castle season 2

*sees that The Punisher series has 13 episodes*

*sees that Karen Page is in 13 episodes*

Frank motherfucking Castle:

• Brings Karen flowers

• Kisses Karen on the cheek

•Hugs Karen

•Closes his eyes while laying his head on Karen’s shoulder

•Is really very soft ™ (deep down tho)


•“You want to?”

•Hints at Karen being the thing he cares about that will help him pull through

•Touches foreheads with Karen

•Does the “shhh shh shhh” thing when trying to comfort people he cares about

•If you can’t fake a hostage situation for your bae to escape then what’s the point

•Heart eyes every single time he sees Karen



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Me: I can’t wait to watch a new show on Netflix

Me to me: No, you should completely rewatch Season 2 of Daredevil for no immediate reason besides seeing Jon Bernthal

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The two cutest things ever ❤️ Jon and his new puppy via Instagram