castle parallel


Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) + finger food

“Sometimes I’m just hungry, okay? We’re doing the scene over lunch and I haven’t eaten lunch so… “I’m just gonna eat in this scene okay?”. And Rob’s like “No, don’t eat in this scene” and I’m like “Rob it’s real, it’s natural”. And then Andrew came to me one day and said “Can you just stop eating in the scenes?” And I said, “You know what, Brad Pitt eats in every movie, in every one for the last ten years, it’s real acting!”

Level 5 Writer: Listen up - I’ve got the plot for the sixth game. Our heroes investigate an ancient civilisation while fighting off a military group. The leader of said-group is blonde, wears dark glasses and has a devious voice. He kidnaps a mystical young girl who wears a glowing blue pendant. She has links to the civilisation. But PLOT TWIST, it turns out the ancient civilisation was bent on mass destruction. They created a bunch of brown flying robots that the villain releases from their flying fortress in the sky. Our heroes give their lives to stop the destruction of the world below, but it turns out they survive. The end. Also, airships are our aesthetics. 

Employee: Uh… You just summarised the entire plot to Studio Ghibli’s Laputa: Castle in the Sky. 

Writer: You’re right. We’ll have to throw in some extra plot twists so no one notices, even if they don’t connect to the previous titles in the PL series.

Employee: But won’t that mess with established character motivations, relationships and continuity?

Writer: Do you wanna get sued by Hayao Miyazaki?