castle stuart

Why Mary Stuart was the real OG

The way she handled herself at her execution was BOMB.

1. She showed no fear. She quietly undressed with the help of her ladies and even made a JOKE saying how she had never before disrobed in front of such company (which was around 500 people btw)

2. Most people loved her tbh. Almost everyone there cried for her, if only just a little.

3. The EXECTUTIONER kneeled in front of her and asked for her forgiveness, which she did in fact give him.

4. She pretty much didn’t stop praying until they beheaded her. (And when she was beheaded, people said her lips didn’t stop moving for around 10 minutes)

5. Honestly, she was glad to die. When her ladies were crying she comforted them by saying her troubles would soon be over.

6. When she kneeled down to the block, she showed no fear or hesitation.

She was really cool.

While she isn’t my fav royal, she’s a very close second.


The duchess had a son, Giorgio. He died, at the age only 5 years old. No one knows why. The husband of the Duchess, she married an American, after the war, he abandoned her and his little boy. Soon after that, Giorgio was buried. The Duchess dismissed everybody and lived alone. When her American left home, the duchess became crazy. They said, she took revenge and killed his son. They also said that late at night, when the streets are quiet, you can hear Giorgio crying. They say the castle is haunted.

Castle Freak, 1995, Stuart Gordon, adapted from H.P. Lovecraft ‘The Outsider