krieger-harris1118  asked:

Do you have a Castle and/or Beckett drunk fic list? Preferably more on the lighter side

Combining with: Do you have another link for your drunk fics? I tried to click on the one you have listed, but it didn’t work.

To the anon, that tag won’t work cause I haven’t posted any single stories yet that have it, but here is a list :)

And yeah, lighter side, so like fun drunk, not kill shot drunk?

Don’t Eat the Fruit by brookemopolitan

Love Drunk by stanaticfanatic

Kindness Yet by Polly Lynn 

Wrecking Ball by MsMorg

Body Shots by ekc293

Drunk Writing by Tree23

Curves Ahead by Cartographical

I don’t think that’s a good idea by CastleLover

Why Don’t We by Sandiane Carter

Drunk by Ellemae

I’m not that drunk by 4evercaskett

Ask Siri by SparkleMouse

Tequila, Rain and Kisses by Miss-HL

Tit for Tat by Elle018

Of Bars and Secrets by Trapped in a MatchBox

Happy New Year Kate by Duchess of Strumpetness

Chapter 6 of Unpeeling the Onions by Shena1

Chapter 21 of Kiss Me, Castle by Cora Clavia

Chapter 7 of How Many Ways To Say I Love You by Cofkett

Chapter 6 of Firsts by firstadream

Thank you! :)