Before the Castle Season 6 finale i was all like...

When it started:

From the time we found out about Rogan till the point where he FINALLY signed the document:

When Castle is looking in his rear view mirror:

When the black SUV speeds up:

When Castle isn’t picking up his phone:

Then when Kate gets the call:

After seeing the final scene: 

Then i was like:

How i am going to be till September:

And in conclusion:


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Castle AU Season 6 aftermath

i uploaded this and then took it down coz i wanted to change the ending, tell me what you think, also …. have tissues around somewhere.


“I been working with this crew for six years, a lot of people are been here a whole time, so lot of these people are all in, to telling this stories and it makes day worth it, and is fun play’s with this people. These people end up becoming like a family, you know? Got a good group here they’re really wholesome and they’re… kind and they’re sweet. And so, I’m glad to be able to come to work with a lot of them.”