castle x beckett [3]


It’s been 3 years since this song is in my viens #3YearsOfAlways


Castle/Beckett appreciation week day 3 [x]
↳ favourite quote(s)

To be quite honest, it was hard to choose favourite quotes. Castle is full of them. But there are different groups of quotes. You have the fun quotes, the ones that just make you laugh. You have the teasing quotes, the more flirty ones. And you have the meaningful quotes, the quotes with meaning behind them. But what I chose for today, was quotes that really have to do with their relationship. These are a couple of my favourites, quotes that just make me go all asdflkjasdf. Let’s call them the feelsy quotes!


Favorite moments - Jealous Beckett 

2x12 / 3x11 / 4x05 / 4x16 / 5x02

I know that there are bunch of jealous Beckett gifset, but I’ve always wanted to make one myself, and finally I did one #happy

I just love JEALOUS BECKETT, we all are.