castle season 5 finale

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5 seasons. It feels more a lost cause then slowburn at this point

I am going to say this as nice as possible, so please don’t be offended, but I am weary of everyone who shows up in my inbox telling me that “Blarke is never going to happen.”/”It’s taken too long.”/”Give up hope.”

Like….I’ve been here just as long as you all have and I have not given up. Nothing you say will make me give up. I will not give up on Blarke until the final episode of the final Season, and even then if they leave the ending ambiguous enough, I will maintain my hope. 

Four Seasons (because we have not seen the finale yet) is so long for y’all? o you know how long I’ve waited for ships to become canon?

Booth and Brennan from Bones? The Season 6 finale and even then we’re not sure if they’re actually together or just pregnant, until Season 7.

Fran and Maxwell from The Nanny? Season 5. 

Castle and Beckett from Castle? Season 4 finale but we aren’t sure if it’s a relationship or just sex until Season 5. 

Monica and Chandler from Friends? Season 4 finale.

Luke and Lorelai from Gilmore Girls? Season 4 finale. 

Sawyer and Juliet from Lost? Season 5

All of these couples are endgame and do you know what they have in common? None of them got together early on. The wait for these couples was even longer when you consider that all of these shows had 22+ episodes per Season (almost double The 100′s episode count). 

I can and will wait for Bellarke, because I know they’re coming. They are inevitable. 


You’re right, okay? It was a stupid show. It was cheesy and melodramatic. I mean, a handful of academy cadets on a training mission and suddenly the Earth is destroyed and they’re all that’s left of humanity? I completely understand why you hated it. But Castle, I also understand why people loved it. Why Annabelle loved it. It was about leaving home for the first time. About searching for your identity and making a difference. I loved dressing up like Lieutenant Chloe. She didn’t care what anybody thought about her. And I kinda did, at that time. I mean, she was a scientist and a warrior and that was all in spite of the way she looked. It was like I could be anything and I didn’t have to choose. So don’t make fun, okay?


Hey, Hey Castle Fandom

I really don’t want to be the party pooper here but, I think, well I think most of us already know, that Beckett will most probably say ‘no’ (sadly) 'cause I mean we are dealing with Andrew Marlowe guys! He never makes things so simple! So my idea is her saying 'no’ leaving Castle heart broken. A time period will pass, Beckett will return wanting Castle back and than will be the first few episodes of the season. The rest of the season is if Castle forgivs Beckett, and if they start their relationship again!

(please don’t hate mee! just trying to think logicaly here)