“I’m ordering you to act surprised.” Ienzo spoke as he lead Braig through the castle. 

“Whatever you want, prince short stuff.” Braig grinned, well aware that at least half the castle knew it was his birthday and Myde had probably heard about it. 

“You are aware I’m your king now, right?” Ienzo responded, crown safely tucked away for official business and due to the fact everyone wanted to ruffle his hair for reasons he would never grasp. He wasn’t going to stay 5′6″. He would prove them wrong. 

Braig tilted his head back and laughed softly. “Well, yeah, Even’s dropped back to his normal frazzled and Aeleus is even more huff puff than usual.” 

“Did you really just say huff puff?” Ienzo smiled as he stopped before a door. 

“It’s true.” Braig grinned. “So how surprised do I got to act?” 

“Oh, I’m not denying it.” Ienzo had to deal with their favorite huffle puffle after all and now that he was King and the Worlds were settling into a new reign of peace and thus eventual evil he had all reason to be worried. “Decently.” 

Braig tilted his face this way and that. “I can probably manage decently surprised.” 



My names Gabrielle but everyone calls me Gabi. Im a 17 year old in san diego california. 

My father used to be in the military so we moved around a few times, I’ve beem to San Francisco, Japan, and Idaho. I love animals (i have 3 cats and 1 dog) and sspend lots of time doing art. I love sweets and pastels, and ive even dressed lolita. I watch alot of anime and read YA, my favorite anime is Inuyasha and Sailor Moon, amd lovely complex. my favorite books are Peter pan, Howls moving castle and the oxygen theif. Im obsessed with how to train your dragon and im secretly a mermaid😉. 

I swear alot and my humour can be inappropriate but i know when not to be. Im looking for someone similar age with a common interest, anywhere is fine but i only speak english rn, im learning Japanese but its hard.

Contact me on my tumblr: lost-in-charybdis-ghm.tumblr.com




Through the wall he threw me
I know he’d never hurt me
Daddy watch me sleeping
I’ve been praying for you silently

Daddy’s love makes me whole
Without him i’m insecure
The only girl he’d ever love
Is one that smells so pure

Town Launch Portman Road Fanzone
External image

Town have announced the launch of a new matchday Fanzone at weekend games at Portman Road with free entry for all home supporters, featuring bars, live music, food and a kids’ area.

The Fanzone will be situated on the FieldTurf behind the East of England Co-operative Stand and will be open to season ticket holders, those with match tickets and club members from three hours before kick-off.

The Blue Inn marquee will host bars with a range of beers, while live matches will be shown on giant screens.

There will also be food outlets, live music and for youngsters bouncy castles and other activities.

“It’s an exciting venture,” said Town MD, Ian Milne. “We are hoping that the Fanzone will be a place that Town fans will meet up before kick-off and enjoy that pre-match build-up and buzz you get in the lead up to the game.”

The Fanzone will be open for the first game of the new season, against Barnsley on Saturday 6th August, with a number of Town legends set to attend.

Entry will be via Gate 1A from midday with last orders at the bars at 2.30pm. All supporters must exit the Fanzone through Gate 1A and head to their regular turnstiles in order to enter the stands. More details on the club site.

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Name: Levi
Nickname(s): Ebay, Danger noodle (my friends are strange people)
Star Sign: Gemini
Gender: Cis female
Age: 21
Birthday: May 26th.
Height: 4′11′‘
State/Country: England
Favorite Colors: Red
Time right now: 17:45
Average hours of Sleep: Can range from 4-12
Lucky Number: 3, 7, 13
Last thing I Googled: “How do you change the colour of facebook chat”
Number of blankets I sleep with: One duvet
Number of pillows you sleep with: One 
Favorite Fictional Character: Haruhi Fujioka
Favorite Books: Howl’s Moving Castle I’ve read multiple times
Favorite Bands: I listen to a lot of music, recently I met Band-maid
Current job/level of school: University student (about to go into 2nd year)
Dream Job: Actress/author/edition/director
Do you have any pets or kids: Neither
What am I wearing right now: T-shirt and boxers
When did you create your blog: Sometime in 2014
Current amount of followers: 1,554
What do you post about: This is a books and & book-related exclusive blog ahaha
Do you have any other blog: Technically but I don’t use it
When did you blog reach its “PEAK” (when did your blog get more followers, have popular posts): I think around the 600 mark??
Who is your most active follower: I have no idea how to find this out
What made you decide to get Tumblr: It looked interesting, but I had no idea how to use it so abandoned my first blog for a few months before actually using it
What do you get asks for on a daily basis: I don’t get many asks, about 1 every 2 months? Usually asking what book they should read next
Why did you choose your URL: The ‘emerald’ is my middle name and the ‘youkai’ is japanese for demon/spirit/ghost but I got it from Inuyasha ahaha and then I just added ‘books’ on the end

Like the person before me I shall also tag the people in my ‘biggest fans’ section atm (If you want to do this you can but you dont have to) : @fill-with-wonder @art-of-storytelling @meruchii

Перевел тут не так давно “Куклу Колдуна” Короля и Шута на английский. Старался сохранить рифму и смысл. Получилось не везде)

Уверен, что перевод не идеален, но это лучшее, на что я сейчас способен.

Sorcerer’s Doll

Verse 1:
Dark and gloomy castle halls. Like a thief I’m on my toes -
Moving slowly, holding breath, afraid to wake them up:
Those who are sleeping for so long, those who care if I belong
To this place and to the room I’m trying to sneak up,
To see with my eyes

How insomnia in the night
Turns you into the one who wants to bite…
Who imprisoned your with their mind?
Why do you need to hunt and kill human kind?

Verse 2:
Cross is glowing on my chest, take a peek and take a guess -
What will change if you will look at it for too long?
I’ve read the scrolls of elder ones, seen the tricks of magic wands
So don’t try to hide from me whatever is inside
You know that I’ve seen

How insomnia in the night
Turns you into the one who wants to bite…
Who imprisoned your with their mind?
Why do you need to hunt and kill human kind?

Verse 3:
Pity that you didn’t trust to what I’ve told you in the past
That you newly found friend doesn’t look OK
You two’ve spent some time alone, but who he was you didn’t know.
He was a danger to us all, but you didn’t care
So you got caught by

Real sorcerer of dark arts,
He turned the ones like you without a count,
Like a puppeteer in the night,
He can control your body with his mind

It all looks like a really bad bad dream
And staying here is unsafe for me

Haru | Deduction | Closed for Kazue

If he thinks about it, Haru pretty much surmises that since he never seems to run into Kazue outside of trials in any of the castle’s many haunts, the boy probably spends most time in his room.

Well, that won’t do. Haru needs to make friends with everyone. He arrives at Kazue’s room, raises a hand to knock, and then shakes his head at his own thoughtlessness, opening up his ONIbook instead.

[Hinku-san? It’s Haru Ikezawa here. I’m outside your room. I was wondering if you’d like to chat if you’re free? I should add that my knowledge of JSL is very limited, I’m afraid, so we may have to type on ONIbook to each other – apologies!]

He sends it off and waits. It’s time to be bothered, Kazue.