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Group A Fans: I love this show but I wished the writers wouldn’t do that thing that disregard the feelings of fans/actors/marginalized group or etc…..

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Annoying Ass Group B Fans: Well If you don’t like it, don’t watch!

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Group A Fans: Okay….

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TV News Outlets:  Your favorite tv show is cancelled!

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Annoying Ass Group B Fans: 

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Group A Fans: Well, you did say not to watch….. LMAO

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Castle Title Cards:

  • Season 1, Regular Card
  • Season 2 Onwards, Regular Card
  • “Countdown”,  3x17
  • “Kick the Ballistics”, 4x04
  • “Always”, 4x23
  • “Secret Santa”, 5x09
  • “The Lives of Others”, 5x19
  • “Once Upon a Time in the West”, 7x07
  • “The Wrong Stuff”, 7x16
  • “Hell to Pay”, 8x21