castle: season

Day 4:  Season

the country i live in does not have the 4 seasons so idk what exact season i was thinking of when i drew this HAHAHAHA. either winter or the beginning of spring… i guess? HAHA


When Archie and Veronica tell Betty they’re into each other and she’s totally okay with it:

When Archie asks Betty if she’s really okay and there’s some hidden feelings underneath there:

When social services came for Jughead:

When FP told Archie to protect Jughead:

When Veronica sat down to talk to Jughead and the BroTP started sailing:

When Alice told Betty that she gave her first born child up for adoption:

But then I was like:

When Archie, Veronica, and Betty ran to Southside High to get Jug:

When Betty and Jughead were talking in the Southside High parking lot:

When Cheryl tries to commit suicide and falls into the river:

When Archie was punching the crap out of the ice to get Cheryl:

When Archie and Veronica kissed before the jubilee performance:

When everyone gave Betty a standing ovation for her speech:

When the core four were sitting at Pop’s just like the first episode:

When Jughead and Betty said that they loved each other:

When Veronica and Archie were getting all spiced up:

When Jughead and Betty were getting all spiced up:

When Jughead put on the Serpent jacket:

When I thought Archie just got shot:

When it shows that it was Fred that just got shot:

End of Episode:



Sneak peak from:

Glitchtale Season 2 Episode 4 “Love”


The Yellowstone River in Montana melts as winter turns to spring

MBTI Types as Seasonal Things I associate

INFP: blossom colorful flowers on the trees
ESFJ: bright sunshine for a few days
ENFP: awakening animals from lethargy
ISFJ: opening a window for fresh air

ESFP: heat of sun on the beach
ENTP: sensation of water while swimming
ENFJ: refreshing and pleasant drink
ESTP: wind between hair during road trip

ISFP: fallen leaves dragged away by wind
INTP: shades of red, orange and brown on the streets
ESTJ: taste of caramel apples on the mouth
INFJ: smell of cinnamon, oranges and pumpkins

ISTJ: warm crackling firewood
INTJ: white ripples of ice on glasses
ENTJ: frost layer that protects plants and flowers
ISTP: snow flakes that melt to the heat of the hands



This. This right here is Selina Kyle’s transformation into Catwoman. Again, we’re shown her willingness to kill someone if they cross her, and yet we’re still seeing a bit of good in her for wanting to tell Alfred that Bruce 2 isn’t the real Bruce.

Here’s to the birth of one of DC’s most iconic anti hero.


When you share a video from Norway and you’re a geologist and you find that your favorite shot is the opening view of wildflowers…yeah that’s neat.