Gmarket Haul #3

I made this purchase a while back but I never got around to actually posting what I got.
Like always this will be picture heavy. Here we go!

Like always, Molly is fascinated by my packages.  Maybe she also feels excitement in the air?

I made a very small order compared to what I usually buy. I convinced myself this time that “I only need this”.  I don’t know if that will still apply when I made my next haul.

I made purchases from 3 different sellers.  I ordered a face primer, Tony Moly products and some Anna Sui inspired lip glosses.

Starting off with the lip glosses.  I logged into my Gmarket account to find the seller’s information but the order was made too long go and my order information is no longer retrievable. Sorry!  The lip glosses were about 6$ for 3 colours.

If you have seen the Anna Sui lip glosses you will be familiar with the design and packaging of these glosses :)  I didn’t swatch them but I have used 1 and the gloss is very moisturizing with a hint of colour.  It is very similar to MAC tinted lip conditioner - but with better moisturizing properties.

I read some rave reviews from beauty bloggers about Castle Dew’s Water Shot Base so I had to try it out!  I also purchased some cotton swabs because the seller had them for dirt cheap ($0.30 CND/pkg of 80) and I was pleasantly surprised.  The cotton swabs ends were dense and removed makeup from certain spots extremely effectively.

The colour I purchased was green!  I have some redness on my face (corners of my nose, forehead if i’m breaking out, etc) so I picked up this colour to address that issue.  The colour in the product is very green/pigmented so very little product is needed.  If you apply too much your face will be very pasty and sickly looking.  Its spreads evenly and keeps my foundation looking fresh longer!  I sometimes even skip foundation and just wear this primer :)

The main purpose of my haul! TONY MOLY!  I made this purchase because I wanted to get a feel for TONY MOLY products before I jetted off Korea and purchased everything that was in sight. I narrowed it down to 3 things.

This was 6000 won (approximately $6 CAD) because I was in search of a product that would keep the skin around my eyes hydrated on long plane rides but the product was just a little to sticky and shiny on my face.  The idea was spot on, the products just didn’t perform to my expectations.  When the product was applied, it was very cool and felt great… just didn’t feel so great after… it just didn’t absorb into the skin… it just sat on top of my skin.

I was super ecstatic with this purchase! YAY!  It is called Eggpore and it is a silicone like substance that reduces visibility of large pores. I use it on my nose, in between my brows and on my chin.  It can be used under foundation/concealer or alone.  It does an awesome job and i highly recommend it for anyone who had large pores! it is approxiamtely $12 CAD.

The packaging is supper adorable.  You can also use the container and the seeds provided in the egg to grow a little plant!!!! Who can ask for more?!

Next, is the Appletox peeling cream.  It removes dead skin on my face to reveal smoother skin. :) It smells awesome.  My skin is not sensitive by any means and I felt it was a bit abrasive especially compared to the Laneige Strawberry Peeling cream.  Regardless, I think it does a fabulous job at removing the dry patches on my face (especially in the winter).  I just wouldn’t recommend it to those with sensitive skin.

The seller was also kind enough to provide me with some samples!

A picture of all the items in the package and additional pictures of my kitty cat being silly. She is an avid fan of Gmarket that is for sure. She seems to make an appearance in every Gmarket Haul post.