CPAC ‘15 Cosplay: Anya Corazon also known as Araña

Here are my favorite pics from the con. Barely anyone knew who I was and I kept thinking people probably thought I was some wack variation of Spider-girl. But I have absolutely no regrets making this cosplay. It was comfortable despite the cold and it’s always fun hanging with suavedude in his Spidey outfit. I’ll probably wear her to an actual comic convention next time. 


My Karkat cosplay from Castlepoint Anime Convention. This is before Adri awkwardly helped me put on my binder in the public restroom, so just deal with the fact that I kind of have boobs. (Kind of. Not really.) My makeup was also a rush job due to circumstances, and I don’t have the money for new contacts yet, so just deal with all of that.
Photos by animepie, patron goddess of remembering to bring a camera. *bows down*


So yeah went as pre-Guardian Jack Frost to CastlePoint today aND HAD A BLAST! Thanks to everyone for making it the best con ever - everyone was just wonderful, and I had so much fun it’s indescribable ^^ so yeah here’s just a few pics taken, only wish I took more~ also if you’re in here, tell me and I’ll credit you c:

Kristoff: abovetherisingfalls

Bunnymund: steam-aviator

Danny Phantom: kingarthur18


I would follow this man into battle any day.


Part time friends, part time heroes.

Yosuke Hanamura:

Naoto Shirogane:

Chie Satonaka:

Yukiko Amagi:

Rise Kujikawa:

Narukami Yu: N/A

Photo credit:

Went to the Castlepoint Anime Convention as Sonic today. The Sonic fans were so nice and super cool! I really love you guys. I had a great time. Have any pics of me? Please share them at my group cosplay page, Tangled Web Cosplay. We’ll be uploading our pics as well. Thanks!