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it’s here, finally! House inspired by Argents’ house from Teen Wolf. it was much fun to make, I had to improvise the back since we don’t really know how it looks like (and god I tried to find pics of the real house but couldn’t find any lol) so it’s my interpretation of the house! the dining room, the kitchen & the living room are kinda the same from the show - and so is Allison’s bedroom you can see better. for the basement, because there’s obviously no gun stuff in the Sims, I decided to make a training room because, you know, Argents must keep their bodies at its best to run after werewolves haha Have fuuun!!

name of the house: Argent House
username: Cristalline93

(if you have any suggestion of house(s) for me to make, my box is open!)

Prompt:  A couple of weeks after he’s back home from his disappearance, Castle asks to see a picture of Kate in her wedding dress from the day of their almost-wedding. He bursts into tears.  An old one from @castlefanficprompts.

He wants to marry her.  He wants to be married to her, of course, to fall asleep and wake up next to his wife, to live each day with her, to know that, no matter what, they’re in this together.  But he wants to marry her; he wants the day they should have had.  Sunshine and ocean breeze and their family gathered.  To say publicly, I do, to kiss Mrs. Castle for the first time.  He’s asked her.  Again.

Only this time, she said no.  

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Of course Aria and Terra couldn’t stay at their old apartment, not after what had happened. The room had already been searched when they came to find Aria, what if they came back? And of course, the many wilting flower bouquets didn’t help make the place seem any more appealing. All they had do to was find a new house, and they would be fine.

Easier said than done. With Manic living with Scourge, the only places the couple could crash were the castle and Fiona’s loft. Not bad places by any means, but tense locations. Fiona was still seeing the king from time to time, leaving several relationships in the house up in the air to some degree. The only person out of this battlefield of emotions was Faolán, who could make anyone’s presence happier, as long as he wasn’t complaining.


“Ariaaaaa,” he said as he ran into her, a beeping handheld system in his left paw. “Can you take me to the video game store? I can’t find mom.” His normal pep seemed diminished, as hard as the beeping music tried to make things upbeat and exciting.


Prompt based on the photo above,

Castle has been away promoting his new Nikki Heat novel for the last couple of weeks. When he comes back, Beckett surprises him with a pretty special gift.

“Kate, I’m home!” The wonderfully familiar sound of her husbands voice echoed through the hall into their bedroom. She couldn’t help but smile as she heard the door leading to their, she still got all warm just thinking about it, slowly close and lock. He’d been on a book tour promoting his new Nikki Heat novel for 3 weeks by now and the physical distance between them had made her hands ache after the warmth of him. But not for long now, he’s finally home.

“Kate? Babe we’re are you?” Placing herself even closer the to headboard of the bed, making sure she covered all insight into any possible spaces underneath the pillow she was now practically sitting on. Just thinking of what was about to happen, the smile on her face grew even wider.

“I’m in the bedroom!” A slight chuckle followed by footsteps comes from the loft as Castle makes his way to join her. The bedroom door creeks and which causes her heart to race. A wave of nervousness goes through her, making her almost doubt this whole thing, but before she can even react she sees him. He wastes no time and only seconds later she feels his hands against her hips and his lips crashing on to hers. She wraps her arms around his neck, pulling him closer, her mind screaming of joy under his touch.

“God I missed you.” He whispers against her lips, smiling all through the shirt but still intense kiss. He leans back but leaves his forehead resting against hers, looking her staring in the eyes. They stay like that for awhile, just holding each other close, both soaking in the others embrace.

“I have a surprise for you.” She’s the one to break the silence as her patience runs out and the nerves start to come back.

“Sounds interesting.” He straightens up, probably sensing the tension that’s beaming from her.

“Close your eyes,” without complain he does as he’s told, something that rarely happens,

“Put your hands in front of you, palms facing upwards and don’t open your eyes until I say so. Got it?” The nervous has really gotten to her by now, but there’s no turning back. He gives her a quick nod saying that he has understood, resting both of his hands against his knees. She turns around and reaches for the small abject hiding under her pillow. As she gets a hold on it, she gently grasp it, carefully pulling it out before she places it in Castles waiting hands.

“Look” that’s all she manages to get out. She’s watching him like a hawk as he slowly opens his eyes and look down on the a small plastic that’s now in his hands.

“Is this true? You’re pregnant?” His eyes are slightly starting to water up as he turns his attention back to her. She just nods, the huge smile that’s spread across her face makes her unable to talk. Once again she feels his lips crashing on to hers.

“We’re having a baby” he whispers as he leans back, making their eyes meet.

“Yeah, we’re having a baby.”

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I saw this tumblr post somewhere "when I got home I saw him sleeping on my side of the bed. He said he wanted me to be warm so he slept on my side. He hates sleeping on my side." Could you please write something about it? X

From the first night she had spent in Richard Castle’s bed, she had always had her side. She’d learned that night, during his dozing, that Castle was already partial to the right side of the bed, the side closer to the en suite bathroom, the side that wasn’t quite as exposed to the waking kiss of morning sunlight. She hadn’t minded, though, content on the left where the break of day would coax her awake, where she would sometimes wake to the black and white elephant print staring back at her and Castle’s lips at the back of her neck.

She misses her side of the bed fiercely now, as she trudges home through the freezing slush of snow congregating along the sidewalks, while the wind bites at her cheeks, twines through the strands of her hair to nip at her ears. 

Castle had been stuck in meetings all day, unable to join her at the precinct, unable to sit with her through the last hour of paperwork and ride back to the loft with her. She had taken the subway, figuring it would be quicker than a cab on a Saturday night, but she hadn’t factored in the frigid temperatures, the torture of walking those last few blocks home-

His loft, she corrects herself with a huff, but really, is it worth it? Home is where her heart is, she knows that, always knew it. And her heart is within the building she’s walking inside of, bundled up in their bed, waiting for her to return from her late shift. 

“Evening, Ms. Beckett,” Eduardo greets with his polite smile, holding the lobby door open for her. “I should probably inform you that the power is out for the majority of the building this evening. The upper levels, more specifically, but we have an electrician coming first thing in the morning to repair the issue. I just advise you to keep warm,” the doorman informs her kindly, and despite her urge to groan, Kate offers him a smile in return.

“Thank you, Eduardo. Try to keep warm yourself, standing by the door all evening.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he nods, his smile still in place, and Kate tucks her hands back into her coat pocket, starts for the elevator before realizing that she’ll have to take the stairs to the fifth floor.

She curses Castle for requiring a loft on the highest floor of the building, the cold and her prolonged exhaustion managing to have her panting throughout her journey up the fourth flight of stairs.

Kate unlocks the door with the key Castle had given her over the summer, enters the loft and closes the door behind her without making a sound. Without the hum of electricity, every movement she makes feels clumsy and loud to her own ears, the hanging of her coat in the closet worsening the racket, and she hastily relieves her feet of her boots before continuing towards the bedroom.

The loft is dark, save for the glow of the city, the shimmer of the moon, bleeding in through the windows, but his office is alight. A battery powered lantern sits atop his desk, a note with her name pinned beneath it.

Just in case you need the light. Also, extra pasta in the fridge if you’re hungry.

Kate folds the note from his legal pad into a neat square, tucks it into the pocket of her jeans. She keeps his words like little mementos, hiding them away in her nightstand or the box of keepsakes that holds her mother’s ring, her father’s watch, for when she needs something more than Nikki Heat. Something real.

She proceeds into the bedroom, quietly lowering her boots to the floor near the closet doorway, stripping from her work clothes and shifting from foot to foot to stay warm as she slides one of Castle’s t-shirts over her head. She tiptoes towards the bed, more than ready to climb in, but… Castle is on her side.

Kate frowns at him, confused. He hates her side, said that the left side of the bed gave him “bad vibes”, and had only ever given up his precious right half of the mattress when she had been sick a couple of months ago and he insisted she be closer to the bathroom, just in case her chicken noodle soup came back up.

Balancing her knee on the edge of the mattress, Kate dusts her fingertips over the slack plane of Castle’s cheek, brushing them through the short strands of hair at his temple. His eyes flutter at the gentle touch, his brow furrowing like a child awoken from sleep, adorably, before he blinks awake, glances up at her.

“Hey,” he whispers, rolling onto his back and inching across the bed, back onto his side.

She tilts her head at the action, amused and questioning. “What’re you doing sleeping on my side of the bed, Castle?”

“Power’s out,” he mumbles, pulling down the sheets and the comforter for her with one hand, fighting the drift of sleep with the other, rubbing at his eyes. “S’cold. Wanted your side to be warm.”

She is hardly the type to swoon, to have her breath catch over a man, but Castle… Castle thinking of her coming in from the cold to a frigid apartment, attempting to warm her side of the bed, solely because that was the kind of man he was, thoughtful and caring - it had her heart melting as she crawled in next to him, lowered her body to the sheets warm with the heat of his. 

“Hey Castle,” she murmurs before he can finally return to sleep with her safe and warm beside him. He turns his head on the pillow and Kate stretches forward to cup his face in her hands, fit a kiss to his mouth that eradicates the last of the winter chill swirling through her blood with the slow burn of his lips responding beneath hers. “I love you.”


4x09/ 4x16/ 8x05

Kate Beckett and NYPD shirt

I think for Beckett the NYPD shirt is like something she takes comfort from when she has had a tough day, something she can refer to like home. And it is for this motivation that she leaves it behind herself, in Castle’s loft. With that shirt she is saying that it is NOT over, that Castle, the loft, and everyone else in there is her family, that where Castle is is her house, her staying. She is saying to him to not lose hope, that she is and will be there. Always.

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Three words prompt: One year anniversary



Kate Beckett pulled the scarf from around her neck, letting the soft light material trail through her fingers. Her hair swished as the silk came free, and she closed her eyes a moment to take it in.

Let the peace of the loft settle on her shoulders.

All this sneaking around. Sexy as hell, but tiring as hell too. For once she wanted to come up on the elevator and not go across the roof from the building next door. Last Friday she’d left her keycard to the roof access back in her bag at the office, and she’d had to go all the way back for it. When she’d finally sneaked inside the loft, Castle had fallen asleep on the couch in his office.

Of course, she’d had so much fun waking him.

But for once, she wanted to be home. Not sneaking home.

Speaking of home, where was Castle?

Kate hung the scarf over the end of the couch, shed her trench coat after it. When she had pulled her hair up and twisted it around one finger, she realized the Scrabble board was set up on the ottoman.


“Oh, hey, you’re here!”

Home, she thought irritably. “Yeah, what is this?”

“First anniversary!” He came bounding through from the office, hair mussed and his plaid shirt looking a little unkempt, like he’d been writing at the laptop for hours. 

She liked fresh-from-words Castle. A lot.

“What anniversary?” she asked, hardly caring really. Not when she could step into him and slide her arms around his waist, ruck up his shirt a little to touch bare skin.

He shivered pleasantly and embraced her, a loose hold, his lips turning up into a smile. “First anniversary of the night I won at Scrabble.”

Kate laughed, dipping her head forward to crash against his shoulder. “You big idiot.”

“I want to relive my finest hour,” he rumbled, though she heard the amusement in his voice too.

“Not quite your finest, Rick Castle.” She squeezed his hips. “Not by a long shot.”

“Care to enlighten me?”

“How about I show you?” she whispered, and lifted up on her toes to press her body to his. When she kissed him, he was already pulling her shirt out of her waistband and backing her towards the bedroom.


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AU cb had slept together (once) prior to 2x17/2x18. When Castle goes to save Beckett after the explosion, she tells him she's pregnant and is worried for the baby.

“Kate!” he calls out, the panic leaking into his shouts for her as he attempts to navigate through the fiery hell of her apartment. “Kate, are you in here?”

His hope dwindles with every passing second that his calls go unanswered, fear clutching around the cage of his ribs the deeper he ventures into her home and sees no sign of her. He’s been inside these burning rooms before, has had pressed her up against the walls covered in ash. He almost loses his nerve when he reaches his bedroom, the space he’s most intimately acquainted with, but he forces himself onwards.

Until he hears a noise from the bathroom.

“Kate?” he gasps, charging inside, the fist in his chest loosening at the sight of slender fingers coiling around the stained edge of the bathtub.

“You’re alive,” he breathes as he lifts the door that’s landed over her and the tub. “Oh, and you’re naked.”

“Nothing you haven’t seen before,” she coughs out, using her upper body strength to heave herself up. At least she isn’t wasting time on modesty. But there’s something wrong, something in the way she can’t seem to shift into a sitting position, curling in on herself instead.

“Kate? What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” he fires off question after question, that all consuming worry returning like a punch to the gut and he quickly whips his head towards her towels (that are on fire), her bathrobe (also on fire), and eventually tears his jacket from his arms, holding it up for her. “Here, put this on. It’ll be okay, I’ll get you out and we’ll go straight to an ambulance-”

“No, no, I need the hospital,” she gasps, on the verge of tears, and oh god, what’s wrong with her? She would never insist on going to the hospital, not Beckett, not unless it was really bad.

“The baby,” she croaks and his blood runs cold. “The baby, Castle, my stomach - when the place blew I fell and I - what if I hurt the baby?”

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Based on "An Embarrassment Of Bitches:" Kate is the first to take Royal home. While taking him to Castle's, he suddenly jerks hard on his leash, sending her sprawling into a mud patch in the park they're cutting through. They both show up at Castle's loft muddy from head to toes.