Kevin Ryan, who sacrificed his friendship with his two best friends and saved
 both of their lives in the process
  Who has seen his friends shot, kidnapped, tortured, taken hostage, killed.
    Kevin Ryan, who went undercover to save a girl’s life that he barely knew
     Kevin Ryan, who wanted to name his firstborn Javier, after his best friend
      Kevin Ryan, who proposed to his wife in the middle of the police precinct
       Who watched the woman he was meant to protect die in front of him
        Kevin Ryan, who went against all he stood for to help find his friend 
         Who takes an extra job at night to pay for his daughter’s education
          Who repeatedly watches his friends ignore and reject his opinions
           Who saved a kid’s life after he was shot by one of his fellow cops         
evin Ryan, who was waterboarded in place of his partner
             Kevin Ryan, who wrote a song for their friends’ wedding
              Kevin Ryan, who sticks to his moral compass
               Kevin Ryan, who was scared to offend a nun
                Who managed to take down an entire mob
                 Who doesn’t care what people think
                   Kevin Ryan who is the most perfect ray of sunshine this
has ever seen and if you don’t think so then FIGHT ME