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It’s the weekend. I have a lot of reading to do for school. Two essays (not started yet) to do for next week… Logically, I should be doing this things. Instead, I’m making a new hair for the sims 4 haha. Good job to me! :P 

So here’s my new frankenmeshing hair. It’s really a simple edit. Not very original. And honestly, I don’t know if someone have already make this hair. I use an hair from Get Together and from the Vampire pack. But, it’s should be BGC.

Hope you love it! :) Let me know your comment! Enjoy!


  • “NEW HAIR” (edit of EA hair - frankenmeshing technic)
  • Maxis Match (18 colors)
  • Teen to Elder Female only
  • Base Game compatible (SHould be, if not contact me)
  • Hat compatible héhé
  • Feel free to recolour but please don’t include the mesh!

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare)

tag me if you use any of my creations, i would love to see them in your game.


sylvie: thanks for the ride.. you should probably go.

miles: i thought we were gonna have a movie night babe? 

sylvie: not really in the mood for movies, i’m sorry.

miles: i could stay and help you pack for this weekend so you’re not rushing in the morning.

sylvie: honestly? i just want some time to myself right now.

miles: what’s wrong.. ?

sylvie: i don’t see why she has to force her way into all of our plans, and i really don’t get why you don’t seem to care.

miles: june? syl she’s not going to fuck with you ok.. i can’t tell her not to hang out with her friends.

sylvie: i just.. this is suppose to be our weekend and i’m going to have to watch her try to.. to flirt with you the whole time and it makes me uncomfortable alright? 

miles: baby..

sylvie: just go ok? i’ll see you tomorrow.




so yeah what a nice present!! the end of the world!! on my birthday!!? amazing (^: thank u friends for spending ur last day on earth with lil ole me (also… sorry for keeping my birthday a secret from ya’ll lol) ♥☺

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