beautiful, with deep green grass and small delicate flowers littered through out the grass. Surrounded by trees on all sides it felt like he was in a small secluded world of its own, with all sounds being dampened and the only thing you can hear is the soft sound of rain hitting the blades of grass.

He set his helmet down at the base of a tree and walked to the middle of the clearing, the grass folding over his limbs and making him feel content to lay there with his eyes closed and let the rain gently trail down his body, cooling the skin as it continued down.

He laid there for hours, the rain never stopping and the temperature steadily decreasing as darkness enveloped the world. He opened his eyes when he saw a large flash of light through the sky and seconds later thunder rumbled so loudly that he could feel it shake deep through his body. There was a lightning storm a few miles away and after watching for a few minutes he realized it was coming in his direction.

He got up and grabbed his helmet sliding it over his soaking wet head and turned his coms back on only to get bombarded with shouts of his fellow Paladins.

“Guys? What’s going on?” He asked, slightly confused and concerned that there might have been an attack. The line went completely silent before again erupting in a course of shouts. “Lance! Where have you been?! We have been trying to get a hold of you for hours!” “You should have been back hours ago! What happened?”

He was taken back by the concern in his fellow Paladins voices, he was only gone for a few hours… right? Another crack of lightning and the roll of thunder sounded before he was able to respond and the others quieted once more. “Lance?” That was Allura, and she too sounded concerned. “Exactly how close to the storm are you?” He turned at looked up at the sky trying to judge the distance. “ I would say about 10 miles, why?” “Lance you need to run now!” Allura shouted, sounding slightly panicked. “What? Why? What’s wrong?” He asked turning back to look up at the sky, watching as the storm moved in closer with each passing minute. “As you know thunder is created when cold and hot air mix, this storm is no different. The night on this planet becomes so cold it freezes everything over. If you get caught in the storm you will die.” She explained, urgency in her voice.

Lance took once last look up at the storm before he took off running towards the castle. No longer was the crack of lightning a calming presence that reminded him of the storms he would watch with his family back home. It became a terrifying presence, and with each flash he could see it growing closer and closer. He hadn’t realized how far he had run before, and now he cursing himself for getting lost in the moment.

The others were still there, encouraging him to run faster and not look back. Pidge was tracking me on her map while simultaneously tracking the storm. She studied it for a while before urging Lance on faster, but she could see the speed the storm was moving and she knew that there was a slim chance Lance would be able to outrun it.

He was only about a fourth of a mile away from the castle when lightning struck a tree off towards the right of him. The world flashed brightly before going dark again and the tree fell to the ground, fire consuming the tree and burning brightly. The tree was too long in both directions to go around and there wasn’t enough room to go under. His only option left was to go over.

He tried using his helmet to talk to the others to see how for behind the storm was but when he tried all he got was static. He looked up then, realizing he must be directly beneath the storm and the electro magnetic build up was what was blocking his radio signal. Turning back to the burning tree he started running again, but when he landed on the other side, his foot had landed on uneven ground and injured his ankle.

Pushing through and running on pure adrenaline at this point he continued running, vaguely noticing the sudden drop in temperature.

When he was close enough to see the castle he could also see his fellow Paladins at the entrance. His attempt to call out to them was lost with the wind and rain still pouring down. He continued on, slightly limping now, until they finally noticed him and they rushed to meet him. Hunk rushed to support right side while Shiro went to his left. Keith came straight up to him and grabbed his face in his hands. “Lance are you okay?” He shouted over the storm. Lance just nodded his head and they all rushed to the entrance of the castle.

Once they were safely inside the brought Lance to the common room and placed him on the couch. Hunk hurried into the kitchen to make some warm tea and Pidge ran off to get Lance some dry cloths and warm blankets. While Coran examined his ankle he explained that it would be unwise to use the pods while the storm was going and that he would just have to heal naturally. When Pidge returned with his clothes he was shaking too much to be able to dress himself so Keith and Shiro helped him into his new ones. Once the cold wet clothes were put away, they all crowded onto the couch surrounding Lance trying to help raise his body temperature.

It took a while but he was finally able to stop shaking and fell into a light sleep. He might not be on earth, but right now, huddling together with his fellow Paladins, he was home.

🌜💫 ✨ :: nighttime story time :: ✨ 💫 🌛

🔮 💔 pisces and sagittarius are the star crossed lovers, pisces has no control over her powers and has brought curses upon those she loves most. so she has isolated herself in a castle floating above the sea, she vows to never cause anymore pain. she has accidentally plagued her lover to live an eternal life, sagittarius must always keep moving otherwise death will catch up. and so sagittarius travels forever, sending love letters from all over the world to pisces. words of life and experience spur dreams of freedom and inner serenity for her, she lives through the letters, lives through sagittarius 

💀 🌟 scorpio is burdened to see ill fate. scorpio sees glimpses of the future, the ones that reveal blackness, fear and demise. the lightest touch with another exposes their time and place of death, and so scorpio is withdrawn and pulled into their world of angst and aloneness. aries is gifted with seeing glimpses of the future, the ones that are bright, warm and exhilarating. the lightest touch with another unfolds how they will be born in the next life and Who they will be. and so aries is drawn to the world, desiring to witness and discover what it means to live. one day they cross paths. aries is in a hurry, shoves into scorpio. Time freezes. scorpio sees the death of aries, only to take place in a few moments. oh, but aries grins. aries sees all the legacy scorpio’s soul is destined for, they will bring the world to greatness. the universe will reward scorpio for all the pain they’ve endured. and then scorpio smiles, it’s bittersweet. the universe will take aries back, they are too good, too pure for this world, aries has a rightful place among the stars. 

INTP; a history

I am the king of a ruinous castle.

I built the castle with my own two hands, clueless, but hopeful, placing brick upon brick, grimly satisfied and deeply shaken whenever walls tumbled and euphoric whenever they stood. I had no blueprint, no scaffold, no leading hand – I vibrated with insecurity, in a swallowed perpetual terror that a black swan might come along to break one of my wings with his.

I silenced my anxiety by stuffing it with pride, remembered all that I had built and all that was still standing. I became smug. Covetous. Sneered at all those who seemed to build no walls at all. They were fools; naked to the universe and unashamed, while I sucked on the piece of apple in my mouth like an addict. I needed to know. Needed to add floor after floor, wing after wing, my hands often bloody and my tongue often thirsty for blood.

I met some people who had built palaces themselves. I loved and hated and feared them. Some of them lavished praise on my castle, their words turning into mortar and fortifications before my eyes. Others seemed intent to bombard me; they loathed my very foundation, the land, the air I had built on and tore into me with their words.

But I did not falter. I defended my walls. I grieved the ones that had fallen, yet knew that it was for the better, re-purposed the bricks and built new structures from shambles. I was tireless, breathless, each breath a brick, haunted by black swans and the idea that my whole castle, my whole life, my whole work, could fall to pieces and my calloused hands would mark me no genius and no pioneer, but a fool.

With each night that passed and every morning that rose, I grew faster and faster when pacing my hallways and tracing my stones, panic electric in every step. I turned in circles, frantic, manic, perfectionistic, and when I had nowhere else to turn, I turned on the castle. I convinced myself that something so fragile and painful could never be true. I kicked the walls down all by myself, proclaimed it suffocating and rigid and artificial and cruel and wrong, hated how it had me confined, like a bird in a blood-gilded cage, forever tied to the walls like some dumb creature of no understanding.

I broke free and left. Just left. Like a child carelessly drops a flower once all its petals are torn and there is nothing left that’s entrancing, I let it all fall to the ground with a veil of detachment weaved into my eyes. Everything I had once considered my personal duty, the source of all of my pride and arrogance and self-worth, the very reason for my existence – I dropped it. I ran out of my castle towards something that was deliciously not-mine: the horizon.

All was subjective. All was irrelevant. All was in a state of perpetual flux. The very sky was my castle and I the black swan that defied it. I was one of the homeless now, empty and free. I tasted numb fingers and soft hands and soft hearts and soft brains. I let myself go, allowed myself to be swept away by the tides of existence - from one shore to two shore to ten shore. I never questioned. Never complained. Basked in the warmth of the sand and the light of the sun, accepted the bite of the wind and the wetness of rain.

But in time, I grew dissatisfied. Was this really the truth? A life without any attempt at understanding, at ordering, at classifying, at comparing, deducing, progressing, building, tinkering, experimenting, creating myself? A passive existence like that, forever just nodding and calling it life… somewhere inside my liquified brain, I nursed a rebellion against my acceptance. I was a king. I wanted to shape, to create, to lead and to conquer. I wasn’t made for swimming along with a smile on my lips. I was born to bleed from my hands and to love it.

I wanted blood. I wanted sweat. I wanted the sweet release of laurels, of success and of honour. I wanted my castle back. I would rebuild it better than ever. Slowly, sluggishly, incompetently, I turned around and heaved my amorphous body against the gust of the wind. I walked into the great unknown, first toes on soil, then wading back into black water and swimming against a towering tide, all in darkness. I had no idea where I was, who I was and how I would get anywhere, but I just kept at it, pushing, crawling, floating, step after step and breath after breath.

Slowly, very slowly, in a crawl of time in which day and night seemed as one, I pieced together a map of my world. I found oceans, jungles, deserts, snowy plains and lush forests, mountains, reefs and abysses. I realized that I knew many of these places. I had walked through them in my dreamlike stupor of blind detachment, stumbling ahead without ever stopping to think. This time, I rested. Hidden behind stone monuments, corners jutting out of the sand, stuck between the branches of fir trees, I found bricks – some of them were my old ones, carried far away from my castle by the wind, just like myself. Others were new. I’d found them and tossed them aside without any inspection.

Cross-legged, I traced every one of them. Some turned to steel in my hands, others crumbled to dust and returned to the earth. Hands bleeding once more, I carried them home to my castle. The more bricks I found scattered all over the world, the clearer I saw my castle in my mind. I knew where it was. And now, I also knew where it wasn’t.

Finally, there it was. My old castle on the horizon. It was reduced to ruins and rubble; only a few trusty walls were still standing up to the elements. Without clearing off the ivy and moss, without even stopping to dust off the floor, without looking around the lower chambers at all, I collapsed on my cracked throne and breathed. It was no longer one breath a brick, but a fortified brick every conscious breath. I have changed.

So, here I am, sitting in the dust of my own escape. Master of destruction, disciple of construction, the king of the ruinous castle, and weep.

I know that I will never be only a king again and never only a wanderer. I am something new.
I will wander the world to build my castle and my castle will follow my steps. I am no prisoned madman and no homeless fool. I am free. And I choose to build and re-build and re-build and forever re-build a home.

Let the black swans come. I dare them. Invite them.

If I perish with just one solid brick in my hand, all of it will have been worth it.

So after going through the entire Kingdom Hearts series, I’ve noticed something. King Mickey was not born royalty; he married into royalty by screwing around with the world order.

Mickey originally comes from Timeless River, the “Steamboat Willie”-themed world where he’s a deckhand with a reputation for being a lazy troublemaker. Nobody mentions any kind of existing royalty in that world, and certainly nobody treats Mickey like a prince, lazy or otherwise. We see early versions of Pete, Horace Horsecollar, Clara Cluck, etc. but do you notice someone missing?

Minnie. Minnie is not from Timeless River.

Minnie is princess of the Country of the Musketeers, the “Three Musketeers”-themed world from Dream Drop Distance. We see a younger Mickey here training to be a Musketeer on princess guard duty but we know he isn’t native because he tells Sora as much. He doesn’t understand when Sora calls him “Your Majesty”. If Mickey was a prince of any kind, that title wouldn’t be weird. It’s also clear that this world is not a version of Timeless River. (Though it does have a version of Pete, which may or may not be the same Pete from the rest of the series considering he has a peg leg in Country of the Musketeers. It’s kinda hard to grow back a leg. Then again, this is a series that runs on bloodless carnage and where people regularly come back from the dead, so who knows?)

Sometime later, in Yen Sid’s tower, we see an inexperienced Mickey as the sorcerer’s apprentice. Again, Sora instinctively starts with “Your Majesty” and Mickey is confused.

By the time Birth By Sleep rolls around, Mickey is still an apprentice to Yen Sid but he’s a king now. He and Minnie rule over Disney Town during the Million Dreams Festival, which is the newer incarnation of Timeless River. And is not at all a shameless plug for Disneyland or reference to the Disney parks’ Year of a Million Dreams, up to and including Ven being given actual goddamn park tickets.

(No I will not get over the blatant self-advertising.)

Disney Town goes on to become Disney Castle from KH1 on.

So basically, Mickey pulled Minnie out of her own world and back to his, where she reigned as queen and he married her and became king. So that means that all these regal-looking pictures of mice on the walls…

…are MINNIE’S ancestors, not Mickey’s. And also, since Disney Castle was not inherited but was built during their lifetime, those little 3-circle mouse heads everywhere?

Either it’s Mickey being phenomenally narcissistic, or more likely, they’re the royal seal of MINNIE’S family.

So the worlds have to stay separated and their existences have to stay secret, right, Mick?

Unless you find a hot girl. Then you can totally bring her back to yours.


“In an age in which the Hays Code restricted romantic activity, Astaire’s dancing signifies his sexual potency while Rogers’ ability to keep up with him during long, complicated sequences suggests that she is capable of satisfying his romantic desires and is a perfect match as his wife. Their films thus manage to be very romantic (if not sexy) without ever showing their two stars engaged in explicitly sexual activity.”– Excerpt from Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers: The Story of Hollywood’s most Famous Dancers, 2013. (Sending love to whomever made each of these gifs. They are all over the internet with no creator-credit. I salute you.)

Bad Luck

@afitz1996 requested a Voltron fic with the below prompt with a sick lance and some klance thrown in;

It’s Nothing - (character) insists they’re fine, right up until they collapse

Lance was breathing hard as he ran, of course he had to be the one that ran into a pack of wild yuppers. He honestly was having the worst luck of the entire team lately, he had been stung by a strange wasp like creature which resulted in his face swelling to the size of a melon for three quintants, he had fallen from Blue’s head when he was doing maintenance on her and sprained his ankle, when he had been electrocuted by the invisible maze when he had been training alone and hadn’t realised that Coran was doing upgrades to the system and had turned the program on unaware of Lance down below.  

And now he was being chased through a strange forest planet by a pack of yuppers that were even larger than Laika and had decided that he was going to be their next meal.  He was barely managing to stay ahead of them as he came across a cliff that was easily 100 feet high and had a waterfall crashing down into a lake below, he hesitated to jump and in that split tick the lead yupper latched onto his right leg and bit down.  Lance managed to activate his bayard and shoot the yupper, causing it to let him go, before he turned and leapt off the cliff face and plunging into water below.

Once he resurfaced, he swum to the opposite bank to ensure that the pack couldn’t follow him but realised that he was now even further away from where had left Blue and his leg was starting to ache.  Lance winced as he bound the bite on his leg, using a strip of his under layer as a makeshift bandage.  He knew he needed to get back to the others before they started worrying and that was the last thing he needed, especially if Keith realised that Lance was hurt again. Honestly that mullet brained boy was the worst kind of worrier, every time that Lance had been hurt lately Keith would hover over him, constantly checking to see how he was going and if he needed a healing pod or some more blankets.

Lance sighed as he pulled up the map of the planet he and his team were currently on, they had come down to explore the unchartered area, the land was covered in large trees and Pidge suggested it could make a good base for the Voltron Alliance.  He studied the area around him and plotted a course that would take him back to Blue but giving the area that he had found the pack in a wide berth, he wasn’t too keen for a round two.

As he started hiking back up the hillside his leg complained, the bite was a deep one and was still bleeding but Lance didn’t have any other option than to continue moving forward, he had no first aid kit or portable healing device, he should chat to Pidge about making one for instances like this, and the only way he was going to get better was by getting back to the Castle.

It had been another varga of walking before his coms crackled to life, “Lance, come in.  What is your eta?”

“Hey Shiro,” he replied privately pleased that it wasn’t Keith who would be able to pick up on the slight hint of pain in his voice, “I had to take a detour back to Blue so I might be another varga or two before I can get back to you all.  How did you go?”

“None of us found any evidence of hostile life or anything that could prove a danger to us or a base. What about you?” Shiro asked.

“Well I did find a pack of wild yuppers.  If we stay far away from where their territory seems to be then we shouldn’t have a problem, the nasty little biters,” he whispered the past part not wanting to raise Shiro’s suspicions.

“Fair enough.  Did you want one of us to come pick you up and take you back to Blue?”

“Nah, the walk will do me some good,” he replied with a laugh.  He could just imagine Shiro’s look of disbelief, while Lance would proactively train and work out, taking walks through nature wasn’t his thing, unless it was a beach or other aquatic area.

“Sure,” he said dryly, “Well don’t take too long, Allura wants to have a team meeting soon about where we are going to set up and all those fun topics.”

Lance chucked, as much as Shiro had a crush on Allura and therefore spent as much time with the Princess as possible, he hated long talks especially on boring subjects.  “Copy that Shiro, I’ll be as quick as I can.”

After he had signed off with Shiro, Lance tried to pick up the pace, the sooner he got back to Blue, the sooner he could take his weight off his leg, the pain was starting to become worse and the longer it went untreated the better chances of infection were.

Another varga passed with no communication from his team but Lance was ok with the silence for once, it gave him the ability to focus on putting one foot in front of another, which was now starting to become a problem.  His vision was starting to blur and he could feel his body heating up, the planet temperature was warm but not warm enough to be causing him to heat up like he was.  

‘Dammit,’ he thought, ‘the bite must be worse than I thought.’

He considered radioing in for help but at that moment he caught a glimpse of blue from in between the trees and realised he had found Blue, he just needed to get into the cockpit and she could take it from there.  He used the last of his energy to hobble over to where she sat in all her magnificence, when he got close enough she dropped her force field and lowered her head so that he could slowly climb into her mouth.

Really?  Another injury?

Lance grimaced as Blue’s voice echoed in his head, “Sure make fun of the injured paladin, what kind of partner are you?”

Once that is starting to wonder if I need to get your mate to be by your side every tick of the quintant so that you don’t get into these situations.

“It’s not like I go looking to get hurt, it just happens!”  Lance made his way to the pilot’s seat and collapsed.  “Can you fly us back to castle?  I don’t think I have the energy to do it by myself.”

Of course I can.  Just relax, I will have you back to the others in no time.

30 dobash’s later Blue glided into her hanger, landing softly as to not disturb her paladin who had fallen asleep on the flight back.

Time to wake little one, we are back.

Lance groaned as he cracked his eyes open, “When did it get so bright in here?”

It isn’t bright little one, there is no difference from when we left. Are you feeling ok?

“I’ll be fine, just need to head to the med bay and clean this bite up and I’ll be right as rain.”

If you are sure then.

Lance could tell that she didn’t truly believe him, but what could she do?  She was a large metal lion, she didn’t have the ability to dress his wounds or escort him through the castle.  He took a deep breath and pushed himself up and had to hold back a whimper of pain, his leg was now burning with a fire that he hadn’t noticed while he was sitting.

“Better get moving then,” he said to himself as he staggered out of Blue’s mouth.  

He called out to his team mates through the coms, “Hey guys, Blue and I are back.  I’m just going to get cleaned up from my nature walk.  Where should I meet you all?”

“Welcome back buddy,” Hunk replied, “We are all on the bridge so just pop in here when you are ready.”

“Thanks man, I shouldn’t be more than a few dobash’s.”

After taking off his helmet, he removed the top layer of armour and placed it on the stand next to Blue, he would need to get a new undersuit after tearing his earlier so it wouldn’t matter if he wandered through the castle in just that.  He shuffled his way through the castle until he could see the doors to the med bay only a few meters away, when his head started to feel dizzy, his vision swam, Lance suddenly felt like the entire world was shifting and the last thing he saw was the floor rushing up to meet him.

“Ok, seriously, I know they guy likes to be clean and all that, but it has been over 20 dobash’s since he was supposed to be here,” Pidge grumbled from where she sat on her chair on the bridge.

“I’ll go see that he hasn’t fallen asleep, he’s probably just tired like the rest of us,” Keith said as he pushed himself off the wall where he had been leaning and walked towards Lance’s quarters.  

Keith decided that he wasn’t going to rush, if Lance was sleeping he wanted to give him as much time as possible to catch up on his rest, the guy seriously needed a good night’s rest.  He turned a corner as he passed the med bay and spotted a black lump on the ground a few meters down the hall and as he got closer he realised that it was Lance!

“Lance?” he hurried over and dropped to his knees, rolling the unconscious boy onto his back.  “Lance can you hear me?”

Lance groaned but didn’t open his eyes, his breathing was laboured and he was covered in sweat.  Keith’s eyes raked over him trying to work out what had happened when he spotted the material tied around Lance’s leg and the blood that had covered the skin that was poking out from underneath his suit.

“Dammit Lance!” he said before picking the boy up in his arms and carrying him into the med bay. Once he had placed him on a table, he dashed over to the communication system and hit the button, “Guys, I need help in the med bay.  Lance is hurt and won’t wake up.”

He didn’t wait for a reply before he ran over to the first aid station and pulled the trolley behind him as he returned to Lance.  He used the scissors to cut away the suit from the leg and as he revealed more skin he saw that the wound was a bite mark of some kind.  The skin around it was red and inflamed, it was infected and leaking blood and puss from the puncture marks.

As he used the first aid kit to clean the wound the best he could, the doors to the med bay opened and the rest of the team ran in with worried looks.  “What happened to him?” Allura asked as she and Coran made it to the table first.

“Something bit him and his leg is infected,” Keith replied looking up from his work.

“Yuppers,” Shiro said, “Lance said that he ran into a pack of wild yuppers but he never mentioned being bitten.”

“Some species of yuppers are known to have a poison in their bites to help bring down their prey,” Coran said, “It’s probably best if we give him a shot of antiyupper just to be safe.”

“Antiyupper?” Pidge asked, “Is that like antivenin?”

“I don’t know what antivenin is but antiyupper counteracts the poison from a yupper bite,” Coran explained as he produced a syringe from a cupboard and injected its contents into Lance’s leg.  

“We should give him a few dobash’s before putting him in a pod,” Allura said as she wiped Lance’s head with a cool cloth, “The antiyupper will take care of the poison and the pod will take care of the rest.”

Lance felt the familiar feeling of cool air and his ear’s popping, ‘I must be coming out of a healing pod’ he thought as he fell forwards into a pair of waiting arms.

“Welcome back Lance.”

“Hey Keith, miss me?” he said with a cheeky smirk.

“Why didn’t you tell me you had been bitten?” Keith asked sternly.

“Cause I didn’t want you to worry.  I didn’t think it was that bad and I thought I could just clean the wound and let it heal on its own.”

“Well obviously you were wrong.  Next time, just tell me if you are hurt ok?”

Lance smiled he would only get one chance to use this line so he better make the most of it, “Yup.”

diana wynne jones moments that Fuckign Kill Me:
- the scene in howl’s moving castle where howl shows up in total disarray and sophie’s like “he must really love ms. angorian :(” and NO SOPHIE. HE REALLY LOVES YOU.
- the bit in charmed life where janet is the FIRST PERSON EVER to even NOTICE how fucked-up cat’s demeanor is and she probably KNOWS it’s all gwendolen’s fault and just want to protect this smol child that nobody has ever really cared for since his parents died
- the fact that cat, extremely powerful nine-lived enchanter, uses his Super Powerful Enchanter Magic to. get the horse chestnuts to ripen. what a wonderful darling.
- nan and estelle. BEING FRIENDS. also “oh goody! i’m a witch!” estelle my wonderful child
- fuckign calcifer.
- sophie realizing how she’s fucking gorgeous actually
- michael and martha. being. fucking adorable.
- cat getting to STAND UP FOR HIMSELF and say “actually no you had no right to keep vital information about me and make me feel like GRABBING SOME DRAGON BLOOD AND HOPPING OVER INTO TH E NEXT WORLD was the only option I had left” . also taking his magic back from gwendolen holy hell.
- characters showing love and agency and thought and using incredible incredible magic and ! Fuck! This woman was a genius and will live in my heart forever!!

Lord of Thorns (Chapter One)(Spideypool AU)

Welcome to the story! I am so excited to share this with you!
This first Chapter is LONG AS HELL. We get to meet all the characters, background info etc. Beast!Wade, Beauty!Peter, Gaston!Harry.
Fair warning guys, Harry is… icky. I had never realized just how awful of a person Gaston is with his borderline sexual assault on Belle until I watched the new movie and I couldn’t get it out of my head. So yeah, Harry as Gaston is icky.
Characters are Ryan Reynolds as Wade, Andrew Garfield as Peter, James Franco as Harry, and Sally Field as Aunt May.

I tagged everyone who liked/reblogged my preview post, so if you would like to taken off/ added to the tag list please let me know!


I hope you all enjoy this :) Please reach out to me and let me know, I love to hear from my readers.

Every significant moment in your life is inked on your skin in the form of flowers. A first kiss, a perfect day, a favorite memory, a wedding, the birth of a child, and of course, the death of a loved one.

The flowers first appear on your ribs, traveling up your side and across your chest, spreading to your neck and down across your back and if you are lucky, enough bloom to cover your arms and legs. By the time you are old, your skin is covered in lovely flowers and leaves and trailing vines, like tattoos that tell your life story, and the more intricate the blooms, the luckier you are.

Some people have flowers with specific meanings– blooms that signify compassion and care decorate teachers. The best lovers are covered in red flowers for passion and love. Others simply are covered in every flower imaginable, the random colors and designs filling their skin like a meadow filled with happy memories.

Both way are beautiful. Both ways are desired.

But then, some people have thorns winding through their flowers, black slashing through the colors.  These are the people to avoid, the worst people, the people whose souls are so stained with their misdeeds, that it spills out onto their skin for the world to see.
These are the people doomed to be alone.


Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shining castle, deep in the heart of an endless forest.

He was beautiful, this prince, tall and strong with golden blonde hair, light blue eyes that glowed when he laughed, and perfect smooth skin nearly covered with flowers and blooms because the prince had had many happy moments in his twenty nine years.

But alas, despite his beauty, his heart was cold and his smile cruel, his words like barbs when he spoke.

Some of the townspeople blamed the late King, rest his soul, for turning the Prince so bitter. After the lovely queen had passed away shortly after the Prince’s seventh birthday, there had been no one to act as a buffer between the cruel King and the innocent boy, and the Prince had suffered for it. The King lived a life of drinking and partying, using and discarding any beautiful person that caught his eye, man or woman, and the Prince grew up with the same values. What had once been a teasing sense of humour turned sarcastic and cutting. Instead of laughing readily at almost anything, the Prince began only laughing at someone elses misfortune. The years turned the darling little boy into a cynical young man.

Others blamed the war that had nearly destroyed their kingdom years before. The Prince had ridden off ahead of their troops as a boy barely of age and had come home a hardened man. The soldiers told quiet stories of the Princes surprising talent of fighting with the twin blades known as katanas, how he could decimate an entire platoon just by himself. Spoke even quieter of his many romantic entanglements with the best looking soldiers, of nights spent listening to him find his pleasure, only to see him break the unlucky soldiers heart soon after. And just the barest whispers of the way the Prince would laugh as he tore through their enemies, blades flying, taunting and teasing non stop as he killed mercilessly. The way he talked about slaying soldiers as if it was a game, drunk and giggling about it over the fire.

Despite their negative feelings, all the townspeople waited eagerly for their invitation to the Prince’s 30th Birthday Party, for tonight he was to choose a partner to share the throne. The most handsome men and the most beautiful women made themselves up in their finery, each trying to outshine the other. Unlike most of the other kingdoms, having two Kings, or even two Queens, was not an issue. Several of the previous rulers had been adopted into the family because the ruling partners could not have a child naturally. Others had been carried by surrogates, and raised as royalty, the idea of “pure” royal blood an outdated concept they refused to engage in.

After all, families were about love, not about bloodlines, so the Prince could choose whoever he wanted.

Needless to say, the kingdom was almost in an uproar, each eligible person trying to figure out what they could do to catch the Prince’s eye.

As always, the castle was decorated in astonishing, jaw dropping colors, flowers imported from all over the world strewn across the tables and floors. Entertainers from the East wowed the guests with magic, and musicians from all the grandest symphonies played in every corner of the ball room.

And the Prince sat upon his throne, a self satisfied smirk on his handsome face as all the most beautiful people paraded themselves in front of him, each dress more intricate than the last, each suit a richer shade of varying colors, each glance more flirtatious, each smile more promising.

He was still so charming, even after going away to war, after becoming so bitter. When he wanted to pay a compliment, his words left the recipient blushing, fanning themselves. Older women who disapproved of his ways were swayed to his side by mischievous smiles and flirty winks. His eyes were like a magnet, and once he had you in his sights, you were already lost, and he knew it. His beauty was like a weapon, and he wielded it effortlessly.  

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Jonerys Appreciation Week - Day 7, Free Choice

New Westeros - A Jonerys Space Odyssey

The year is 2517 and the world is plunged in chaos and turmoil as Prime Minister Elect of the Realm, Cersei Lannister has unleashed a biological weapon into the atmosphere in a grand scheme to gain control of the Iron Throne. 

Scientists are calling it Wildfire and it is deadly and spreading just as fast as its moniker implies. Suddenly, the dead are not staying dead and are rising up to fight with and devour the living.  

Danaerys Targaryen, world renowned genetic anthropologist, is on a dig in Dothrak, India and has just found three fossilized, perfectly preserved dragon eggs.  The end of the world could not come at a more inconvenient time as it is her life’s work that has come to fruition when she finds the eggs that her assistant, Doreah says is part of the prophecy that makes Dany the Mother of Dragons come to save the world.  

With her eggs in tow and a plan to clone them into living, breathing dragons, Dany boards a space-liner bound for New Westeros, a terraformed planet far beyond Orion’s Belt and goes into cryopreservation.  When she awakes, everything has changed.  The dead now roam the earth at will and Cersei sits high in the Red Keep, her castle impregnable by man, beast or missile.  Many had tried to take her down and failed.  She literally rules over all of the Realm though not many had survived her madness and wrath and the destruction brought forth by her undead army. 

Jon Snow is doing fine living his life of solitude at Winterfell, his wildlife conservancy range for the Direwolf population that he has singlehandedly brought out of extinction and above endangered status.  He is the Father of Wolves and in Westeros is revered and loved by all who know him. 

But, Jon hasn’t had it easy either. When he was only 15 years old, his father Eddard died of a heart attack.  Soon after, his stepmother sent him to Castle Black in New Westeros, a school for wayward boys and grew up hard and fast in a place where friendships were hard won, but lasted a lifetime.  From there he had gone on to be a world class veterinarian and was known all over the galaxy for his work with his wolves.  He is a busy man with a lot on his plate and with word of his family going into hiding back home in the wake of the Wildfire virus, he doesn’t have time to help some snooty anthropologist with a God complex. He is a wolf conservator; he knows nothing about dragons and thinks it’s all a farce anyway. 

Until the unthinkable happens and suddenly, it’s apparent that all the prophecies are true.  Now, it’s up to Dany and Jon to return to Earth and save them all from ruin; from the dead; and from Cersei Lannister.  

Can they return to Westeros to save them all before it’s too late?  Most of all, will Dany and Jon stop fighting the growing attraction they have for one another and give in to love?  With time of the essence, they are racing against the clock to save themselves and humankind and if they dare, stay and rule a new world….A New Westeros.  

Full length fic coming soon   



  • Quidditch and liquorice wand kisses by Bellakitse ★
    Summary: hogwarts!au; The first time Isak Valtersen meets Even Bech Næsheim the seven-year Ravenclaw chaser, it’s because the boy saves him from a bludger to the face.

  • Sunday 28-11-16 by Treehouse
    Summary: A continuation of the cuddly weekend Even spends at Isak’s place.

  • Made of Candy by Stria (Asia117)
    Summary: For Isak, it started with colours. (Or, Isak dyes his hair. Pink suits him.)


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The way Mr.L phrases this makes it sound like a world destroyed by the Void isn’t just erased without a trace; it sounds like the world and all it’s history is undone in the sense that it never existed to begin with. I’m talking WD Gaster from Undertale kind of erasing where he just strait up doesn’t exist and…that doesn’t bode well with me. What happens to a person if they’re in Castle Bleck and they fall into the fucking Void? Would they be erased from memory?
It’s past midnight over here so please bear with me.

Eunuch: Namjoon (Royalty Series Part 3 of 7) [M]

Originally posted by sosjimin


Warnings: SUPER long read (2.9k+ words). Eunuch Namjoon. Angsty as hell. Treacherous as hell. Long back story. Adultery (cheating) and foul language. Mentions of death/murder? Lies on top of lies on top of lies. Oh and smut! It doesn’t end after the smut, though.. Read it! I hope you enjoy!

EUNUCH: Namjoon

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anonymous asked:

some ideas: -cuddle puddle turned tickle fight -grilling dinner and catching fireflies in the summer -watching a meteor show together and talking about life (or aliens) -marathoning a long movie series like lotr or star wars and watching as one by one people nod off -just all quietly existing in the same room -someone walks in on a disaster in the kitchen and a very upsetti side, they salvage the baked goods and watch a movie together -on Act off between the sides, who can act a better scene

me to me: Oliver don’t combine most of this into one story you’re gonna overwhelm yourself
me: lol okay
also me: *does it anyway*

also warning for Star Wars spoilers my dudes (listen idk if this is necessary but just in case: all of the Duel on Mustafar dialogue belongs to LucasFilm not me)



Fireflies & Space Things


“Patton, noooooo! Someone save me! Ahhhh!”

Virgil tried to escape Patton’s tickles by switching over to Logan’s lap, but Roman wrapped his arms around his waist holding him in place.

“You guys are the worst!!”

“You love us!”

“That’s a funny way of saying hate. AH OKAY I’M SORRY STOP IT.”

Patton giggled, and finally relinquished his torture. Virgil let his bangs fall over his face as he glared, and pouted at Patton. This proved ineffective as Patton just started squealing about how adorable his ‘child’ is. Virgil groaned, and laid back against Logan who looked down at him with a confused expression.

“Did you really think I was going to save you from that?”

Virgil glared up at the logical side.

“Why wouldn’t you?”

Logan chuckled, and gave Virgil an “Are you serious right now?” sort of look.

“Patton is relentless. There’s no way I would even be able to try to help you. It simply wouldn’t be worth it.”

“Woooowwww. Thanks, teach.”

“I’m only stating facts, Virgil.”

“Your mom is stating facts.”

“You’re insufferable.”

“Your mom’s insufferable.”


“Okay! Knock it off you two. I’m gonna go start dinner. Why don’t you three go do something together?”

Virgil looked at Patton with a confused expression.

“Do something without you? I don’t know, Patt. I don’t like excluding any of you guys. Being excluded doesn’t feel.. good. I would know.”

Roman exchanged a guilty look with Patton who quickly turned back to Virgil with a grin.

“It’s okay, kiddo! I really don’t mind. You’re not excluding me. Really, don’t worry about it! This was my idea! Please don’t feel-”

“Breathe, Patton. I believe he gets it.”

Patton looked at Logan with an unsure expression. Logan offered him a reassuring smile to which Patton returned a thankful one.

“Okay, well. I’ll leave you three to it then!”

Patton untangled himself from their disorganized cuddle pile, and headed into the kitchen.

“What was all that about?”

“Nothing, Virgil. Just Patton being extra polite like usual.”

“Yes, no worries! Now come with me you two! I have some ideas.”

“That’s never a good thing.”

Roman scoffed, and stood up to glare down at the youngest trait.

“My ideas are always creative, and amazing!”

“Whatever, just tell us.”

Instead of explaining his idea Roman lifted Logan & Virgil up off the couch, held onto their hands, and sunk down to his room.

“Hanging out in your room? Yeah, real creative idea.”

“Ugh, no! Would you just be patient?”

“Haven’t we gone over this? I’m anything, but patient, Princey.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Just shush.”

Roman walked over to a seemingly normal wall of his room then looked at the other two sides, and smirked.

“What are you smirking about? That is just a wall, Roman.”

“Oh is it now, Logan?”

Roman snapped, and suddenly his wall was no longer a wall, but a beautiful golden door.

Logan looked upset that he was wrong about something, and Virgil looked bewildered.

“I stand corrected.”

“So, uh, that your dream world?”

Roman’s smirk widened to a grin as he nodded. He then opened the door to reveal an annoyingly bright white light. Virgil immediately covered his eyes with his arms, and groaned.

“Oops. Sorry, Verge.”

“Whatever. Let’s just go.”

“Wait a minute. This is your dream world. Why are you taking me? This makes no sense.”

Roman groaned, and pulled Logan over to the door by his necktie.

“Quit being boring, and just spend time with us, nerd.”

“Fine, but if I see one illogical thing I’m going to explain why it doesn’t make sense for as long as I please.”

Roman rolled his eyes, but smiled despite himself as he pushed Logan into the door.

“Uh, Roman? Can you.. uh.. lead me in? I’m not taking my arms off my face.”

Roman looked over to Virgil to see that he was in fact still covering his face. Roman chuckled, and gently grabbed onto Virgil’s hoodie then started walking them into the dream world.

They met Logan in the wide, open field that was in the middle of Roman’s forest. Fireflies illuminated daises that scattered the bright green floor, and stars littered the dark night sky. A castle that stood tall over the trees could be seen in the distance.

“Whoa.” was all Virgil could say as he finally let his arms fall away from his face.

“This is rather impressive looking, Roman. It’s like a painting come to life.” Logan said.

Roman couldn’t help the self satisfied smirk that graced his lips.

“Oh, I know. It’s practically perfect in every way.”

Virgil snorted, and sat on the grass.

“Okay, chill out, Mary Poppins. It’s not that great.”

Roman chuckled, and sat next to Virgil. He then looked up at Logan who was looking rather uncertain.

“Come on, Logan. Just enjoy the moment.”

Logan still looked somewhat hesitant, but sat with them anyway.

“So, what do we do now?”

“We could watch the meteor shower.”

“What meteor-”

Roman waved his hand, and suddenly there were meteors dashing across the sky.

“Oh. That meteor shower. Well, now this is just ridiculous. You can’t just conjure up a meteor shower. This is scientifically impossible. Meteors are-”

Roman groaned, and pulled Logan down to a laying position with him.

“It’s a fantasy world I created, Logan. Don’t question it. Enjoy it.”

Logan sighed, and silently conceded. Virgil snickered at their dumb bickering, and decided to stay in his sitting position. As he watched the meteor shower a thought popped into his head.

“So, aliens exist right?”

Not expecting that at all, Roman bursted into laughter, and gave Virgil a bewildered look. Logan adjusted his glasses; a sure sign he was about to provide some exposition.

“I believe we have discussed this already, Virgil, but I do not mind reminding you. Yes, there is a high chance they exist in some form. Our universe is ever expanding. It’s ridiculous to think we are the only intelligent life form.”

Roman simply blinked at the logical side then turned to see Virgil’s intrigued expression.

“But like… what if they don’t.”


Logan pinched the bridge of his nose sighing exasperatedly. Roman chuckled, and decided to stop this while he still could.

“Okay, okay. No nerdy debates you two.”

Then suddenly, before either of the two could respond, Roman was staring at Virgil’s hair in wonder. Virgil returned his gaze with an inquisitive glare.

“Dude, what???”

“Virgil, you have fireflies in your hair. I think they like you.”

Virgil looked up at his hair to see a soft green glow emanating from it.

“Ya know, I’m strangely okay with this.”

Roman chuckled, and took one of the fireflies out of Virgil’s hair then placed it in Logan’s hand. He then grabbed another one, and held it in his own.

Logan stared down at the small glowing insect in his hand.

“I never understood the appeal of catching fireflies. They are interesting to observe I will not deny that, but why disrupt their flight? I imagine they aren’t quite fond of being grabbed.”

Roman scoffed, and held his hand out. Not even a moment later five different fireflies landed on his hand, and rested there.

“Look, Lo. They love interacting with people.”

Logan looked at Roman’s hand then at Roman himself with confusion.

“That doesn’t prove anything. You created these fireflies. I reckon you made them to be this way.”

Roman groaned, and laid back down.

“I studied fireflies for days before I created them. Trust me. These are like the real deal, Lo.”

Logan hummed in response, and continued to observe the firefly that was still in his hand.

Meanwhile Virgil was now standing, and trying to catch more. The song Fireflies by Owl City was playing on his phone. Roman and Logan smiled as they watched him. Something about seeing their youngest side relax, if even for a moment, was rather comforting. Of course moments like this, as much as we liked them to, can’t last forever.

“How long have we been here? We should go see if Patton is done with dinner.”

“Only about twenty minutes I believe. Still, I agree we should go check. Verge? You coming?”

Virgil released the fireflies he had in his hands, and walked back over to them as they stood up. Roman chuckled, and took the one firefly that stayed in Virgil’s hair out. Virgil smirked as he watched the little bug land on his nose then fly away.

“Fireflies are weird, and I love them.”

Both Roman and Logan laughed while rolling their eyes. Virgil smirked back at them then pulled out his phone to turn the song off. Once it was off he pocketed his phone again, and looked at the two elder sides.

“Being out here under the stars gave me an idea.”

Before he continued he fully turned his gaze to Logan.

“Star Wars marathon?”

Logan smirked, and nodded.

“Star Wars marathon.”

Roman groaned, and started leading them out of the dream world.

“You two are such nerds.”

“Your mom’s a nerd.”

Once they returned to Roman’s room Virgil almost collapsed. Luckily Logan & Roman caught him before he fell.

“Geez, Verge. Are you okay?”

“Y-Yeah. It was just really hot in there, and I haven’t eaten today..”

Logan rolled his eyes.

“You should have taken your jacket off.”

“Nooooo. I can’t live without my hoooddiiieee. Especially my new onnneeee. It’s sooooo pretty, and purpley.”

“….You also seem quite delirious. Did you sleep last night?”


Logan sighed, and shook his head at the younger side.

“Come on. You need to eat, and drink some water. And also go to sleep as soon as possible.”

Logan nodded at Roman, and the three of them sunk down together as they held onto Virgil tightly. Once they popped up in the common room Virgil almost lost his balance again. Patton, who could see them from the kitchen, rushed over.

“Virgil? Are you okay, kiddo?”

“He was overheated. He also hasn’t eaten, or slept. Have you made dinner?”

Patton nodded at Logan then ran into the kitchen to get the food, and drinks.

Logan sat Virgil down at the table, and sat next to him. Virgil rested his head on the table as Roman sat across from him. Soon Patton came back out, and the four talked as they ate.

Once they were done, and all the plates were put in the sink, Virgil went over to the tv. He started looking for their Star Wars collection.

“Logan, and I wanna have a Star Wars marathon. You’re welcome to join us if you think you can handle it.”

Roman could practically hear the smirk in Virgil’s voice, and scoffed.

“I’ve handled things far more challenging. Bring it on, emo nerd.”

Virgil snorted as he placed the first movie in the dvd player.

“Emo nerd. Well, that’s… a new one.”

“I’m gonna make hot chocolate, and popcorn!”

Virgil smiled as he watched Patton run back into the kitchen. He then sat on the couch next to Logan. Roman walked over, and sat on the other side of Virgil. A few minutes later Patton came back out with the treats, and sat on the other side of Logan.

“Okay! We’re ready for the Star Trek marathon!”

Virgil snorted while Logan just rolled his eyes.

“Star Wars, dad. Not Star Trek. There’s a big difference.”

Patton gave Virgil a sheepish grin, and shrugged.

“Right. I knew that!”

Virgil shook his head, and pressed play on the remote.

Hours, and hours later they made it to Revenge of the Sith. Virgil was dozing off, but a sudden idea jolted him awake.

“Hey, Roman. I bet I could do Anakin’s lines in this scene better than you.”

Roman scoffed, and paused the movie.

“You dare challenge the one who embodies Thomas’ passion for acting to an act off? Oh, you are so going to lose, Mr. Vader.”

Virgil, instead of responding to the challenge, blinked at Roman.

“Mr. Vader?”

“Ya know… That.. evil guy.”

“You mean Darth Vader? Aka Anakin Skywalker?”

Roman scratched the back of his neck sheepishly, and shrugged.

“Yeah, him. Whatever. Let the battle begin! Virgil, be my Obi Wan or whatever!”

Virgil chuckled, and shrugged. Roman stood up, and moved the coffee table out of the way. Patton squealed with excitement as he grabbed the popcorn. Logan just shook his head, and smirked as he watched with interest.

Roman cleared his throat, and started reciting the lines from the Duel on Mustafar scene with as much emotion as he could muster.

“You will not take her from me.”

Virgil smirked, and tried to get into character.

“Your anger, and your lust for power have already done that. You have allowed this Dark Lord to twist your mind until now.. Until now you have become the very thing you swore to destroy.”

“Don’t lecture me, Obi Wan. I see through the lies of the Jedi. I do not fear the dark side as you do. I have brought peace, justice, freedom, and security to my new Empire.”

“Your new Empire?!”

“Don’t make me kill you.”

“Anakin, my allegiance is to the Republic.. to democracy!”

“If you’re not with me… then you are my enemy.”

“Only a Sith deals in absolutes.. I will do what I must.”

Virgil then conjured a light saber replica.

“You will try.”

Roman did the same, and tackled Virgil.

Everyone immediately broke out into hysterical laughter, even Logan.

“Okay, my turn.”

“Wait, let’s do one more part of the dialogue with me as Anakin!”

Virgil smirked evilly at Roman.

“You telling me you enjoy being the villain?”

Roman glared at Virgil, and crossed his arms.


Virgil chuckled, and shrugged.

“Okay, fine. I’ll start us off.”

Virgil stepped away from Roman still holding his light saber, and cleared his throat.

“I have failed you, Anakin. I have failed you.”

“I should have known the Jedi were plotting to take over.”

“Anakin, Chancellor Palpatine is evil!”

“From my point of view the Jedi are evil!”

“Well, then you are lost!”

They stared each other down desperately trying to stay in character.

“This is the end for you, my master.”

They then hit each other’s light sabers, and “battled.” It ended with Roman jumping onto the coffee table, and Virgil jumping onto the chair.

“It’s over, Anakin! I have the high ground.”

“You underestimate my power!”

“Don’t try it!”

Roman lunged forward, and Virgil pretended to hit his legs. Roman “fell” onto the floor. Virgil stepped back, careful not to fall off the table, and pretended to put away his light saber.

“You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the Sith not join them! Bring balance to the force not leave it in darkness!”

“I hate you!”

“You were my brother, Anakin! I loved you!”

Roman ended the scene by pretending to scream in agony. Virgil couldn’t help, but break character, and laugh. Roman, and the others soon joined them in his laughter. Once they calmed down Logan spoke up.

“Well, that was rather impressive. Roman surprisingly makes a good villain. Virgil you also portrayed Obi Wan quite well. However, I am interested to see you perform Anakin’s lines.”

Virgil smirked, and switched places with Roman. For the next half hour Virgil & Roman replayed the same scene with the roles switched. They were exhausted by the end of it so they plopped back down into their spots on the couch.

“So, who was the better Anakin?”

Logan & Patton exchanged a look, and nodded.

“Well, I believe Virgil’s portrayal of Anakin was much more accurate than Roman’s. However, Roman’s Obi Wan was impressive.”

“Yeah I agree with that! Good job, kiddos!”

Virgil & Roman smiled at the elder traits then at each other, and shook hands.

“It was a pleasure to act out that scene with you, Mr. Skywalker.”

“Yeah, ditto, Mr. Kenobi.”

Roman rolled his eyes, but smiled then looked at the other two.

“So should we continue watching?”

Logan chuckled, and adjusted his glasses.

“I feel like we did just continue watching, but I suppose resuming the actual movie wouldn’t hurt. Go ahead.”

Virgil shrugged, and pressed play on the remote then leaned back against the couch.

Once the credits started rolling everyone, but Patton, was asleep. Patton smiled, and squealed quietly to himself as he noticed Virgil was leaning against Logan, and Roman was leaning against Virgil. It was an adorable sight. He quickly got up to put the movies, and dishes away.

Once they were he grabbed a blanket big enough for all of them, and leaned against Roman as he too drifted off to sleep happily surrounded by his family.


hi this is a long ass mess of a fic like idek what it is but i hope it’s good? also im such a star wars nerd you have no idea how fun that scene was for me to write. and now im imagining Thomas performing this scene with someone else (Terrence or Joan maybe?) ooooh boy i gotta get outta here before i completely nerd out

fire & blood

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Length: 1458

Summary: You are a guardian angel, the one and only Angel of light. After an incident, your previous charge is stripped away from you and as punishment your assigned to look after the dangerously handsome Chanyeol. A vampire, that manages to ruffle your perfect feathers.


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Down the Rabbit Hole (pt. 14)


“No,” Host shakes his head and rushes forward. Wilford is frozen in place, staring in horror. “No!” Host says louder so that the walls of the castle shake with the force of it. Then all noise ceases. Silence descends like a heavy curtain, rippling and shining in the light cascading through holes in the ceiling.

Host’s mouth moves, but no words seem to come out as gravity releases its hold on everyone and everything in the room. Dark’s face contorts in a silent scream of pain, and he writhes to the left and right. A golden thread extends from the Host’s clasped hands and reaches slowly for Bim, wrapping around him, arms and legs and torso and head until he’s shining with it.

The wound in his chest is knit together again, and after another silent moment, a breath catches in his lungs. His eyes blink open, brown and crying. Host makes a strangled noise, and the spell shatters, dropping them all to the floor. Bim continues gasping for breath, and the Host sags to the floor, his once golden streak turned silver.

Dark staggers to his feet. “I won’t… I won’t be beaten! This is my kingdom!” He snatches up his sword and brandishes it, ready to take them all on himself, but suddenly from behind him there comes a thunderous noise and the shaking of the earth as a giant dog bounds in.

Choco’s teeth catch the end of Dark’s cape, picking him up and tossing him into the air above her head, mouth open wide. He’s gone in a single bite, eaten whole. Amy sways on her feet as Choco licks her chops and wags her tail happily. “Was I a good girl?”

Amy laughs and nods. “Yeah, good girl, Choco.”


Host wakes up a few days later on a couch under the light of a setting sun. His friends are gathered around, and Bim is the first to greet him. “Welcome back to the world of living, buddy.”

Host grabs him by the back of his neck. “You blithering idiot, I ought to kill you again myself.” He pulls him into a tight hug, and Bim laughs a little.

“Thank you, Host.” He rubs the other man’s back until they break apart, and Wilford goes in for a hug.

“You scared me to death! Thought we’d lost you instead of that useless excuse for a teleporter,” Wilford ruffles Host’s hair as he says it and grips him a little tighter than Host thinks is entirely necessary, but he doesn’t blame Will. They’ve been through a lot.

Amy is there, too, hanging back with Choco who is helping herself to a tray of scones. “Hi, Host.” He reaches towards her, and Amy sits down beside him on the little couch they brought out for him. “The forest is bright again, no scary shadows,” she tells him softly. “You ought to see the birds, gorgeous all of them, and there are flowers now, too.”

Host smiles and pats her hand. “You can go home now, Amy. You know that, don’t you?”

Amy blinks at him as the others turn to look at her. “You can,” Bim says softly. “There’s still the door back at the castle, remember?”

Amy shakes her head, looking around at them with her mouth open in shock, “But I don’t want to leave you all!”

Wilford smiles down at her from where he stands and shakes his head. “We’ll be around, but you’ve got people who will miss you.”

Amy looks down at Host, over at Bim, and back up at Wilford. “I’ll miss you all, very much.”

They take her there that evening as the last light of day drips beneath the horizon, turning the world all black and blue. It’s just a plain little door set into a wall, but Amy can feel the same pull in it that she felt at the vaults. She turns back to them one last time, a motley trio if she ever saw one, and they smile at her, waving a little.

“Come visit soon,” Bim calls as she backs through the door, catching a final glimpse as her world fades to black.

She awakes in bed with a rag on her head. Amy blinks a bit and sits up. Mark is there in a moment, all worried and messy looking. “You’re awake!” He looks so happy to see her that Amy almost forgets all the crazy things swirling around in her head.

“I had a dream,” she tells him as he gets her to lie back down. “You were there. You were there a lot.”

Mark smirks and kisses her forehead. “You’re sick. Why don’t you sleep some more?”

Amy nods, suddenly tired again. “You had a pink mustache, and a bandage over your eyes, and you were awfully mean and cruel.” Mark looks a little confused but chalks it up to her fever as she continues. “And I’m supposed to visit soon.”

Mark smiles and brushes stray hairs from her face fondly. “Of course, Liebling, but first, sleep.”

“Ok,” she whispers softly before falling asleep once more.

The End.

.the more you know

tw: suicide mention, cutting mention, confirmed suicide, blood mention, nightmares mention, dead body mention, insomnia 

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Easter, Luna and Ginny

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It’s easter at Hogwarts. Fred and George are both alive and kicking. They have decided that since Umbridge left, this might be a good moment to re-do their last year and cheer all the traumatized war-veterans up with some top quality pranks.

And maybe play matchmaker for a couple or two.


“I don’t think they would hide one here.” Ginny and Luna were standing on the edge of a pile of rubble, near a huge gap in the wall of the castle. It was the only place still left to repair after the war.

“I don’t know. It would be symbolic to find an egg, the symbol of new life, among the remnants of an event that took so many.”

Luna walked into the field of rocks. She looked sad. All Ginny wanted to do was wrap her arms around her, tell her everything would be okay. Then she remembered she could. There was no one around to judge them. No one to call them names or yell homophobic slurs.

Luna always flinched a bit when people yelled at her these days. The dreamy girl that uses to walk the Hogwarts grounds in bare feet, talking about nargles or other fantasy creatures was almost entirely gone. The war had forced her to come into contact with the real world so hard, it had almost shattered her. Sometimes Ginny was scared it had.

“There are so many dead people here. So many wandering souls.” Luna climbed one of the larger boulders and sat down. “Maybe they can tell us where the eggs are. Tell us where to find a new beginning.”

“Poetic. You should write a book.” Ginny joined her girlfriend. Her girlfriend that she didn’t dare call her girlfriend yet because she wasn’t sure if she was. She couldn’t bare to lose yet another person.

“You should help me write it.” Luna gave her a kiss on the nose. God her eyes were beautiful. “We’d live in a small house near the coast. Wake up every morning to the sight of each other in bed, listen to the breathing of the sea.” Luna leaned her head on Ginny’s shoulder, unaware of the effect her words had on the other girl.

Lost in a dream. That has to be it. Ginny pinched her arm

“Don’t hurt yourself.” Luna pulled her hand away. “People shouldn’t hurt themselves. Especially not when people are you.” She kissed her again. Slow, soft, more loving than just-a-fling kisses could ever be.

“Luna.” Whispered Ginny against her lips. “I think I’m in love with you.”

“I know.” Luna kissed her again. “They told me. The dead.” Ginny opened her eyes. Luna was crying. “They don’t want us to dwell on what was. We need to focus on what can be. What is.” She squeezed Ginny’s hand, smiling through her tears.

Ginny wrapped her in a tight hug, suddenly unable to hold back her own waterworks. But where luna’s tears were quiet, graceful even, Ginny’s tears were loud and ugly. They ruined the atmosphere, the mood, this magical moment. She wanted them to stop.

“You don’t have to be pretty when you cry.” Sometimes Ginny strongly suspected Luna was able to read minds. “Sadness and grief are not meant to be romantic or graceful. They hurt. They linger. They can tear you apart.”

Luna tightened her grip around the red haired girl. “But we have to live with them. We can live with them. Because we still live with the dead my love. They live in us. In everything and everyone they ever loved. And they don’t want us to dwell on their death, they want us to celebrate their life, because if we are alive and happy then so are they.”

Ginny thought she might drown in feelings. Grief for her lost friends, sadness for the trauma still ruining everyday life for so many people, love for the girl that held her even when her tears weren’t pretty and graceful.

“I don’t think I love you anymore.” She pulled back from the hug to face Luna. “I know I do.”

When the shadows grew longer and the temperature dropped Ginny and Luna climbed off their boulder. “It’s over there.” Luna pointed to a faint shimmer on the other side of the field or rocks.

“Let’s go get it.” Ginny didn’t grab Luna’s hand. Suddenly feeling the urge to be a teenage Gryffindor full of foolish ideas, she swept Luna of her feet like she was her bride. God, Ginny wanted her to be her bride. Luna laughed and held on tightly as Ginny carried her over the field. They nearly fell when they reached the egg.

Luna let out a giggle, and suddenly they were both utterly lost in laughter. Ginny hadn’t been this happy in ages, even though they were among the dead. Maybe the dead were laughing too. She hoped they were.

“Well then. Let’s open this thing.” Luna grabbed the egg and pulled away the golden wrapping. She cracked it open on one of the nearby rocks to reveal a note inside.

When Luna finished reading it she smiled and handed it over to Ginny. “I think this is more meant for you than for me.”

Curious about what kind of ridiculous prank her brothers had come up with this time Ginny took the note.

Hey baby sis,

we knew you and Luna would find this egg.

We don’t want to make you do anything to get a date. You deserve all the dates in the world already. The way you are helping Luna find back her old self is nothing either one of us ever suspected to see from our tough-girl sister.

Some moments don’t lend themselves for pranks or jokes. This one right here, among the remnants of the war, is one of those moments. We hope you are happy. Both of you. You deserve it.

With love, Fred and George

Sitting amongst the last ruined part of the castle, Ginny smiled, and kissed her girlfriend. “Well, mission accomplished I think.”

Again a bit all over the place but I really am trying to finish this before the end of easter and time-pressure doesn’t make my writing any better oops