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Over a thousand years ago, superstition and the sword ruled.

It was a time of darkness. It was a world of fear. It was the age of gargoyles.

When their centuries long curse is lifted, Oliver and his clan find themselves facing the modern world of Starling City where new foes and a familiar face pose a threat to their continued existence.

Aka a Gargoyles Arrow AU.

Author’s Note: For the sake of my sanity, a few changes to the Gargoyle clans: 1) they have names and 2) known family ties, but the clan still sees themselves as one extended family.

The idea for this AU first came up eons ago, or so it seems, when Holly (@geniewithwifi) was looking for suggestions. Mel (@melsanfo) and I sort of ran with some thoughts and everyone pretty much begged Masque (@thatmasquedgirl) to write it. I suppose that could still happen and I champion it because I am certain my wifey’s version would be 10x better.

Anyway, fast forward a little bit and OFBB Round 3 was announced. I really wanted to give it a try and I went looking for an idea that could reach the word count. It was then that I remembered this AU and well as things often do, the spiral began. Very special thanks to Rebecca (@nvwhovian) for early encouragement and beta-ing and Masque and my beloved Mind-Twin, @msdanvers, for bouncing ideas off of; this would not be happening without you guys.

Last but not least an extra special shout out to @funstory for making me such a lovely fanfic art piece.

Defenders of the Night: Prologue (AO3)


His heart felt heavy, as if it had gained the weight his broad, muscular frame took on each sun rise when it transformed into stone. All Oliver could think about as he soared through the air with Princess Caitlin in his arms was of the massive loss he’d be returning to – his once numerous clan reduced to a dozen unhatched eggs, his mentor, three younger brothers and their pet, Longbow; the castle they called home broken and scarred from battle.

His wings constricted, allowing him to pick up speed as his emotions threatened to swallow him whole. If not for the frightened gasp of the delicate human woman in his arms, Oliver may have allowed the searing pain to drop him from the sky. It would be as if he became one of the weapons that had ravaged his home – a sailing boulder tumbling from above with no care for itself or what laid within its path.

The burning core of a gargoyle’s nature was the instinct to protect – their clan and their home, and by extension the humans with whom they shared it. Though the Princess had been wary of his kind, she had not been the one to betray them. That dubious distinction fell on the human who’d been their most trusted ally, the captain of the Princess’s guard, a man that had sworn allegiance to her just as he’d vowed brotherhood to his clan. Oliver trusted Slade as if he’d been a gargoyle, a mistake that cost him and the Princess dearly. Castle Wyvern had been breached and the invading army had slaughtered most of their families.

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Astrys/Fenrin/ Whatever the Hell Asterin x Fenrys is: Part Four


Asterin Blackbeak, Second to the Thirteen was growing restless and irritable from being on bed-rest for the past few months. She would do just about anything to get out of this castle and ride her wyvern.

A soft knock on the door, Sam peaked in, “Aunt Asterin?”

Sighing, “Yes, Sam?”

Coming further in the room, the boy was dressed in a light green tunic and his hair was hanging loose, a feather braided in, “I’m sorry you are so cooped up in here.”

He was very perceptual for an eleven year old. “It’s fine.”

He screwed up his face and crossed his arms, “Oh well, if that’s the case, I guess you don’t want to have a picnic with me out in the gardens.”

Outside? Fresh air. Oh gods, the wind. Yes. “Yes! I mean, yes. I do. But I’m on bed-rest.”

Leaning on the door, looking at his nails, “What if I told you I got the okay, as long as Manon and Yrene went with us?”

“I would tell you that you just became my best friend, prince.”

Pushing himself off the  door, he held  a hand out to her, “Well then, let’s get going.”


Asterin could sob right now. The wind was warm and inviting. Asterin followed Sam out to the gardens where hundreds of lilies and roses and daisies were all growing. She could scent Aelin out here. Where was she? Probably in the green house.

In the middle of a patch of green, was a red blanket with food on it. Oh yes. Food. With a hand on her stomach, her witchlings were making her ravenous.

Baked Salmon, sweet potatoes, lean meats. Asterin was going to gorge herself on this food.

Manon must have read her mind, “I’d be careful. Aelin made the salmon and potates.”

Sam scrunched his nose, “Ew, Mother made these?”

From inside the greenhouse, Aelin shouted, “I heard that Sam.”

Sam’s face went red and grimaced, “She’s going to make me train harder tomorrow isn’t she?”

Again, Aelin shouted, “Yes she is!”

Asterin just stared at the food. She didn’t care if it tasted bad. She was hungry, and gods be damned, she was going to inhale this food.





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