castle: s4

This is serious.

Guys, the hate in the simblr community is getting out of hand. People are getting hate for doing what they want and being who they are @edgypandasimmer @wildlyminiaturesandwich @little-callia-bean just to name a few. In the wise words of Wildly Miniature Sandwich, “Never forget there is a living, human being behind every blog that is capable of being hurt by your words.” Just a comment or a few words can make a break a person’s day. Put yourself in their shoes and think how it would feel to receive those hateful words that your typing in, or even saying in real life. We are all human, and all have feelings that can be hurt by words. There is a reason of the expression “words like knives.” We all want to feel loved, appreciated, and happy. Nobody likes feeling sad. NO ONE wants to read words that will cut into them and be stuck in their mind. Affecting your confidence, happiness, and day. And if you are feeling that way, feel free to message me or talk to someone. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. And I don’t think many people enjoy talking about bullies and words that are thrown. We do like talking about happy things and if others are down, helping them get back up. 

Also, if your feeling hateful(we all have those days) don’t lash out at someone by giving them hate. Instead, talk to someone. I can’t stress it enough how important communication is. Don’t be mean to someone to make yourself feel better, talk or rant to someone, just don’t spread your negative feelings through negative words. When I write something or I’m in an argument, I try to think of ways that my words don’t sound attacking or mean, but in some way to hopefully find common ground and leave the conflict behind. It will always be there, but you can try to prevent it with every word and action that you take or say.

The main point of all this is, don’t send hate. The community used to be such a happy place, but lately all I’ve been seeing is people being attacked by anonymous people behind a computer screen for being who they want to be. If you don’t have anything nice to say, please keep it to yourself and let others enjoy their day as you want to yours. Instead, lets start sending messages supporting each other more often, anonymous or not. Spread the love! <3

The last clip.

I don’t post often but honestly, I know how people are saying we shouldn’t be bitter about the whole Mohnstad thing but come on. Julie didn’t have to build Chris Schistad’s character development up only to tear it down in a single instance. I get they were trying to represent the whole dream he had but for someone to claim to feel as strongly as he did, it was just unrealistic. As a guy who had been with loads of girls, Chris Schistad is grown and would be able to differentiate his feelings. There would be a reason why he would think and insist that Eva is different; because of how he was feeling in the moment and how he cared.

Rant over.