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The Wild Colonial Boy” is a traditional anonymous Irish-Australian ballad of which there are many different versions, the most prominent being the Irish and Australian versions. The original version was about Jack Donahue, an Irish rebel who became a convict, then a bushranger,[1] and was eventually shot dead by police. This version was outlawed as seditious, so the name in the song was changed to Jack Doolan. The Irish version is about a Jack Duggan, young emigrant who left the town of Castlemaine, County Kerry, Ireland, for Australia in the early 19th century. According to the song, he spent his time “robbing from the rich to feed the poor”. In the song, Duggan is fatally wounded in an ambush when he is shot in the heart by Fitzroy. “The Wild Colonial Boy” has been recorded by Dr. Hook, Rolf Harris, Larry Kirwan, John Doyle, and The Clancy Brothers, among others, and was featured in the film The Quiet Man.


Conflict of Interest explores the current tensions within the Castlemaine community concerning the private ownership of the Old Gaol. Found footage has been collaged and layered to express both frustrations in the form of violence and calming visuals exhibiting community co-operation and personal discovery. The Castlemaine Gaol has the potential to become a space for sharing and collaboration, inviting all community members to feel welcome and accepted.

Audio: Thom Yorke - Youwouldn'tlikemewhenI'mangry

Nell Gwynn cast announced!


By Jessica Swale

19 September – 17 October

£5 standing
£17 - £43 seats


Directed by : Christopher Luscombe

Designed by : Hugh Durrant

Composed by ; : Niigel Hess


Graham Butler : John Dryden

Greg Haiste : Edward Kynaston

Angus Imrie : Ned Spiggett

Richard Katz : Killigrew

Amanda Lawrence : Nancy

Gugu Mbatha-Raw : Nell Gwynn

David Rintoul ; Arlington

Anneika Rose : Rose Gwynn

David Sturzaker : King Charles II

Jay Taylor : Charles Hart

Sasha Waddell : Lady Castlemaine/Louise de Keroualle

Sarah Woodward : Ma Gwynn/Queen Catherine

Castlemaine! Making our debut tonight at the Bridge Hotel with DEAD and CurlyWurm. Kicks off at 7:30pm.

Please bring your dogs. (at The Bridge Hotel Castlemaine)

To ensure we are constantly improving our skills and knowledge at Maine Fitness we are a huge advocate of ongoing education investment. To be the BEST you can never be stagnant. Currently Coach Dale is booked in for a kinetic chain enhancement seminar with renowned coach Charles Poliquin in Indonesia whilst coach Edward is undertaking training for strength sports face to face with Olympian Lifter Dimitry Klokov and coach Poliquin. For any members interested in nutrition seminars, get in contact with us as we are gathering numbers to take a MaineFitness group down to inutrition.
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This weekend’s adventures!

Friday - RAD Bar, Wollongong
w/ @grenadiersband + Hoon

Saturday - Blood, Sweat and Beers, Sydney
w/ @lucabrasitassie, Grenadiers, @thehardaches, Hostile Objects + way more

Sunday - The Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine