castle: s4


Hair retexture / 45 colors / female / teen to elder

This is is a retexture of Alesso’s LION, and I take no credit for the mesh. If you like this hair please visit the original post and show some love! <3. As always, I’ve used jennisims awesome textures!

When you download you can either choose a fatpack (all 45 colors included) OR a zip file. The zip file includes 3 different files where you can choose if you want to add the extra natrual/unnatrual colors.

This is a standalone item and it will not override or merge with Alesso’s original version.


Series 4 prediction: Moriarty is alive and spends the whole three episodes chasing Sherlock around with a blowtorch trying to literally burn his heart out but surprise, Sherlock already gave his heart to a fire demon before the series began and it had been living as Mrs. Hudson this whole time (which is the real reason she can’t leave Baker Street). Moriarty is so pissed that he shoots himself in the head again but for real this time and Mrs. Hudson gives Sherlock his heart back so he and John can kiss and she turns into a shooting star and lives happily ever after zooming through space. Also the baby is fake and Mary was dead the whole time.