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Favorite moments - Jealous Beckett 

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I know that there are bunch of jealous Beckett gifset, but I’ve always wanted to make one myself, and finally I did one #happy

I just love JEALOUS BECKETT, we all are.

anonymous asked:

Why is 47 Caskett number?

First off are you knew? 

Secondly do you watch the show?

and lastly really??

Now down to bussiness

  1. The room number in 3XK that Rick was held in was room 47
  2. Johanna Beckett died when she was 47
  3. Kate, 4 letters, Beckett, 7 letters.
  4. Rick, 4 letters, Rodgers, 7 letters.
  5. The 47th episode, knockdown was Caskett’s first kiss.
  6. The scene where Kate gets shot and Rick says I love you for the first time lasts 47 seconds.
  7. 47 seconds the episode is when the secret of remembering the I love you comes out.
  8. The kiss in Always lasts 47 seconds.
  9. The Blue Butterfly was set in 1947
  10. The call to montgomery’s house in always was made at 4:47.
  11.  Always happened in their 47 month of partner ship.
  12. In 47 seconds there are 47 seconds from when Castle enters the observational room to Beckett saying she remembers all of it.
  13. in after the storm the final number maddox dialed was 47
  14. the name of the bakery in the wild rover has 47 in it.
  15. the cafe in kill shot was on 47th street 
  16. the bomb in still had 47 on it at some point
  17. in 6x11 the screen name ended in 47
  18. in demons the team look at a bank account containing 47 dollars
  19. in cops and robbers the scene from the bomb going off to beckett knelling in front of castle is 47 seconds.
  20. the number plate of the car in the blue butterfly had 47 on it.
  21. the smoke alarm in 6x07 went off at 2:47
  22. Johanna Beckett’s was murdered on January 9, 1999. 1+9+19+9+9 =47
  23. The “Previously on Castle” intro in Always is exactly 47 seconds long
  24.  In ‘To Love and Die and in L.A’ the moment when between Kate locks her door in the hotel and the moment where Josh Ritter’s song stops lasts… 47 seconds
  25.  In the episode ‘Demons’ there is a scene at the precinct where Beckett says a suspect lives on 38th & 9th 38 + 9 = 47 
  26. In episode 3x18, One Life to Lose, Martha hands Castle a magazine to show him what to buy to make up for busting in on her little rehearsal date with Lance Hastings and she tells him page 47 is marked for his convience.
  27. The speech that Castle gives Beckett in 4x23 about how he’s always been there is 47 seconds long.
  28. In Cloudy With A Chance Of Murder, Ryan has a image in his hand with the time stamp 5:47 
  29. The kisses from season 1-4 multiplied by their episode number and then all added together and divided by 4 (the number of seasons at the time) equals 47 
  30. In episode 5x03 (Secret’s Safe With Me), the storage unit is number 317. 3+1=4, 7 so 47
  31. Katherine Houghton Beckett(24 letters) + Richard Alexander Rodgers(23 letters) => 24+23=47
  32. In the Blue Butterfly: Joe and Vera had 4 children and 7 grandchildren.
  33. The New York Public Library is on 5th ave and 42nd street which add up to 47, and the library is where Beckett first arrested Castle, and where he hides out in the “Probable Cause”
  34. 47 seconds was in season 4 and was the 77th episode
  35. in dial m for mayor the clock at the beginning says 3:17 3+1=4 & the 7
  36. And finally Room 147

Hope this answered your question :)x