castle of glory


The Cuvvy ship!

Cupid belongs to @crowfry / @the-holiday-viruses

Vivvy belongs to me on my blog @the-nightly-castle

Art drawn by Me, Myself, and I. I hope you all enjoy my chibi style!


duel mixes for utena tenjou and anthy himemiya from revolutionary girl utena. enjoy!

SIDE A: elastic heart

1. castle // halsey  2. glory and gore // lorde  3. all about us // t.A.T.u  4. elastic heart // sia  5. into the past // nero  6. everybody wants to rule the world // lorde  7. little pistol // mother mother  8. a king and a queen // okkervil river

SIDE B: brittle bones

1. bodyache // purity ring  2. night sky // CHVRCHES  3. fineshrine // purity ring  4. all the things she said // t.A.T.u  5. cosmic love // florence + the machine  6. kill the lights // the birthday massacre  7. candles // daughter  8. i run // rosie thomas

shiro/allura drabble

set after episode 3 i guess, spoilers, hints of allura/shiro but very lowkey (yes i am the trashiest of trash)

“So, why were you the only one ready?” Allura asks Shiro, after everyone else has gone to bed. After a 10,000 year sleep, she hardly feels tired, and besides, there is so much to be done to reform the castle to its former glory. The glory it had known years ago, yet in a way it still feels like only a second to her. The castle is so big, and so cold, its familiar warmth void except in her memories. A slight shake of her head pushes those thoughts away, as she watches Shiro hesitate for a moment, and she can already tell it’s unlike the leader. He may wait to make decisions, carefully planning, but that is patience, not hesitance.

Some part of her thinks she already knows the answer as he opens his mouth and only an, “Uhhh…” comes out. This is the first time they’ve been alone, after all. “A soldier is always ready,” he says finally.

She raises a brow. “You didn’t sleep at all, did you?”

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