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Toriel was shocked. 

* Wh-What?? What do you mean? Th-Those anons…they only started talking to me once you went to bed!

Pepper blushed pink slightly before continuing.

* Y-Yeah, I know. I had them talk to you so you would be distracted while I left.

* You…y-you left?? But where did you go? 

* Th-The Ruins, Mom. I had to make sure no one else came…I had to meet someone. I had to help them. A-And…and…a…they’re here now. They’re ready to meet you.

Toriel wasn’t sure what to say. Pepper had left the castle in the middle of the night to meet someone?? What on earth was this child saying? And who was this someone, who was supposedly ready to meet them? What was going on??

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frank castle sex headcanons? 👀💖

+ Good God I love this man. +

• He’s such a tease. Seriously, it’s all fun and games and then BOOM! You’re bent over your bathroom sink, watching him do the lord’s work in the mirror.

• But, back to being a tease, he loved making little offhand comments to get you riled up.
“Frank what’s your full name?”
“Francis, or Mr. Castle if you’re nasty.”

• He likes to do this thing, where he’ll catch you off guard and just start kissing you. I mean sloppy, It’s About To Go Down kissing! And then he’ll just stop, and go back to whatever it was he was doing before. He says it “sets the mood foor later.”

• His favorite position is….well he’s got s few.

• Cowgirl, for starters. He likes to watch you ride him, and watch your face. You’re so pretty y’know? But, then again he’s also pretty dominant, so he’s gonna just grab your hips and take it from there if he feels up to it.

• Speaking of being dominant his other favorite position is…anything where he’s ontop. Missionary, doggystyle, he’s up for it.

• Verbally, he’s gotta get into it before he really lets lose. In the beginning it’s maybe a few comments about how good you are but, when he’s in it, he. Is. In. It. Jeez that man has a foul mouth, and he’s loud!

• I don’t know what else to say except I love him so much.

+ Hope you enjoyed it! +

Ed Sheeran ÷ breakdown

Eraser: guitar is just wowowow,, some ed raps that just make u want 2 listen its gr8. Also has 90s soulful pop ballad type of mood 2 it. 8/10

Castle on the Hill: okok there’s a reason this was a single i mean,,, it’s sweet and sad and ed. 8.5/10

Dive: guitar melody is similar to thinking out loud. lyrics are more than good, they’re grrrreeeaaat. THE CHORUS OMG. SWEET GUITAR SOLO TOO. 9/10

Shape of You: this is a bop, obviously it was a single what do u expect? strong song on here. bell things remind me of rugrats tho. 7/10

Perfect: this is going to be a popular choice for the first dance at weddings it’s perfect for that. get it? perfect? 6.5/10

Galway Girl: honestly??? SUCH A BOP. that lil irish jig throughout it? perfect. a song about a galway girl and a perfect night how could you NOT like it? honestly this song is the bee’s knees. my fave for sure. 20/10

Happier: sad sad sad who left ed? who could leave this ginger angel? omg I guess it’s ok for u to rip my heart out. it’s not a vital organ or anything. the hey ya’s are beautiful. majestically sad. 9/10

New Man: haha he wears a man bag on his shoulder but i call it purse. nice. A+ lyric. ed doesn’t want to know about ur new man. the record scratches at the end r nice. 8.5/10

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here: another ed classic to be at weddings. wonderful lyrics. second chorus it picks up. THAT BRIDGE THO. 6.5/10

What Do I Know: easily my second fave. money and success aren’t everything, love ur neighbors people. Guitar has a nice groove. Very ed. Good message. 10/10

How Would You Feel (Paean): I feel like i should be laying in a summer field of flowers with my true love. OOOOO that guitar solo,,, so sweet and melodic oh my WOW. 7/10

Supermarket Flowers: DON’T CRY. Just a piano and ed and his heart wrenching lyrics. WHY WHY WHY THE CHORUS AVOID IT UNLESS U LIKE CRYING. 9.5/10

Barcelona: (heavy breathing in the beginning) Feels like I’m on vacation this is awesome. Saxophone solo? Idk i can’t tell, BUt I like IT. 9.5/10

Bibia Be Ye Ye: means all will be well (ur welcome). instruments r gr8, lyrics gr8. another winner ed 10/10

Nancy Mulligan: About his grandparents so sweet and is another song with a lil irish jig in it, I’m loving this. 10/10

Save Myself: wow ed is feeling neglected, but the message is good. 6.5/10

Okay but can we talk about all the different styles of music Ed used in this album? We got the rapping, the ballads, the fast paced fun pop songs, the soulful voice combined with deep beats,THE IRISH FOLK/POP, Spanish and Ghanan musical styles and actual words from the languages I mean what a JOURNEY.

Ed Sheeran Divide

1. Listen to the entire album and fall in love
2. Lie in bed for an hour and listen again to soak in all the lyrics
3. Decide to just repeat your favorites this time
4. Realize that all of the songs were your favorite
5. Give up and put it on continuous shuffle, you have a new life soundtrack


The overwhelming positive feedback from the first post pushed me to do another “ghibliwatch” series! I am working on a mchanzo princess mononoke crossover for a potential 3rd installment. Quick question: what overwatch characters would fit best in a Castle in the Sky?

Comment, request, enjoy

Victor Nikiforov as Howl~

I was watching Howl’s moving castle for the hundredth time again this weekend and I couldn’t stop thinking about Victor when I saw Howl >w< so this happened when I realized how much I wanted to draw Vitya with long hair as well ♥ ゜・。。・

Crashed landed on Earth and all I got was this rad shirt from the back of Coran’s minivan.