castle point 2013


CASTLE POINT CPAC 2013 Anime Convention

Mischief Managed: Marauders Q&A Panel!!!

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Castle Point 2013

Eeee okay this was really fun I saw my Sammy and we argued like cute brothers adn she was such a fun Scotland to sit next to in our Hetalia panel and eeeeeeek don’t even get me started the Cas to mah Dean yo we were handcuffed together for a lot of the time and we hugged a lot too and her Artist Alley booth was super great paper children yay!!! And my America cosplayer was there too and I’ll seee her again soon and she did a great job of running the panel and I took my Jo and my Bela with me and they were so fantastic aaaah This was just over all a great con and I’m tired as hell but wowee TIME TO START ANIMENEXT PLANNING